Floods Hit Monrovia Again

Floods HitFINAL.jpg

Several days and nights of continuous heavy down pour in Monrovia, left many communities flooded, destroying properties and displacing many residents.
Communities hit hardest according to our reporter include A.B. Tolbert Road, Cocoa-Cola Factory, Liberia Electricity Corporation’s substation, Pipeline Road, Congo/Paynesville Junction and many other areas outside Monrovia.
On A.B. Tolbert Road, about 44 persons were rendered homeless as a greater portion of their residences were completely flooded.
A 55-year-old woman, Betty Marshall, and her five children were rendered homeless as her bedroom was submerged in water from a nearby swamp.
It was observed that a majority of the affected communities are built in flood zones and are prone to suffer flooding.
Our reporter observed that some affected residents on A. B. Tolbert Road were seen walking through flood water with whatever they could take on their heads to seek accommodation elsewhere.
In the Cocoa-Cola Factory Community, two large houses were totally surrounded by water, while residents pleaded with neighbors to go to their rescue early Monday morning.
At the LEC substation in the Paynesville Joe Bar area, flood water entered the ground floor of the power house.
At the Old Road/Tubman Boulevard Junction, the flood impeded the smooth movement of vehicles that were conveying commuters from the Old Road and its environs for several hours on Monday morning.
At the Pipeline Road’s police substation, a small creek connecting the Red-light Market was over flooded and hundreds of commuters were stranded for several hours Saturday morning.
Commuters have to negotiate with motorcyclists to carry them across flooded areas. Teacher Daniel Esah told the Daily Observer yesterday that the flood disrupted many activities and appealed for communities to develop strategies to help the situation.


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