‘We Will Be More Robust…’

Newly-inducted Senators at 4th Session of 54th Senate (2nd from left) Karnaga-Lawrence, Moye, Sogbie, Nuquay and Dillon; flanked by VP Jewel Howard Taylor (far left) and Pro-Tempore Albert T. Chie (right)

Inducted Senators vow to make the difference for the people

Five Senators recently elected and certificated by the National Elections Commission were on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, inducted into office by the Secretary of the Liberian Senate with the pledge to represent robustly their respective counties and the country in general.

Senators Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence of Grand Bassa; Abraham Darius Dillon of Montserrado; Prince Moye of Bong, and Jonathan Sogbie of River Gee Counties belong to the umbrella group of the Collaboration of Political Parties, while Senator Emmanuel Nuquay belongs to the independent bloc, but leaning to the CPP and opposition. Ten of the newly elected Senators’ fates are still in dispute pending decisions either from the National Elections Commission’s Board of Commissioner or the Supreme Court.

Speaking first among equals, Senator Dillon who got the most votes in the past election and being admired by his supporters for his principles on governance challenged his challenge to work for the people, reminding them that all eyes of this country are focused on the Senate.

“I am passionately appealing to us, not to allow this country to be happy only for one week and then we go back to business as usual and dash the hope of the people,” said Senator Dillon.

He urged his colleagues to work as a united team, collaborate and cooperate to help them do the job for the citizens. “We can also assure that we will even be more robust and better Senators for the country and people; those who said we were faking to get nine years, watch and see more of that faking.”

Senator Dillon, meanwhile, wants the Code of Conduct to go beyond just requesting the declaration asset but that said be published for public consumption.  He also promised to reintroduce the Alien and Nationality Law dealing with the Dual Citizenship to see where the problem is as not to deprive natural born Liberians the issue of citizenship.

Starting her remarks with a call for a moment of silence in memory of her late husband, Representative Adolph Lawrence and other relatives and friends, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence thanked her kinsmen, the Liberty Party and the CPP for bringing her back to the Senate especially during a very troubling period of her life.

She reminded her colleagues about the huge mandate and encouraged them to work as an independent body to ensure civility in the economy, restore the image of the Senate and make the lives of the citizens better.

To the CPP and some independent Senators, Senator Lawrence informed them that as members of the group, Senators for Constitutional Justice, they intend to hold the feet of the Senate to the fire “to ensure that we can make the difference for our people; Liberia needs us, Liberians depend on us and the Liberian Senate can make that difference, and we are here with the vigor to work and we will be glad that with proper collaboration we can work in the interest of our people.”

For his part, former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Prince Moye, admitted taking a high risk for leaving his financially beneficial position to attend to the genuine call of his people, which eventually paid off with a nine-year mandate.

The CPP candidate rejected speculations that his bid for the senatorial seat was based on greed and said it is a genuine call by his people who he said are in dire need of proper representation at level of the Senate.

“If I am opportune to serve again or represent Bong on the budget committee, the execution of our budget will not be led by the wings and caprices of the Executive; we are going to follow it up and monitor the executions so that hospitals like Phebe that serves over 400,000 of our citizens in the central region can be adequately funded like other institutions across the country can get what is being appropriated,” Senator Moye declared.

“As a former Ways and Means Chair, Co-chair and deputy presiding officer of the House of Representatives, my colleagues, I am humble to join you as a true citizen; I have no allegiance absolutely to anyone, but to the people of Liberia.”


  1. Yes, the Liberian people are keenly looking to this senate to deliver on transparency, and good governance by this CDC led government; as newly elected senator Prince Moye rightly said, the plight of the Phebe hospital needs to be seriously looked at.
    This senate needs seriously to look at the national budget, in order to prioritize, for an example; why does the national budget allocate seven hundred thousand US dollars ($700,000), to the office of the first lady? We are giving such huge money to the first lady at the detriment of urgently needed health care for our people.
    This senate also needs to ask the president to appoint a Liberian to head the Liberian Anticorruption Commission (LACC), as the current head is not a Liberian, and the law creating that commission clearly states that it must be headed by a Liberian.
    Thanks for the space,

    Tolo Bonah Corfah
    Dixon, California

  2. This isn’t a partisan issue, politicians of all stripes have forever betrayed our people, and the Senate like every institution of governance needs urgent reforms to properly serve the people. For instance, when a constitutional democracy is dysfunctional, as ours has been, especially during the six years of relative plenty (reportedly USD $15 billion in direct investments and donor countries’ grants) between 2007 and 2013, it means the Legislature failed the citizens.

    Matter-of-factly, any educated Liberian who feigns ignorance of the devastating effects on postwar economic recovery caused by skyrocketing monthly compensation packages for elected and non-elected officials, including the President and Vice President, ranging from USD $10, 000 to USD $40, 000, the 64 out of 68 concession agreements declared bogus, and wealth from diamonds and gold going into bank accounts of officials and their foreign partners, that genius must be a bloody hypocrite. However, a silver lining to ineffective representation is that henceforth when hungry people get angry, they can find their way to the Capitol.

    • Thanks! There are no shortages of “HUNGRY- PEOPLE” in Liberia today. And, they are getting desperate/impatient. 😃 Liberia’s [REVOLUTION] began with hungry people. *We are still feeling the Impacts.

  3. Let that war criminal corrupt Ellen Johnson Sirleaf just go and fool her stooges and Joseph Boakai, or at least the Unity Party which allows her to their whole party as her personal political zombie, and not the rest of the Liberian people having long seen through her malodorous duplicities.

    If you Ellen could incite, foment, and finance you and your Charles Taylor ACDL NPFL war and destruction of the country and go on BBC and command your NPFL KILLERS AND DESTROYES TO LEVEL LIBERIA, and then come back to deny such statement, you must be out of your mind to expect anyone to listen to your lies about ”I spoke out of frustration and it was a strategy to compel my education officials to have worked hard and better” when the truth is that the educational system was actually deplorable.

    One should not be surprised to hear you lying that when you said ”you could put your neck on the chopping board that your corrupt ministers were not corrupt” even when the Auditor General was telling the world your government was the worst and most corrupt government in the history of the country.

    If a woman at that, will give funds to Charles Taylor to kill and destroy, and then come back to lie that she ”gave that money for humanitarian purposes”, this other big lies form her is according to her business as usual.

  4. Now, we have collations of political parties in both the ruling [CDC] party and the opposition [CPP]. The next best thing is to have two major political parties in Liberia. Those few parties that are not yet part of any collation should be granted the option to join either the CPP or CDC-Collation. That will eliminate the expensive process of [RE-RUN] Elections.


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