Fisheries Communities Urge Colleagues to “Stay Clear of June 7 Protest”

Fishermen and fishmongers have pledged to ensure the full maintenance of the already existing peace and act positively to avoid any activity that would interrupt the peace

– Pledge to maintenance the peace 

Scores of fishermen and fishmongers from the nine fishing communities within Montserrado and Bomi Counties have emphatically insisted that the peace of Liberia is cardinal to their lives and, as such, they would ensure that no one group of people undermine the overall interest of the majority of Liberians.  

According to a release from the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority, the Liberian Fisheries Stakeholders from Montserrado and Bomi Counties comprising Fish Mongers (fish sellers) and Fishermen said they are no more interested in a group of Liberians who are keen on destabilizing the peace at the disadvantage of the masses.

Speaking Monday during a joint press conference held in the Township of West Point, the fishermen and fish Mongers from Tomah Town, Degbah, Kpekor in Bomi County and Banjor, Popo Beach, ELWA, King Gray, Bernard beach, and West Point all in Montserrado County assured the government of President George Weah that they are not interested in staging or being a part of a demonstration that has the potential to derail the already existing peace.

The fishermen and fishmongers recalled that “years back in Liberia, some Liberians misled the majority of Liberians into staging a protest over the issue of rice which led to the death of some people and the destruction of properties in Monrovia and its surroundings.  Their action, according to the fisheries stakeholders, undermined the peace of Liberia and contributed to hardship experienced by all.  

They noted that, fishermen and fishmongers are noted for working earnestly to earn their living and are not interested in any activities that would restrict them from catching and selling their fish on the Liberian market.

The fishermen and fishmongers therefore pledged to ensure the full maintenance of the already existing peace and act positively to avoid any activity that would interrupt the peace simply for the selfish interest of the majority who according to them have their families in prosperous nations across the World.

The fishmongers and fishermen including Bendu Morris of Tomah Town, Konah Baryars of Debgey, Harriet Togbah of Kpakpor, and Sam Kofi, seaside chief of Banjor, among others, said they would “form part of a round table discussion but not a mass protest only intended to undermine the peace everyone is benefiting.”

They are calling on all fishermen and fish sellers or fishmongers across the nine coastal counties in Liberia, including Grand Cape Mount, Maryland, Grand Kru, Sinoe, Rivercess, Grand Bassa, Bomi, Montserrado, and Margibi Counties, to stay clear of any protest intended to send Liberia back to its “war days” when Liberians died and lost their dignity due to the intense suffering created by those rebellious fighters who claimed to be freedom fighters.

At the same time, the parent bodies of the fishermen and fish mongers, the Core Management Association (CMA) and the Liberia Artisanal Fishermen Association (LAFA) also added their voices to the many fishermen and fish mongers, urging everyone to stay away from any form of protest that would undercut the peace in Liberia.

Nyantee Slyee and Jerry Blamo commended the fishermen and fish mongers for the courage and resilience they have put forth to protect and defend the hard earned peace which has enabled Liberians to recover from the years of destruction in the country.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of the Township of West Point, William Whea, who also graced the occasion, lauded the fishermen and fishmongers for being farsighted and insightful in the maintenance of Liberia’s peace.

“Gone are the days when some Liberians were only interested in undermining the peace through civil unrest, which resulted to the deaths and destruction of properties, which retrogressed Liberia and its citizens,” Commissioner Whea said.


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