Follow Health Plan, Not Votes

- Says Minister Dahn as US$150K Sawu Town Health Center sits idle for lack of nurses

The newly built health facility at Sawu Town in Tewor District is sitting dormant due to lack of medical personnel

A US$150,000 health facility in Sawu Town in Tewor District, Grand Cape Mount County is unable to function because the Ministry of Health has reportedly not assigned health workers to the facility.
According to the citizens, the health facility was constructed with funds from the County Social Development Fund and turned over to the Ministry of Health, but is yet to be made functional in the district.
Due to the lack of health facilities, Sawu Town residents have to walk about an hour or more to get to the nearest health center. They said pregnant women, the physically challenged and underage children, who are unable to walk long distances, suffer most when they are sick.
Cape Mount County Superintendent Tenneh Simpson Kpadebah told this newspaper that efforts to get the Health Ministry to assign health workers to the facility have not materialized.
Mrs. Kpadebah said the problem at Sawu Town “for me is a challenge. The county spent so much money on the Sawu project, a portion of which was dedicated during the July 26 celebration last year and turned over officially by Vice President Joseph Boakai to the Ministry of Health. It is now the responsibility of the Ministry of Health to take over.”
In her reaction, however, Health Minister Dr. Bernice Dahn attributes the non-functional state of some health facilities in the country to the failure of politicians to comply with the ministry’s operational plan.
“We are in discussions with the County Health Team regarding the Sawu Town health facility to be able to provide health workers there. We have a National Health Plan that identifies where we need health facilities, but politicians, because of votes, will not follow our plans and will build infrastructures where we don’t need them. The infrastructure also comes with planning with the human resources that will manage them,” she said.
Minister Dahn urged politicians to consult health authorities before constructing health facilities in their various constituencies to avoid further embarrassment.


  1. I know our health minister will come on air to say no money. The no money gov’t of our time. Since no money we should treat our next sick minister at that Health Center and see. Someone told me this is the best Health Center in the world. The funny part about this story is comes October this year, those poor people will give your their votes.


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