Flooded River Hampers Farming in Voinjama

Flashback- Zelebah River.jpg

The overflow of one of Lofa County’s largest rivers, the Zelebah, last week Monday obstructed most of the farming activities in greater Voinjama, the county capital.
In mobile phone contacts with some of the affected farmers last week, they said the Zelebah River overflowed as a result of last Tuesday night’s heavy rainfall.

The farmers also sounded an appeal to all well-meaning Liberians at home, abroad, disaster management agencies and other humanitarian groups to assist them in preparing emergency canoes in order to continue their movement to the farms.

The farmers explained further that since the rainy season is expected to last for six months, building canoes is critical to the continuation of their farming activities.

Because of Zelebah’s overflowing, majority of the farmers could not reach their farms and go about their regular activities.

Early Monday, farmers of Voinjama City awoke in complete astonishment as most of the bush roads that lead to their farms were flooded by the Zelebah River.

According to the Resident Coordinator of the General Services Agency, Martin Morris Ndebeh, if the current flooding of the Zelebah continues, several farms could be abandoned.

In mobile interviews with the Daily Observer late Wednesday night, some of the affected farmers commented on the effects river flood has had on their farms.

Rice farmer Edward Jallah, 44, said that the situation prevented him from going to his farm.

“We will need help to build canoes during this rainy season,” Jallah pleaded.

Vegetable producer Mary Beyan Mulbah, 38, said it is about time to weed out her one acre vegetable farm.

But, she added that the latest flood water has posed problems for her.

“I’m becoming frustrated about this latest calamity in the changing weather conditions in our county,” Madam Mulbah asserted.

Sugar cane producer Sylvester M. Kazarku, 50, said the sugar cane is now ready for harvest to produce cane juice for sale.

But, Kazarku intimated that the latest flood water has presented him a worrisome situation.

“We actually need some practical solution to the current flood water,” said Kazarku.


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