For Road Rehab, Grand Bassa Locals Appeal to AFL

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Local authorities of Grand Bassa County have appealed to the 23rd Infantry Brigade, particularly the Engineering Battalion of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) to intervene in reconditioning some of the major dilapidated roads and damaged bridges in the county.

The Bassonians’ appeal was contained in two separate remarks made by chiefs—P. William Kai and Samuel Kamaja. Mr. Kai represented the Town Chief, while Mr. Kamaja was a proxy for the county’s Superintendent, Etweda Gbenyon Cooper, affectionately known as "Sugar.”

According to the two men, during the rainy season, residents of the Compound Three District “cannot move about freely, because of the bad road condition.”

They made the remarks at ceremony that climaxed the third and final of a series of trainings conducted by soldiers of the AFL code name, “Bonfire, Exercise Watch Over III,” held in Little Bassa.

The Operation Watch Over is part of the AFL’s training that involved field exercises where the soldiers are divided into two different segments to fight a ‘mock war.’ This has to do with one force using gorilla or jungle/rebel activities, while the other—under government soldiers command making counter attack through conventional tactics, etc.

The Little Bassa ceremony was the third and final of a series of such trainings, which the AFL had used over the years to exercise the skills they acquired while in training, and at the same time, socialize with residents of local communities.

Prior to the Little Bassa exercises, the AFL Engineering Battalion reconditioned three of the major bridges linking that part of the county to the rest of Compound Three.

It is because the AFL had initiated reconditioning the bridges along that route, the locals were encouraged to make appeal for further assistance from them for maintenance of the process.

“This part of the district is faced with many challenges, among which is the deplorable condition of the Compound—Edina Highway. This is the economic gateway to the district which leads to one of the historic cities in Grand Bassa County,” one of the local speakers recalled.

Based on that, they appealed to the Engineering Battalion of the AFL to help recondition their damaged roads and bridges.

The AFL, which was led by their Chief of Staff (COS) Brigadier General Daniel Ziankahn is yet to respond to the locals’ request at the Bonfire Operation Watch Over was the third and final of that aspect of their series of trainings.  

Grand Bassa County is in the west-central portion of Liberia. It is one of the 15 counties that comprise the first-level of administrative division in the nation. The county has eight districts with Buchanan serving as its capital.

Most of the roads connecting the main coal tar road to Buchanan are in bad state that they need urgent government attention.


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