For Effective Service Delivery to Liberian Rural Dwellers 12 Gov’t Ministries, Agencies Climax De-concentration Policy Documents


Twelve government ministries and agencies have concluded the formulation of a De-concentration Matrix which will be used as an enabling tool for effective service delivery to citizens and residents in rural Liberia. The exercise is the result of a ministerial validation of a document on decentralization.

De-concentration is a key drive of efforts towards the implementation of GOL’s Decentralization policy.

Dr. Roosevelt G. Jayjay, National Program Director for the National Decentralization Implementation Secretariat (NDIS), told participating agencies of Government at the opening session on Monday that government was poised to begin effective de-concentration of some services of the Ministries and Agencies (MACs) to local level authorities starting this January, 2015.

As an effort precedent to ensuring the success of this new policy direction of government, Dr. Jayjay  said it was important for line ministries and agencies to clearly identify specific services that they would pass on to local level authorities in the various counties.
He stressed that in many parts of the country, if not all, our people are anxious to enjoy public services which are not reaching them.

The documents after completion, will enable the President, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, to give it a major national boost when she launches the De-concentration Platform sometime early this year, the statement from Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

Service de-concentration by the Ministries, Agencies and Commissions, is the first component of government’s national decentralization program. It seeks to provide easy access to services to rural dwellers and will basically be coordinated by Superintendents in the various counties.

The two-day technical session was attended by the Governance Commission, Ministries of Finance and Development Planning, Gender, Children and Social Protection, Public Works, Health, and Commerce, among others.


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