Foreign Min. Ngafuan Extols ‘Be The Change’ Academy


Liberia’s Foreign Minister, Augustine K. Ngafuan, has extolled the Administration of the Be the Change Academy, located in Paynesville, outside Monrovia, for taking the bold step of  launching a project that will create jobs and empower young women in Liberia.  

Minister Ngfuan was speaking on Wednesday, October 30, when he made special remarks at the official launching ceremony of the Be the Change Academy, a young women’s job creation project aimed at empowering and improving the capacity of young Liberian women by improving their skills to contribute to the nation’s rebuilding process.   

He applauded the organizers of the program and expressed his confidence that the project will affect the lives of the young women involved; whom he said would make extraordinary contributions to the rebuilding efforts of Liberia.

 Commenting on recent mob attacks and violence taking place across Liberia by some of its youth, the Minister attributed it to the lack of job opportunities, which are critical to the survival of the nation.

He stressed, “every time there is violence around us, it reflects on the bigger issue of joblessness,” adding, “When you get to the heart of the matter, you find out that the central issues of joblessness in our part of the world feeds violence. Government is always expected to do its part of the bargaining, we are trying to do so, but we have to be the first to confess that the challenge is an enormous one, which requires a multi-stakeholder approach from multiple fronts. This approach is very simple, yet very creative, and is something that we must take seriously.”

“Today we can see this effort impacting the lives of ordinary people who will make extraordinary contributions to the forward march of this country, I think we need to give great thanks to them and all the other people that have helped them to reach this far” Minister Ngafuan remarked.

 “ Let me say that you all deserve congratulations and that I can assure you that whenever I meet my counterparts, I will express to them the good work I have seen with this partnership and that they themselves too must take you very seriously in your countries” the minister said.  

While expressing gratitude over the project, the Minister paid a special tribute to Mr. David Woollcombe of Peace Child International, who left his country to come to this part of the world to promote women’s’ empowerment adding, “You did not have to do it but you have done it.”

  “Whether you are a Liberian, American, European, or what have you, when there is a need somewhere you let those needs transcend beyond race, tribe, and ethnicity. That is why we give special thanks to our brothers from Europe,” he remarked.

The Dean of the Liberian Cabinet said he was particularly grateful to project organizers for the brilliant initiative adding the group is putting the critical issues of joblessness in Liberia on the front burner.


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