Flyover Bridge for Monrovia Soon

Sample of the Overhead Bridge which might be constructed from Crown Hill, central Monrovia, to Gardnersville

As part of the Pro-Poor Governance Agenda of the Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC), President George M. Weah has ordered a feasibility study to construct a bridge — a Flyover Bridge to join the City of Monrovia to the Townships of New Georgia, Gardnersville and Barnersville from Crown Hill.

The feasibility study is to prepare the new flyover bridge investment to explore its requirements and subsequent operations and as well as analyze the technical, environmental, social and economic aspects – to give proposals for the structural system and cost for the implementation of the needed transport network.

The key task of the feasibility study would be to investigate, and also compare the possible structural systems at the chosen location, and to define the optimal variant and the optional structural system which is highly influenced by the possible spans, which is primarily specified by water and shipping managements’ criteria.

Sam Mannah, Presidential Press Secretary, on a radio talk-show on Thursday, March 1, said the President has mandated the ministries of Public Works and Finance and Development Planning to carry out the study.

He further said the bridge is to cope with congested traffic and the increasing population in Monrovia and its environs, though Mr. Mannah did not give the time frame for the feasibility study.

An engineer at the Ministry of Public Works, who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized, said the development will reduce congestion in the capital city and will create employment opportunities for many youths.

The difference between a bridge and a flyover, according to the engineer, is based on the purpose of its usage and where it is located. Bridges are to connect two points separated by a naturally occurring region like valley, river, sea or any other water bodies, while the flyover or overhead bridges are structures, which join two or more points separated by an accessible route/s or a man-made structure. They are usually made over road junctions, roads, streets, etc.

The name itself suggests that you are flying over an otherwise high-traffic zone.

Special Quick-Impact Projects

Mr. Mannah disclosed that the government has cut goods and services in the 3rd quarter from the government budget and will put aside US$10 million for Special Quick-Impact Projects.

He announced that before March 30, there will be a formal ground-breaking for the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL’s) 200-bedroom hospital, and construct a digital registration at the University of Liberia and install WiFi (a faster internet services).

Mannah said some of the money will also be used to employ additional 400 teachers on the payroll of the Ministry of Education and pay the fees for all students writing the West African Senior School Examination (WASSE) for 2017/2018 school calendar.

Other projects, under the same fund, will be used to purchase and install 400 street lights along the Roberts International Airport (RIA) route from the ELWA junction and further provide scholarships for doctors to undergo specialized training.


  1. So instead of investing in the existing government hospitals they are building a new hospital? What kind of sense does that make? Do they realize what it will cost just to operate, let alone build, a 200 bed hospital? The additional burden it is going to place on the budget? That is not a smart and well thought out pro poor project.

  2. Liberians sometimes become so narrow-minded. What’s wrong with building a new hospital? I personally think it’s good for the country. The former president built the new hospital in Tappita and we are all aware of the impact it’s making in the health system. So it’s a prudent enterprise. There should be an army hospital in Liberia. Let’s think out of the box.

    • It is of no good to have many hospitals with no proper doctors. The existing ones are struggling to have and maintain doctors and adequate medication. Equip the ones we have now

  3. It’s good to reduce traffic jam. If the flyover project is completed, will it create permanent jobs? While it is being built, of course, jobs will be created. But the question is whether it will create permanent jobs?

    Liberians need qualified doctors. There are many kinds of doctors. Liberians also need qualified teachers for grades K-12.
    I am talking scholarships! I hope that education in Liberia is front and center.

  4. Dear All, building a hospital for the military is good,but what is needed is the training of specialists in various areas of medical science; when that is done, then our health system will provide the kind of services that is urgently needed, that is the strategic decision to make. Then we would not be flying people elsewhere for medical treatment!


  5. Thank you President Weah. Those are great plans and we are praying for the full implementations. Building a military hospital is a brilliant idea irrespective of others suggesting to firstly enhance the existing ones. To fully staff those hospitals, i will hope we can connect with the likes of China, US, Cuba and others for training and equipment. Cuba has some of the best and trained doctors and physicians in the world but it comes with some diplomatic headache. Overall Mr. President, you are doing an excellent job. We needed practical leader like you, not some talking heads but do nothing leader.

  6. Big dreams but how wise , if government is a process of continuation of one leadership to another . So the ” Flyover Bridge” vs. openning up cross county roads . The goods and services will be considerably dropped as distances in travel will be reduced . And most importantly citizens wishing to leave the capital city for other parts of the country will easily be persuaded to leave since the travelling time between counties have shortened . Those who have the means and do not want to live in a congested city can leave knowing that they can travel back and forth easily without having to rent a hotel room or stay with relatives. After that take on the RIA road to four lane. Yes , flyover bridge, or elevated highways, or free way, or express way or super highways are all good ideas, but let open up the country first and then add these wonderful projects . If we do built these super highways or flyover bridge just to be praised , then like the Bible says the poor will always be will . Open up the counties roads for easy access to goods and services . President Doe failed at that, President Ellen tried and failed at that also. And so government is the continuation just for the common good of all its citizens .

  7. James Davis, I completely agree with you. A day or two before the run – off, Senator Weah and his GodMa Ellen visited Gbarnga under the pretense of launching the Gbarnga Medikorma high way as a way influencing the people from Lofa to vote for Senator Weah. though he did not get his winning votes from Lofa, what has happened to that initiative?? Is such attitude also called pro poor??
    President Weah!! kindly try to remain focus on projects that will have direct impact on poor rural population of Liberia. Rural road connectivity was the priority of the Liberian people since the 1st PRS was developed in 2005/2006 and is still.
    When I visited Liberia in December, I had to give my vehicle to transport sick people on very bad roads.

  8. Everything I just read is a decision in the right direction; it will provide some temporary or long term employment and then encourage investment (Quick-impacts project are not permanent). In regards for the 200 bedrooms hospital I highly support it but government should already identify individuals that will be sent out of the country to do training or acquire higher specialize education in the medical profession that are in demand in our country. Government needs to also look into purchasing medical equipment with high technological capacity that are mostly use in today medical world class.

  9. This plan is long overdue from past government, if this government can fulfill this dream it will be a remarkable achievement. I hope the committee will fast track their work to get this dream off the ground.

  10. The funds used to construct military hospital should be used to build structures to house government ministries and agencies currently operating in dilapidated rented facilities. The move will save the government huge amounts of money for future projects. It is incomprehensible that the government has been renting outdated structures from 1847 to 2018. Moreover, building a hospital is one thing, there are equipment, supplies, staffing and maintenance costs to consider.

    • Gonyon have you forgotten that the passed government has already started Building the ministerials Complex to Hosts all the Government Ministry’s!??

  11. If you don’t yourself set some goals, you’ll never achieve anything…. and even if some of the goals are not achieved, some of them will be, and that’s how progress is made.

  12. Tell the so-called engineer who gave you the interview to use his knowledge next time to describe projects and not use other people’s ideas without giving them credit. That’s called plagiarism or intellectual piracy. Here is a copy of the very verbiage that “engineer” gave you culled from an internet site: “The difference between Bridge and Flyover is based on the purpose of its usage and the location where it is built.

    •Bridges are built to connect two points separated by a naturally occurring region like valley, river, sea or any other water bodies, etc.
    •They are usually lengthy depending upon the width of the valley or river.
    •Construction over river is tedious since foundation has to be carried out on the river bed.
    •Bridges are usually built for trains, buses and cars.

    Watch that “engineer” very keenly from now on. There are lots of fake “professionals” roaming Liberia as the real stuffs. Regrettably the GOL does not even do background checks on all of their hires in order to ascertain their purported qualifications. Lots of professional fakes!

  13. The 200 beds Military hospital is not only for the Military. It purpose is to serve all government security agencies to stop the burden on regular hospitals like JFK, ELWA, and others. This hospital will be for Police, Army, Immigration, and other security branch that work with the president. This will serve the civil servants security aspect of the government.

  14. People of Liberia if only you all see and know how other Country(ies) are awakening from the ashes of low cost houses and into modern ones, then you will stop dragging your beautiful Country Liberia Mama Africa down.
    Traveling outside should open up our eyes, and with the visions, and visionary like President George M. Weah we should all get behind him and help him to change the face of Liberia into a modern and better Liberia for the future of our children and grandchildren.
    Its time for Liberia, and let’s give her the chance to developed. The Oldest African Independent Country and nothing to show for it. Look at these countries, South Africa, Ethiopia, Egypt , Equatorial Guinea and many other country(ies) in Africa are developing so why not Liberia?
    We travel out of Liberia and see how other countries are moving with development projects and thinking we can do the same but when we get back home our visions change to no good. Please let is give President Weah the chance, and forget what other past leaders did and didn’t do. For we all must and somehow take some responsible of the problems in Liberia.
    Flyover Bridge and roads networks is needed to bring the development that Liberia need so desperately. Thanks.

  15. Thank god they’re investing in flyover bridge Liberia really needs it. Liberia needs to become mondernized. Finally a military hospital. That’s good advancing our army

  16. I agree with the president Liberia need to be put on the map. We need to support him and let help our country move forward, let help bring jobs, take the youths off the street give them a opportunity in life. Let help the mothers and fathers by putting them to work. In this order we came build a better Liberia and live in place together we came overcome the nightmare we been living in for over years. So please my Liberia people let us look at how Nigeria and Ghana is and how beautiful they are. WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER.


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