FMCA Graduates 23

Ford Madden Christian Academy FMCA) Class of 2018

Ford Madden Christian Academy over the weekend held its 13th Senior graduation convocation for 23 senior students who obtained a diploma each. The students completed courses prescribed by the institution  in line with  the Ministry of Education’s (MoE) standard for high school students.

The school was founded on February 22, 1996, to promote quality education for “disadvantaged Liberians.”

Cllr. G. Moses Paegar, President of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) who served as guest speaker, advised the graduates to adopt the right attitude in society, in order to make  wise decisions  that would positively impact their lives.

Cllr. Peagar said if the students do not adopt the right attitude at a crossroad, the decision they would make may eventually cause a disaster in their entire lives. He added that the decision to seek higher education or to feel contented with a high school diploma would define what their future would look like.

He told the graduates to make decisions that would have a positive impact on other Liberians, because Liberia is in need of qualified teachers, lawyers, doctors, IT specialists, accountants and agriculturalists.

Peagar challenged the graduates to continue their academic sojourn, and not to be content with a high school diploma, but to move in a direction that would make them productive and useful citizens.

He urged parents never to relent in ensuring that children are given quality education that would make them hardworking persons in society.

In his valedictory address, Ansumana M. Siryon encouraged his colleagues to follow their heart and intuition, seek higher education, and not allow others to define their future.

Siryon advised his fellow graduates not to allow people who do not have any significance in their lives to influence them in a way that would affect their future and define their dreams and aspirations.

“You are your own biggest critic and true judge. Only you can define your real self; no one has the power to do so. We can use the passion in what we do to find who we are, and we can define ourselves by finding the flow of what excites us,” he cautioned his colleagues.

He said it is high time that young people look in the faces of those who feel they can be a judge of their future, in order to acquire a sense of prestige, adding that those who demean others are seeking a false sense of security and identity, because the days are over when people must live the lives of others.

The Principal, Isaac Wuor, said he is proud that the school is providing a strong education and spiritual backing for students.


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