For Falsifying, Paddling MIA’s Payroll: Human Resource Director Dismissed


The Minister of Internal Affairs, Varney A. Sirleaf, has dismissed with immediate effect Mr. Stephen Kayea, Director of Human Resource at the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) for falsifying and padding the Ministry’s payroll.

According to a dismissal letter dated March 24, 2020, issued Mr. Kayea, his dismissal stemmed from the fact that he has been adding names on the ministry’s payroll without authorization.

A release from the Ministry quotes Minister Sirleaf as saying; “Mr. Kayea’s action of payroll paddling is highly inappropriate and counterproductive to Government’s fight against corruption.”

For the past months, the MIA has been investigating circumstances leading to what is responsible for a bloated payroll despite repeated efforts aimed at cleaning the payroll of ghost names.

The dismissal is also in line with the Civil Service Standing Orders of 2012, Chapter 4, Section 2, subsection 4.2.2d & h., which states that “When a case of misconduct or general inefficiency is brought to the attention of an Agency’s Head or the Director-General, disciplinary proceedings shall be initiated only after the employee or officer concerned has been given adequate opportunity to exculpate himself.”

4.2.2 “If an employee fails to exculpate himself, the following shall apply: (Suspension, Dismissal) g. Conduct Unbecoming of an employee in the Public Service and h. Dishonesty in the Conduct of Government business”.

Meanwhile, Minister Sirleaf has requested Mr. Kayea to turn over all office materials, documents and equipment in his possession to Mr. Thomas L. Hoff, Director, Personnel Action Notices (PAN) Section/HR, who will serve as caretaker of the Section until a suitable candidate is named.

Minister Sirleaf has reemphasized the Ministry’s stance against dishonesty and misconduct and called on all employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to be patriotic and nationalistic in the discharge of their duties.


  1. That’s it? This guy robs government of thousands of dollars over who knows how long, and his punishment is just dismissal? No investigation in order to know exactly how much money was siphoned, who else was/were involved and the man simply dismissed? It goes to say, perhaps minister Sirleaf and other big guns at that ministry may be involved in this scheme, as reason why dismissal is the best coverup. What a way to curb corruption. TWT!

  2. The main crime committed by this poor guy here is his refusal to report what he should have reported to his boss/es. If not, he could not dare add names to payroll without approval of the various departments.

    Why is Liberia still using archaic methods and systems? We are in the 21st Century and such futile and miniature issues still a plague in Liberia?

    Liberia is a small country with low volume payroll. Give us just 2 weeks, we will clean it up properly.

  3. All financial transactions involving the Government of Liberia needs to be COMPUTERIZED.
    That is a big word and everybody don’t even understand it…. 🙁

    I mean, the government should allow all money businesses to be done online (on computer or on your smart phone) — including payments for services like registering your car license plate, registering your new business, paying you taxes, etc….!

    If you want to radically minimize corruption, That is the 21st Century remedy.


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