Football for Peace to be Launched in Liberia

FfP is a diplomatic sports movement that creates dialogue and unites people.

A diplomatic sports organization that creates dialogue and unites people through football, “Football for Peace (FfP),” is expected to be launched in the country very soon.

FfP is a diplomatic sports movement that creates dialogue and unites people. It considers football diplomacy to have a unique and irreplaceable capacity to unite hearts and minds, going far beyond ethnic, religious or social differences.

According to a release from the organization, the program, which seeks to bring young people together and create understanding through football, will be endorsed by President George  Weah as part of the July 26 Independence Day celebration.

Since the movement was established in 2016, Monrovia will be the first African City to experience the deliberation.

President Weah will endorse the “City for Peace” educational program, which is one of the organization’s programs that uses football to connect young people from different faiths, cultures, and backgrounds and get them to communicate, play together, learn to confront stereotypes, and better understand one another.

It is also aimed at delivering educational programs, which include educational workshops and football-based activities, to address specific objectives the city wants to focus on. It creates young peace leaders once their FfP diploma is achieved, which leads to the creation of a positive impact on the city, country, and communities within.

“Our contribution to peace is to influence diplomatic, social and community relations by creating a neutral environment through our Educational Sports Peace Process. For action, we work with our coalition partners who respect the conditions of neutrality and independence. These include member states, governing bodies and the football community, to help bring about peace and act as impartial negotiators in areas where dialogue has broken down,” the release said.

“FfP can have a great contribution to Liberia and Africa as a continent. We believe sport and especially football is a powerful tool to make positive changes across communities in Africa,” the release said.

“FfP is a driver in football diplomacy that creates positive changes across Africa and around the World, and we believe that our practices and delivery could give a great contribution to the continent,” the release said.

Following the launch of the program, an iconic football match dubbed “Peace Match,” will be played to raise awareness of football diplomacy and promote a message of Peace. The match will bring together royal patronage, heads of state, diplomats, community leaders and footballers, to demonstrate an action of peace through football.

A delegation comprising Kashif Siddiqi, Co-Founder FfP, and Lebogang Chaka, FfP Africa Lead, is expected to arrive in Liberia for the launching program.

Football for Peace was established in 2006 by FIFA and Chilean legend Elias Figueroa and Co-Founded Internationally in 2013 by British South Asian International Footballer, Kashif Siddiqi. FfP has been active for over a decade, building a unique platform of neutrality and dialogue.


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