“Stop Tearing Liberia Apart; It Scares Investors”


-Fmr. President Sirleaf calls critics “bold-faced liars”, admonishes journalists to be truthful

Former President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, yesterday admonished fellow citizens against acts responsible for chaos and national backwardness, stating that people repeatedly troubling peace scare away investors.

“Everybody, be proud of Liberia, our country. I am proud to be a Liberian, and no matter what, we all can support processes, systems and ideas that can change things,” Sirleaf said during a Sky TV discussion.  She said, “other people in the sub-region and elsewhere should identify us not by the amount of confusion we have among ourselves but by the ideas we translate into great actions.”

She did not go too far into discussing national issues as her foremost objective for appearing on the 50/50 T-Max Jlateh Sky FM/TV show was to discuss her initiatives as a women and national advocate as well as former President of Liberia.

However, with a sharp eye on the impact of the media which can be responsible for peace or chaos, Sirleaf admonished journalists of all media houses to use the truth as their guiding principle in informing the public of happenings anywhere in the country.

“Considering my own experiences with a number of media houses in this country when I was President for 12 years, I think journalists have to value the truth in their reporting.

“The reports you give, if they are always negative, investors will not come. The few that are on the ground supporting the economy may find reasons to leave too and at the end of it all, it is the same Liberia, our beloved country that will suffer. We all feel it,” she said.

Concerning the idea that she has made a lot of money because she served as President of the country, and mainly obtained through corrupt means, the tough talking Johnson Sirleaf said her critics are bold-faced liars.

“So so lie lie they talking. They don’t know how I earned money over the years and even now, but to say a little, I have made money through earning power,” she boasted.

Emphasizing on her argument, Madam Sirleaf said she has been a strong woman with a determined heart since she was 17 year of age.

“I washed dishes and did lots of different work to make money. I was serious with my education and every other good thing I associated myself with. Nothing came through easy means for me. I suffered and I never found pleasure in defrauding systems or people with whom I worked over the years,” she contended.

In her post presidency life, she serves as a key person on a number of international boards and committees and is carefully using her prize earned from the Mo Ibrahim Foundation for peacefully and democratically turning power over to President George Weah in 2017.

Madam Sirleaf, called iron lady during her presidency, told her host of 50/50 that she has not changed because of the positions she has held or currently has.

“I am still the same. I am in my same house. I am here in Liberia, nowhere else. I have my small office in my house in order to work on issues, plans and reach out to friends, relatives and a lot more of other people in and out of Liberia,” she revealed.

About her activities outside of Liberia, Sirleaf pointed out that she visits universities in America and other parts of the world to give lectures and encourage women all over the world to be drivers of their dreams set to take them to the top in their respective places of work and communities.

“Those are some of the things I do outside of this country, but to note, I also have my small gardens and a farm. I cultivate vegetables, potato grains and some other things. I love farming,” declared Sirleaf.

She said her farm in Bomi is well on course in terms of productivity and that her action has led many people around her farm to make their own small farms.

“I support them. I even buy their vegetables and other things in order to encourage them. I am also helping them own their land legally by helping them in conducting surveys and acquiring the necessary deeds allowing them the legitimate ownership,” she said.

 Launching of Women’s Center

The former President’s paramount purpose  for being on the show was to announce the launch of her newest initiative, the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Center for Women and Development in Liberia.

According to Madam Sirleaf, women need more and better spaces to explore ideas on how they can excel in their political career as well as other civil society and religious organizations careers.

“On the 8th of this month, I mean this March, we will launch the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Center for Women and Development. The venue for the launch is the Farmington Hotel near Roberts International Airport. The reason for the selection of that venue is for the convenience of our guests who are coming from abroad with no interest in reaching Monrovia due to the tightness of their schedules,” she stated.

There are speculations that former President Sirleaf is a major shareholder in Farmington and as such, choosing the venue for the launch of her foundation and other programs will only help to boost her business (es).

She said the key objective of her foundation is to provide opportunities for women in leadership to achieve goals and get the highest leadership positions and  she and her partners will get it done  through a combination of programming,  research, advocacy and exhibition.

“My personal friends will come from many parts of the world and it also my hope that President Weah will grace the occasion and help in motivating the women to stand taller than tall in their pursuit for excellence in leadership at all levels,” she said.

The question about President Weah gracing former President Sirleaf’s launch of hr foundation is probably not an issue worth debating as there is no sign that there is any beef between the two.

In fact, on a number of occasions President Weah has blasted at former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai and said some demeaning things about him but a day is not recorded when he ever said former President Sirleaf is a wicked woman or an ingrate.

On a special interview with Leggerhood Rennie, Director General of the  Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) and John Kollie of the Liberia Media Democratic Initiative (LMDI), Weah said his predecessor Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has never committed any crime.

Weah, however, ridiculed former VP Boakai and called him names as well as told the world that he, Weah has done so much good for Boakai for which he should be grateful.

Plan to open a library/archive

The former President disclosed further that she will soon be opening a library in Monrovia where people from all walks of life and different locations will have the chance to read about her challenges as President and the methods she used to solve most of the difficult problems she faced while in office.

It is a known fact, however, that she promised to have fought corruption but failed, and corruption became a vampire, thereby making the struggling Liberian nation to lose more of its wealth through several illicit international deals or transactions.

A number of concession agreements endorsed by the 52nd and the 53rd Legislature are said to have been bogus deals, with the Legislators allegedly receiving lots of money in brown envelopes as bribes from the concession companies and former President Sirleaf herself.

Sirleaf once admitted to failing to reconcile the country that has suffered over a decade of civil war(s) that she, too contributed towards, mainly by giving out sums of money to buy weapons to destroy over 250,000 lives as well as countless properties.

It was recommended in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report that former President Sirleaf should have been barred from holding any public office after her first term but as it went, she being the judge with the gable, failed to consider any recommendation of the TRC for implementation.

Weah, on the other hand had the establishment of war and economic crimes court as one of his campaign mantra but is now in a dilemma to let the court be established because former warlords, including Senator Prince Y. Johnson of Nimba County are now his (Weah) supporters.

Senator Johnson who said that Weah was unfit to manage the affairs of the country as President, later on took to the streets and nooks of Nimba, campaigning for Weah, a former soccer star and Senator of Montserrado, to become President.

Sirleaf, on the other hand, did not march out with Weah on his campaign trips but took him for the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of Gbarnga-Lofa road, instead of her then VP, Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

She distanced herself from her former VP in the 2017 general and Presidential elections and was later expelled from the Unity Party (the party’s ticket that gave her the presidency in 2005 and 2011) until in recent times when court proceedings disallowed the decision of the executive committee of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) to oust her.


  1. Madam President,
    The only people tearing Liberia apart are those you emboldened to take over Liberia after 12 years of your criminal regime. They are only practicing what you taught them-stealing, looting and selling anything of value in Liberia.

    You did not have thrust and credibility in your Vice President who served you for 12 years and so, you single-handily decided to leave the Nation in the hands of common criminals to continue what you started during your regime. And so, the critical question is, to whom is your callous message directed? Just curious!

    • Tony Leewaye, the then incumbent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (2006 to 2017) President WAS NEVER AND COULD NEVER BE THE ELECTORATE OR THE VOTERS IN TOTO!

      Your candidate corrupt and incompetent Joseph Boakai was rejected by the voters because he is TOO OLD, too corrupt, too unfit to govern.

      And this is why not only the then incumbent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, but also the majority of voters did not have trust in him nor could they see any credibility in him!

  2. Madam President,
    The only people tearing Liberia apart are those you emboldened to take over Liberia after 12 years of your criminal regime. They are only practicing what you taught them-stealing, looting and selling anything of value in Liberia.

    You did not have trust and credibility in your Vice President who served you for 12 years and so, you single-handily decided to leave the Nation in the hands of common criminals to continue what you started during your regime. And so, the critical question is, to whom is your callous message directed? Just curious!

    A corrected version of my previous comment.

  3. When your son head is in the lion’s mouth, you take time to accusing and pointing out fingers. Hope you would had said the same thing during the Tolbert and Doe era. By now they too perhaps would still be alive , and Liberians would had been experiencing more prosperity and developments . But not you Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, you had to spoil all that . Now that your son head is in the lion’s mouth , you taking time how you talk about the Anointed and Ordained One, chosen as ruler by the people. This old woman is of the opinion that by citizens saying nice things about their country, will encourage investors to run to that country. CEOs Chairman of the boards of major corporations, these days are sued by investors for willingly knowing that the investment climate in a particular country was not worth investing into, and they did just that because the people said nice things about their country. Liberians are saying nice things about George, allow him to put his retired jersey on the internet, and let see if that jersey will even sell for more than five hundred US dollars. Let him prove that to the citizens about how popular he is. And through his popularity, investors will come running to the country. George and his team of economic advisers led by the overzealous junior Finance Minister, Samuel Tweah have made their rounds from one country to another. As popular as George thinks he is , no taker. Next door Guinea, had to pull out of rail lines deal with that country , because of the political recklessness of the regime which seems to threaten the stability of the sub-region. Ellen, you forgot that the deal is off, and that Guinea has decided to construct its own rail line and seaport ? Nothing to do ? Go sit in the Gola Forest.

    • James Davis, these are an aspect of the lies Dr. Sirleaf is ”talking about”, such as this from you! ”True eloquence”, John Adams propounds ”consists of truth and rapid reason! The change in that railway decision is absolutely not about any ”political recklessness” as you are LYING HERE and deceiving yourself.

      Yes, Guinea wraps clockwise around its neighbours Sierra Leone and Liberia, hence the shortest or quickest route to the sea is through Liberian territory. Therefore it was natural the initial choice of route became Liberia.

      But because an alternative of a railway in Guinea linking four regions, the long way around north through four regions of Guinea to the Guinean coast at Matakong. serves Guinea’s NATIONAL INTEREST, and the Guinean government (from the days of Ahmed Ssekou Toure) has always insisted that whoever develops the deposit must build a much longer, and more economically valuable, railway, the Transguinan railway of 650 km was decided upon and NOT ”because of” any ”political recklessness of the regime which seems to threaten the stability of the sub-region” as YOU ARE LYING HERE. AND THESE ARE THE LIES FORMER PRESIDENT SIRLEAF IS TRASHING!

      If Liberia had to export iron ore from Grand Gedeh, would you advise Liberia to build a rail way from Grand Gedeh to Ivory Coast, since the shortest route to the sea would be through Ivorian territory? Or exporting ore from the Wologisi , you would advise Liberia to build the railway from Lofa to Freetown, since the shortest route to the sea is through Sierra Leonean territory? Why Liberia did not build a railway from Nimba to Conakry but chose to build the railway from Nimba to Buchanan? Or from Mano to Freetown, but chose to link four to five regions and counties of Liberia?

  4. Madam President, with all due respect, corruption is not endemic to Liberia. You set a bad precedent and you coerced and entrapped your ingenuous successor into malpractices. The consequential effect is the prevailing economic stagnation with all development indicators tumbling.
    Are you happy to construct a house and see it fall into ruins before your eyes? Will you be happy to see your farm in Bomi consumed by flame?
    Of course, like the prodigal son, you will do everything to spare it from wanton destruction. Why did you entrench Liberia into this abysmal disillusionment?
    I am asking these questions as a Liberian. I know you will care less about answering me or the Liberian people, but I believe in divine judgment.

    [The reason for the selection of that venue is for the convenience of our guests who are coming from abroad with no interest in reaching Monrovia due to the tightness of their schedules,” she stated.]

    You usually tour other African countries where your friends and loved ones are happy to take a tour with you in their villages, towns and cities. Why are your guests not even entering Monrovia? You should take them on your farm in Bomi too.
    Oooooh, so you are ashamed to give them a ride through the streets of the country you presided over for 12 years? You see, it can hurt all of us to not be proud to also drive through our country with our friends.
    Paul Kagame of Rwanda, a Tutsi, led few brave and patriotic women and men from both the Tutsi and Hutu tribes to restore law and order in the country. When the mission was over, they, together, embarked on healing the wounds through constructive nation building wherein the human capital, not tribal affiliation, was a key point. Today, Rwanda is black Africa’s pride in every economic fabric; by the way, the first black African country, outside South Africa, to go nuclear and to produce computers.

    Under your leadership as the first woman to preside over an African country, every door was widely opened to the country. There were substantial capital inflows to transform Liberia within 10 years, but you chose selective human capital development based on political affiliation, family ties and nepotism.
    God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, Who sent His ONLY begotten son Jesus Christ to save humanity, will be your judge for failing and entrenching Liberia into this dark tunnel with no twinkle of light at the end of the tunnel.

    [The question about President Weah gracing former President Sirleaf’s launch of her foundation is probably not an issue worth debating as there is no sign that there is any beef between the two.]

    How can there be a beef between the two? Unless the president wants to be ungrateful, there can NEVER be any bone of contention between the two of them. Everything is working as planned to the detriment of the Liberian people.
    Tomorrow, they will come through another form like savior again to fix what they destroyed. But we (conscious youth of Liberia) have a message for them: Anyone who dare fire a single shut in Liberia again will regret the day it ever crossed their minds.

    Good morning Madam President.
    No more war in Liberia!

  5. Madame Sirleaf, you are one of the few corrupt political elites that is expected to be proud of Liberia under the current circumstances.This is understandable. Before you could vacate the Liberian Presidency, you made sure to have had investments in all the sectors of the economy. Currently, you take not less than 5million USD monthly in dividends from your investments in the forestry, mining (gold), real estate, Maritime, etc sectors. This is why we do not agree with people who argue that your support for the CDC was because of the little bickering you had with your VP Boakai. No! You wanted a buffoon who has no understanding of the system he would have inherited. You wanted a greedy quack who, instead of setting up a judicial commission of enquiry to investigate you and your henchmen, would have also plundered the public treasury within a twinkling of an eye.

    Madame, we are aware of your stake in the Liberty Gold Mining Company in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County. Everyday the peasants see helicopters air lifting their resources to Sierra Leone to be exported to Switzerland, Liberia’s current biggest trading partner. We also know that you and your Sister Jannie Bernard have logging companies that are felling our trees and exporting to European markets. What about the MNG Gold Mine in Kokoya, Bong County? You think we don’t know you are the genuine owner of Farmington Hotel and Boulevard Palace? Does Madame Sirleaf think we are not aware that she has shares in the APM Terminal arrangement at the Freeport of Monrovia? Does she think we are so dumb not to know that she still receives perquisites from the Maritime contract with LISCR?

    Madame, your son Charles Sirleaf corrupted the country’s monetary sector to enrich your family and give you the leverage to manipulate the 2017 Election in favor of Mr. Weah and his party. Your reprobate son in Robert Sirleaf plundered the hydrocarbon sector and is now in South Africa managing another family investment. A decent diet is not a challenge for you and your family. Housing, healthcare and a Western education for your grand children are not your worries. You have all that it requires to be a properly functioning being. Can we say same about the ordinary people who eke out a living through informal economic activities in the rural communities and urban slums? Certainly not! While you control the economics, our people live on the margins of society with no hope for a better future. So when you told T-Max you have a farm in Liberia, the ordinary minds accepted your narrative about a vegetable garden in your village. But for us, we are aware that the farm which you referred to is Liberia. The country is your farm and you are doing everything to deprive the masses of our people just benefits!

    This is why you do not stay out of Liberia for more than a week. You are frequently there to keep an eye on your investments and use your friendship with certain diplomat up Mamba Point to intimidate and threaten progressive forces who are confronting the political contraption that you designed and foisted in 2017. So we understand when you sit on T-Max’s 50-50 and say “I am proud of be a Liberian.” No one who loots a ravaged third world country, builds an empire and wanders with impunity would ever argue on the contrary. At this moment, the ordinary Liberians cannot take pride in their country as they have no stake in its political and economic affairs. But what we can say here is the time will come when the masses, cultured, conscious and discipline will profoundly express confidence and glee in their fatherland. People like you will not form part of such historical itinerary! “Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

    • Little boy, what did your ”progressive forces’ do for ”the ordinary people who eke out a living through informal economic activities in the rural communities and urban slums?

      When they the ”progressive forces” Amos Sawyer President 1990 to 1994,, Dew Mayson chairman Investment Commission,, Boima Fahnbulleh Mininster. of Education and later foreign affairs, George Boley minister of State, James Fromoyan Chairman Election Commission, Commany Wisseh Ambassador to the EU, Dusty Wolokolie Legislator, Togba Nah Tipoteh Minister of Planning and Economic Affairs, Baccus Matthews Minister of Foreign Affairs, DID THEY NOT START WEARING COAT SUITS AND ABANDON THEIR ‘RUBBER SANDALS, JEANS?

      Or are you ranting about your other brand of progressive forces as Benoni Urey and his tool Henry Costa, or their fool Yekeh Kolubah, or Nyonblee Karngar who was at LPRC as PR defending and covering Harry Greaves corruption?

      Your so called ”progressive forces’ built their mansions. A case in point is Amos Sawyer. Another case in point is Benoni Urey. You dare refer to all such haters of the ”ordinary’ as ”progressive forces”!

      You call yourself and these rascals we have listed above ”progressives”. But you are angry with former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf simply ,because she did not swap the ballot boxes in favor of a Joseph Boakai who is a stooge of a Benoni Urey the notorious looter of the country’s funds and natural resources.


      • I did not comment on this story without the anticipation that an “Ellen’s bot” would come in defense of ther national nightmare. They are many in Liberia who she pays to clean her blemished character. But insofar this coward with his emasculated manhood did not refute the solid claims we made against his rogue-boss, we have no time to run in a circus with a compound clown.

        • Little boy, you must be suffering from some type of delirium to think we shall waste time on your silly rant about the economic strength of a former finance minister during the hey days of Liberia, a former senior official of the World Bank, and the United Nations as Under Secretary General for African Affairs, and then former President of a country.

          If she had a ”blemished character’ than why your mentor or in fact the one you have publicly declared is your mentor.. her national security adviser (for and to whom you are a puppy having been castrated to reduce the amount of independent minded youngsters), gelded his own dignity, pride, conscience, reputation, and soul, as a typical opportunist, advised everything which went wrong for the twelve years he sat there with her as a political zombie?

  6. Most political parties went to CDC in 2017. We have now seen their output which is zero. Liberia will never move forward because tthey do not have the Know-Hows it takes.

    Only the best of Liberia’s educated with the needed Know-Hows, Skillsets can move the country forward.

    Investor are NOT stupid, they know enough about our country than you may think. They are not coming to invest for Liberia but for themselves.
    Liberian must invest in education, Know-Hows to build their economy. But if Liberia believe illiteracy is the way to go (da book we le eat), than we will continue to be down.

    We will wait until the country opt for people with the Know-Hoiws to move forward.

  7. Mr. Tony Leewaye

    I fail to see why a significant voice such as yours would fall flat for a “You also” (tu quoque) fallacious argument on matters relating to our twin existential dangers: Economy and stability. After all, the advice of EJS, “Stop Tearing Liberia Apart; it Scares Investors” echoes remarks made last week by the EU Ambassador while she was announcing a retraining program for journalists to stop reporting only negative news, because they undermine potential foreign investments.

    Furthermore, the former President’s statement reminds of the February 25th, 2018 joint statement of the UN, AU and ECOWAS wherein they warned against “media messages that promote violence”. A rightful warning that was seemingly responded to a month later by a vigilante mob setting fire to a police station in Margibi County. We as a people cannot cluelessly and continuously allow identity politics to make us hate each other and Mama Liberia; please, let’s not infect our grandchildren with this virus.

  8. President Sirleaf should be brought to justice for economic sabotage. NOCAL went bankrupt by her son, she took responsibility but that didn’t solve the legal aspect of what her son. She bribed lawmakers and they rectified and signed 66 bad Concession deals which violate our laws in Liberia

  9. Thanks Madam President for the maturity you bring to the discourse. I have always cherished your intellectual ability. Liberia is what it is because of us and until we can accept it nothing will change. Let people continue to misbehave and think that other will not learn n do the same when they take power. What goes around comes around. You not inside you don’t know. We can only move this country forward by constructive engagement and positive ideas. God will deliver Liberia, but we need to believe and act accordingly. Unfortunately, many do not believe that and for that it won’t come easily. I don’t know when but with the altitude I witness over the last score, I can safely say it won’t happen. As soon the other people time reach the others will be negative and don’t corporate and no one will bring their money in a trouble country. Some of us have live our entire live like this and it is so unfortunate. We hope our children get better future. We can only hope, prepare n wait. But unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much we prepare if we don’t change our altitude it is most likely that our chi6future maybe just like us or worse. Lastly, if it reaches for ourselves to join the action we will just be like everyone with our own style.

  10. My fellow citizens, Ellen is a con artist who, too, took advantage of our ignorance and impoverished living condition. She claims to have integrity,which is false and misleading and continues to plunge this country into devastation:she supported the Civil War, bankrupted the country during her presidency and set the stage for the presidency of such a leader as inept as Mr Weah.

  11. Marcus Dahn, you SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF . When you were a beneficiary as from one deputy minister position to another, from ministry to ministry, she was not a “con artist” but an angel. Isn’t it?

    If President George Manneh Weah were what you are stupidly attributing to him, neither the UN, ECOWAS, THE AU, EU, WASHINGTON, AND THE DIPLOMATIC WORLD, they would not give him so much respect as he was democratically elected by the MASSES the MAJORITY.

    Marcus, you are SIMPLY another opportunist with the mentality of opportunism, and elitism.

  12. You see how mad you are? I’ve never served in any position in government before.You are even stupider.You saw the name withot bothering to know which one of the Marcus Dahns.It’s very unfortunate because this is how some of you guys spread lies and damage other people’s characters.Never you REPEAT such a mistake! For your information I’m not the Marcus Dahn you mentioed¡infact, there is no relation.

    • Marcus, you are a coward. I got to know of your cowardice since 1980 to 1981 when you were some assistant minister for administration at the presidency. You want to disparage and insult your former boss while you are still afraid of her, but at the same time you want to prove to your friends and foes alike that you are brave, when the reality is that you are a coward.

  13. If Ellen is a fool, she would have never been able to manipulate sound and well educated politicians both at home and abroad! If she were a fool, she would have never served excellently as under Secretary General of the United Nations!! If Ellen were any fool , she would have never been appointed Minister of Finance during an era when such appointments were institutionally not the portion of natives, not totalk about a native woman!

    If this grand daughter of the legendary king Jah Malay of the mighty Gola Land, people, and nation, AND A DAUGHTER OF THE FIRST NATIVE MAN TO BECOME A LIBERIAN LEGISLATOR were a fool, she would have never excelled in Life to become Africa´s first woman to be democratically elected as President where all the other candidates were men in a country where women are known to be political nobodies!

    If this great daughter of God were a fool, she would have turned this country over to thieves as Boakai and Urey – Boakai bossman By now!

    But because she lives By faith and is just, she LEFT THAT MATTER WITH THE VOTERS TO DECIDE and washed her hands out of conspiring with the elite to rig the election in favor of a Boakai who would have now turned this country over to corrupt Urey.


    • How I would love to see this chariot being majestically single-filed bracing from heaven to come and get Ellen.
      Jerry Rawlings was NOT an angel and neither win any of the prices Ellen won nor work as Under Secretary for any prestigious organizations, but the Ghanaians can show his legacy across the country.
      Paul Kagame is not an angel with international recognition, but the fame of Rwanda in economic development is no secret to all Africans.
      Houphouet Boigny was not an angel but the level of development in the Ivory Coast is undoubtedly admired by many.

      I wish we could have had any of these personalities to lead Liberia instead of angels who would create jobs for only their inner circle.

      If the decision were left with the Liberian people to decide through the ballot box, the angels of Heaven would one day bear us witness to project on the screen of life of what really aspired. I hope to be there to witness this truth to live and die in peace.

  14. Nobody said Ellen is a fool.A con artist can never be a fool, but a crafty witch capable of inflicting pains on volunerable people and taking away for herself all that belong to them.She came as a wolve in sheep skin, and I cannot help wishing she had not been born.

    • Marcus Dahn, are you blind? Jackson Neal IN HIS CHRONIC IGNORANCE has written right above your comment that ”ELLEN IS A FOOL and SATAN’S AGENT SENT FROM HELL! ONLY GOD KNOWS HER ULTIMATE END!!”

  15. I really like this comment below made by Ms. or Mr. Concerned Citizen..

    ”But because she lives By faith and is just, she LEFT THAT MATTER WITH THE VOTERS TO DECIDE.”


  16. And here’s something else that may “scare investors”.

    While researching some issues relating to investing in Liberia, I checked the official NIC website [www.investliberia.nic.gov.lr] and I found this —

    “Account Suspended”

    “This Account has been suspended.
    Contact your hosting provider for more information. ”


    Sigh. Strange country.

  17. thanks mom

    I can’t grade you 80% in your developmental contribution to Liberia like others did but I can’t also ignore your contributions because everywhere I go I see your hands mark.

    I know that your pre-presidential life in the interest of getting Liberia out off bad governance may not be welcoming to most Liberians, for which some don’t want to appreciate your present good works and service to nation.

    in the mist of all this challenges and critics you are here again with another imitative for women, let me say thanks, I pray God divine protections and blessings.

  18. Please show some decency and respect for others; you can present your point without resulting to names calling & insults.

    It’s unfortunate for the Republic (LIBERIA) past and present presidents have failed and continue to fail Liberians.

    from jj roberts to tolbert’s time one party “True Whig Party (TWP)” absolute power, corrupt party and an oppressive government. Voting was a joke and 100% corrupt…the majority did not have any voice in electing their presidents. The Presidents were corrupt, no integrity, no love for Liberia and lack no vision to benefit Liberians. The Presidents did not have the credentials to be leaders.

    doe (coup), sawyer, etc, taylor (coup) to ellent & weah (elected by the people) corrupt administrations; all lacked the credentials to be leaders.

    constituents please stop electing people to office by: popularity contest, association, tribe and group. Please think Liberia first, we are one people and be your best for the development of Liberia

    Thank You,


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