Flaboe Family Constructs Bridge, ‘Connecting More than 50K Residents’

A newly constructed and dedicated Gabriel S. Flaboe Bridge in Soul Clinic Community.

A newly constructed bridge valued at US$10,000 funded on a self-help basis by Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel and Nora Flaboe Sr. of the Soul Clinic Community in Paynesville, has been completed and dedicated.

At the ceremony marking the official dedication of the bridge on May 11, 2019, Mr. Flaboe reminded the gathering that the bridge project is not intended for political reason. The bridge connects residents of Soul Clinic Gaza and the Forest Communities.

Flaboe said the construction of the bridge is how citizens in different parts of the world develop and promote their communities through self-help projects that in turn help to improve the living standard of their neighborhoods.

Residents of Soul Clinic community, Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel S. Flaboe (center), with other community members on the newly constructed bridge connecting Gaza and Diamond Creek Communities in Paynesville

“My wife and I are not politicians, but members of this Soul Clinic Community. A few years ago, we made a commitment to build a school here as an academic center of excellence. At the time, we received a report that while a group of students were attempting to cross the steam dividing the two communities, two of them got drowned. Having heard this report, we undertook the bridge project to alleviate the suffering,” Mr. Flaboe said.

He said following a series of professional consultations with architect Samuel P.J. Sellu, a former instructor at the Liberia Opportunities Industrial Center (LOIC), the bridge was valued at US$10,000.

Mr. Flaboe, works as the project manager of the Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation.

He extended thanks and appreciation to all those that helped with the construction of the bridge.

The old make-shift Bridge prior to the Construction of a New one in Soul Clinic, Paynesville

Flaboe meanwhile called on the community dwellers and all other end users of the bridge to make proper use of it by not allowing heavy trucks to pass over the bridge so that it would last them for a longer period of time.

“Let us to take this bridge project as our own. As I stated earlier, we are not politicians, but people who believe in developing our communities,” he said.

In separate remarks, the residents extended gratitude to members of the Flaboe family for the project. They called on other community dwellers to emulate the good example of the Flaboe family.

Negballah Community Chairman, L. Moses Wonpea, described the project as a complete rescue mission that will greatly impact lives of the inhabitants of the area.

According to Mr. Wonpea, the bridge has connected more than 50,000 inhabitants, including those in the Gaza, Diamond Creek, Soul Clinic Forest and other surrounding communities.

“We are grateful about the completion of the bridge project; therefore we thank the Flaboes, and ask God to bless them in whatever they intend to undertake in the future,” Mr. Wonpea said.


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