Form MRU Ebola Taskforce, Musician Urges Prez Sirleaf

Liberian musician Emma Smith (L) and_web.jpg

A renowned Liberian musician, Emma Smith is calling on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to lead an effort to form a Mano River Union (MRU) Ebola task force that would propel the Liberian leader to achieve another historic milestone in this regard.

According to Madam Smith, regional effort by countries affected by the virus would help greatly in combating the epidemic and reduced the spread if the joint effort is materialized.

She emphasized that the effort by the Liberian leader to establish the MRU Ebola task force would also help in handling border issues of suspected cases and monitoring people keenly to ensure that borders are secure.

Ms. Smith strongly believes the success story of Liberia and its approach in the fight against Ebola can be integrated into an international strategy by the MRU by the formation of a taskforce that would jointly coordinate the fight amongst the affected countries. 

“This disease continues to cripple normal activities in the region and is destroying many lives,” she said, adding that she is convinced that with similar cultural, tribal and trans-border economic activities, only a common MRU taskforce could free the MRU basin of Ebola.

She called on the Liberian leader to go beyond the Liberian borders in continuation of her tremendous strides in the eradication of the Ebola virus from the sub-region.

According to Ms. Smith, President Sirleaf brought hope and courage to many Liberians and Africans by the bold declaration that victory would be achieved in the fight against Ebola, adding that there is an urgent need for the formation of MRU taskforce since she is the chairman of the MRU regional body.

Ms. Smith recently returned from Conakry, Guinea, where she recorded and did a live performance along with legendary music icon, Madame Aisha Kone, also a resident of Conakry.

The song is highlighting the eradication of Ebola from the Mano River Union. The musicians have been very supportive in providing awareness and producing songs with the message of Ebola prevention in Liberia and the region.  

Ms. Smith who has been supportive of the fight against Ebola, including her foundation, Emma Smith Life Recovery Foundation, has in the past month identified with Ebola patients at ETUs, Ebola survivors and affected families in the country.


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