FOHRD to Launch Martin Luther King Day

FOHRD Executive Director Otterlee Swen- “We must institutionalize and internationalize non-violent approach to any issue.”.jpg

The Foundation for Human Rights and Democracy (FOHRD) will launch the observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day for the first time in Liberia on January 18.

FOHRD’s statement issued yesterday said the launch of the day will be a celebration of the works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and will commence with a parade from Broad and Johnson streets.

“Thereafter, the participants will proceed to the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) headquarters on Broad Street, Crown Hill, for an indoor program for Dr. King’s ever living works of commitment, diligence, focus, far sightedness, etc.,” the statement read.

The program will be held on the theme, “Peace Building and Nonviolence.”

According to the statement, the works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are “remarkable, and continue to impact the lives of many, our nation, and the world.”

It added that on January 18 of every year “the day of this once world history maker that still affects positively is recognized and celebrated in most developing nations and the United States of America.”

FOHRD said the program committee for the observance will join its counterparts to celebrate this historic event on Dr. King, especially for his nonviolent approach to protest.

FOHRD’s MLK Program aims to deliver nonviolence and peace education to troubled and tension-charged communities to transform their bitterness, hurts and resentments into peacefully crafted solutions to settling grievances.

Meanwhile, FOHRD has called on all sectors of government, civil society organizations, students and well meaning Liberians to come and join the launch and campaign against violence and commit to embracing nonviolence, dialogue, peaceful redress and other solutions to achieving peace.


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