FLY Angry that its 2019/2020 Budget Will Be Disbursed through MYS


-Threatens to take action against Gov’t

The leadership of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY), has threatened to make Liberia ungovernable for President George Weah through mass protests, if the Weah administration removes the Federation from the 2019/2020 fiscal budget and place it at the will and pleasure of authorities at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

FLY said it sees the latest decision by the government through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) as a deliberate attempt to silence the umbrella youth organization, and to micro manage its activities.

FLY’s president Amos Williams, said the national youth organization will resist said decision as it undermines international protocols like the African Youth Charter, to which the Liberian government is a signatory.

Williams therefore threatened to mobilize the youthful population in the 15 counties to continuously protest against President Weah, who was overwhelmingly elected by over 65 percent of the “very young people.”

He said it is unfortunate to leave the National Youth organization at the mercy of Minister Zeogar Wilson, which will undermine the independence of FLY, and serve as a breeding ground for “rampant corruption.”

Meanwhile, Williams is demanding President Weah to urgently intervene to revert the planned decision by the MFDP. He added that the FLY was enacted by the Legislature, as such, it must be fully funded by the government.

The MFDP recently released a brief in which it disclosed plans of allocating a lump-sum amount of money to a particular line ministry to determine and allocate it as it sees it necessary.


  1. This is an attempt by this government to micromanage FLY activities in the country. FLY funding will at the will and pleasure of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.


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