FLY Pledges Support to MOE’s Decision

President of FLY, Augustine_web.jpg

The Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) has pledged its support to the Ministry of Education’s decision to close all schools at the end of July and resume on September 7.

At a press briefing in Monrovia, FLY President Augustine Tamba, welcomed the decision by MOE and said it is part of the transformation of the country’s education sector.

“FLY sees the action by the government as timely and in the best interest of Liberia’s education system,” Mr. Tamba said.

According to him, the effects of the civil crisis compounded by the Ebola outbreak last year caused the education sector to suffer a setback to the extent that the issues of bribery, low income for teachers, lack of quality instructional tools, lack of textbooks and dysfunctional laboratories have overwhelmed the sector.

He said the constant failure of students in public exams is a glaring indicator of the failure of the education system.

He noted that the older Liberian generation is more educated than the present one, which is supposed to inherit the leadership of the state.

Mr. Tamba said that in spite of the situation, FLY remains confident that the closure of schools in July to be reopened in September will usher in a new dawn for the education sector.

He recommended that the next academic year start in October instead of September to create at least a space for the policy implementation and massive reduction in the tuition fees in all private schools.


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