FLY Crisis Finally Resolved



The much publicized dispute among members of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) has been resolved following an agreement between contending parties that the case should be settled out of court.

This has also led Augustine Tamba, who was announced winner of the presidency in the general elections during its general assembly last year, to be duly recognized as FLY’s legitimate head.

The former contending parties signed a resolution that contains several counts to be implemented by the Tamba leadership.

At a reconciliation forum over the weekend, T. Maxwell Grigsby said he and his team decided to withdraw the case from the court after several stakeholders, including Minister of Youth and Sports, Eugene Nagbe, the board chair of FLY and others intervened.

A resolution was read by FLY’s Montserrado County Coordinator, James Koryon which recognized the leadership of Mr. Tamba.

The resolution also called on the Ministry of Youth & Sports to grant the Tamba leadership all rights and privileges as of the date of signing of the document.

The resolution also urged the Tamba leadership to absorb four members of the former aggrieved party within the secretariat, the board and other posts of organization.

FLY will constitute a membership committee comprising the two parties to conduct a nationwide mapping exercise to resolve all issues concerning membership and update the institution’s database not later than March 1, 2016.

Minister Nagbe expressed satisfaction over the resolution of the conflict and said FLY is the only instrument through which government’s goals for youth development can be achieved.

“This cannot be done when FLY is fragmented. The resolution of this crisis is a path to begin a successful FLY,” he said.

He lauded the courage of Mr. Grigsby who decided to concede defeat for the advancement of the institution. There will be a critical look at FLY’s constitution so that it does not serve as a hurdle to the growth of the organization.

The members then acknowledged that the future of the young people of Liberia could be helped by the organization.

“Diversity is power and strength and as such, in spite of differences of opinions and ideologies, they should work together for a better FLY,” an official told the members.


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