Former Diplomat Emphasizes Women’s Education


The former Sierra Leonean Ambassador to Liberia has emphasized that if Liberian women want to be on par with their male counterparts, they should make education one of their primary responsibilities.

Madam Marie Jilo Barnett said it is important to attain education that would enlighten and empower women.

She made the assertion Wednesday, April 16 at the 5th anniversary celebration of Angie Brooks International Center (ABIC) held at the Monrovia City Hall.

Former S/Leone Ambassador Barnett told her fellow women that it is important to attain academic education to enlighten and empower women maintaining that education must attain  the real world context that enhances chances in the struggle for greater participation that must be master and conquer in addition to the formal education that actually enhances the challenges at greater  political participation and representation.

She added: “As women, I can draw on my own life’s journey, struggles and experiences far in my quest to attain greater participation in politics. Women have to attain the level of education that will make us innovative, daring, tactful and strategic in resource mobilization; we have  to acquire so that all important attributes in our quest to obtain the level of political participation and representation that will move women’s role in politics from the tokenism with which it is being offered or rarity with which it is been treated with today to that level of participation that will engender the critical mass that will bring about meaningful change in the lives of the people we will represent the women.”

Madam Barnett further women should make education a priority because it is the primary enabler for greater political participation and representation. She believes that in education lies the key that will eventually unlock the full and massive potentials for women as enduring agents of change; education also holds the key to individual and collective actions that are important to removing both the cultural and societal barriers that continue even today to hinder that greater political participation and representation by women and bring about the long overdue wave of change that both the sub region and Africa await.

She, however, stated that the education she identified earlier as primary basis for enabling greater political participation and representation is a means to an end because it is important to know that “education without exposure and practical application makes one into a printed but unread book.”

For his part the Liberia Vice President Joseph N.Boakia also agreed with the Former Sierra Leone Ambassador stating that “Education remains a challenge.”

Vice President Boakai said statistic have shown that girls in school are low and there is still much work needs to be done in helping women participate in politics and other activities.

Speaking of women in Politics VP Boakai said “I don’t think this country will develop without women, women helps to make good decisions and there is still need to have more women engage into politics because Liberia deserve the contributions that women make.”

The Liberian Vice President, however, pledged his support to the Angie Brooks International Centre stating that they should not hesitate when there is any need.

He thanked Cllr. Yvette Chesson Wureh, ABIC coordinator for what he term as her organization’s contribution to  peace and promotion of women in and out of the country especially training the youths of Liberia who will take over the country in the future.

ABIC for Women’s Empowerment, Leadership, and Development, International Peace and Security was established on March, 8, 2009, in Monrovia to promote women in politics and other activities that will improve the country,” Said Cllr. Yvette Chesson Wureh.

Cllr, Chesson promised to work with the women and youth of Liberia in promoting Peace and women’s empowerment.

“ABIC remains open to collaborations and will remain supportive to all agendas that aim to support qualified women candidates for leadership position. We will use every means legally and we will lobby extensively for the passage of appropriate legislation in this regard.”


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