FLY Tracks Implementation of National Youth Policy


The Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) has begun tracking the implementation of the National Youth Policy (NYP), an instrument that aims at addressing the many challenges confronting the youthful population of Liberia.

The NYP document was presented to the government of Liberia few years ago, following the conduct of regional consultations with young people across the country.

FLY President Amos Williams told journalists on Friday, November 13, 2020 in Monrovia, that the exercise is intended to look at what the government is doing in terms of investment in youth development. “We at the level of Fly are interested in knowing where the Government has placed us in terms of youth development.”  

However, Mr. Williams was not definite about when the tracking exercise would end but said that they are going to derive a periodic data finding analysis at the end of the process.

According to him, the NYP document is a policy document that was crafted since 2018 and has been presented to the government of Liberia.

“We think it is important for the Government to look at this document to determine how much they would invest in term of budgetary allocation for youth development. The Government made a commitment to the young people that they would support the full implementation of the document,” Mr. Williams said.

According to Mr. Williams, FLY has gathered some professional young people who during the event will be doing data analysis matching on what the Government has put into the budget for youth development, where the impact is and to what extent the impact has transformed the lives of young people.

He noted that at the level of FLY’s observation standpoint a lot of resources are being wasted and there is a need to focus on priorities goals.

He said, “if we are looking at education, we will be giving the data analysis of how much budget the Government has spent on education and what impact it has made as well give the public a clear understanding of whether the Government is serious about the transformation the educational sector.”

He also stressed that teenage girls needs to be looked at as well. “Girls who are dropped out from schools due to pregnancy, how much are we putting in the budget for them?” he asked.

Mr. Williams further said that at the level of FLY, they want to begin to tell the Public that the national budget is working off target in terms of what the government committed them to do when it comes to the national youth policy documents.

He said that FLY is also going to match what Development Partners have committed themselves to do.

“We want to know how much money has the United Nations put into the national road map which the young people has presented to them. We are putting together a team of professional young people who are going to do a comprehensive data analysis and will be coming up with facts looking at the blueprint to drive our passion,” he said.


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