Footballer Suffers from Mouth Tumor that Won’t Go Away

James most recent picture showing his deterioration since his March 2017 surgery.

Family Appeals for US$5,000 for Treatment

You may remember James Kpelleh Dorbor as one of Sese FC of Bushrod Island’s fierce defensive midfielders who played in the Liberia Football Association Second Division League.

Dorbor never missed a game in his football career, until a mysterious growth started in his mouth.

Now, his football career has been halted due to the growth, which has tripled in size and has taken his right side of his face and protruding out of his mouth. Now his family says at least US$5,000 is needed to get proper medical attention for him.

“Right now he cannot eat because the space to swallow is very small. He only has a space to drink water and coconut water is his only food.” – James’ mother, Bendu Mulbah

Dobor had his first operation in March 2017, funded by former Montserrado County District #17 Representative Edward Forh at the Ignace Deen Hospital in Conakry, Guinea, after he missed a Mercy Ship that had docked there and offering free services to patients.  Prior to his visit to Guinea, he spent weeks at the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital in Tappita.

“When we got to Conakry, Guinea, it was too late. The Mercy Ship had already left the country,”his uncle, Rickson Harris Baines, said. “The hospital in Guinea referred us to Morocco or Senegal to get better treatment for him.”

For the past seven months, Dorbor, who is now twenty-two years old, has been bearing with little public attention. According to his mother, Bendu Mulbah, her son’s jaw started swelling in August 2016.

Recently his uncle appealed for help through Facebook, according to his mother, because his condition is frightening and they fear for his life.

“Right now he cannot eat because the space to swallow is very small. He only has a space to drink water and coconut water is his only food. We give him antibiotics every day to keep the growth from getting infected and now it is very hard to touch it,” she said.

It started after his graduation from the Mark J. Richards High School in the St. Paul Bridge community. “It began with pain in his mouth, but we thought it was a toothache,” she said.

According to Madam Mulbah, after three weeks of the throbbing sensation and pain, it became worse.

“In March this year, he was taken to Conakry Guinea and had an operation which seemed successful. Thanks to those who made contributions after our appeal,” she said.

Surprisingly enough, the growth started forming a month after the surgery and it progressed fast and the sight of his face and mouth has made the family embarrassed, she told a local daily, of his condition.

Meanwhile, according to a report, published on Rep. Saah Joseph’s (Montserrado District #13) FaceBook page, “His condition has caused his mouth to be filled with the growth, therefore, not allowing him to eat a proper diet.”

Not being able to eat a proper diet is a serious concern to his family because, without the proper nutrition, his body will not be able to fight his terrible condition.

Borbor wants to live and sees himself playing football once again and therefore hopes that he will get support from the general public and philanthropic organizations save him from what looks like a growth that wants to destroy his life.

To reach his mother and to learn more about her son’s condition and provide any valuable contribution please call Bendu Mulbah +231 (0) 776718930 or his uncle Rickson Harris Baines 0888396904/0777174814.


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