Flood Leaves one Dead in G. Cape Mount

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Severe flooding has reportedly taken place in Grand Cape Mount County, killing at least one person, destroying properties and leaving several residents homeless.
A 16-year old boy of Nagbena Town reportedly drowned while attempting to flee from the rising tide that was surrounding the town.
The flooding over the last 4 days has also left farms and crops destroyed, increasing the hardship of the residents, most of whom are unemployed.
Many who survive on farming, hunting and fishing are now left vulnerable, the report said.
According to a release from the WASH Reporters & Editors Network of Liberia, the flood started last Thursday, September 17 following hours of heavy downpour.
WASH reporters, who visited the county over the weekend, said they witnessed flooding in most of the communities including Tewor District up to Sunday, September 20.
The flooded communities include Bo Waterside, Nagbena, Kobolia, Amina, Jaliebah, Bandor, Bombohun, Jenneh Liberia, Gambia and Gondama.
The flooding is largely a result of the overflowing of the Mano River, due to the heavy rains.
The area worst affected is the Baptist Compound in Bo- Waterside. The Compound established in 2011 has a hospital, senior high school, and residential quarters for nurses and teachers.
All of the facilities in the compound were seriously flooded, damaging thousands of United States dollars worth of properties, including newly arrived medical equipment and drugs, educational materials and computers, among other supplies brought into the country.
Authorities of the Baptist Compound described the flood as devastating and beyond imagination.
Residents in the affected areas informed WASH reporters that the flooding was the first of its kind to take place in their communities. Some of them said, however, that such major flooding usually occurs every five to ten years.
The residents have meanwhile called on the government, local and international organizations to assist the flood victims with relief items.


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