Fish Town Harper Road Brings Major Relief to Maryland County

Flashback: School kids and motorists enjoy the newly built Fishtown Harper Road in Maryland County

By Hesta Baker

The new Fish Town Harper Road in Maryland County has stirred up hope for residents, businesses and institutions alike, who until a few months ago were constrained to live, work and travel on roads that took hours; and sometimes days, due to potholes, mud traps, heavy dust and danger at almost every point.  Today life is better, many attest, as children laugh and talk on their way to school in crisp clean uniforms; market sellers conduct business in a dust-free environment; vehicles experience less wear and tear; and businesses are seeing an upswing in their bottom-lines.  This is the result of the US$55.4 million Fish Town Harper Road Project, 66 kilometers of road that runs from Karloken to Harper City and Harper to the Cavalla Customs, funded by the African Development Bank. 

The construction process was managed by the Ministry of Public Works, with China Railway #5 as its construction contractor and Comptran Group, their engineering consultant.  The high-quality asphaltic roads were completed in November 2019 using the best quality materials and highest international standards.  Fifty kilometers run from Karloken to Harper, and 16 km from Harper to the Cavalla Customs, where Liberia borders Cote d’Ivoire.

Tubman University, established in 1978, boasts six colleges in a beautiful and serene setting along the Harper Road.  According to the University’s President, Dr. Wreh Wilson, they are a direct beneficiary of the new road, socially and economically.  “Life has changed in this part of the Country,” he said. “More students are coming now to the University. Our students from Pleebo to Harper lives have been impacted… our vehicles are doing well on the road… the mud is not there anymore… the dust is not there…people are happier,” he continued. “They will say we went from one to one thousand.  We don’t have to repair our buses every month.  Sometimes they got stuck for days, but that doesn’t happen anymore.  Kids can dress nicely and come to campus and they’re clean.  People are not coming late to class.  Overall life is better…it’s fun living here,” said Dr. Wilson.

For the Cavalla Rubber Corporation, one of Liberia’s largest agriculture companies that export both rubber and oil palm into nearby Cote d’Ivoire, the road has made a significant impact on both efficiency and revenue.   Kwabena Mensah, Technical Manager for the Company stated that prior to the opening of the road, it would take nearly 2 hours for a truck hauling rubber or oil palm to reach the Cavalla Customs, from their operation.  Today it takes only 20 minutes, he said.  The Project, according to Mensah, has also dramatically reduced damages to vehicles and delays in the operation.  “We are making easy trips to Harper and the Border,” said Mensah.  “Commitments with our partners have also been facilitated. The road is bringing about development,” he furthered.

Probably those breathing the greatest sigh of relief are motorists who ply the roads daily for business or pleasure.  Excited passengers are seen boarding the new National Transport Authority (NTA) bus, a free bus system never seen in this part of the country till now.  “The NTA has gotten so attracted, they have done an extension of their buses to Maryland and have started running already,” said George Prowd, Superintendent of Maryland County.  “A trip that used to take a whole day to leave from Harper to Pleebo… now takes 15 minutes,” he said.  Cecelia Smith, a Harper resident and seafood vendor located in Baroken market, along the road, summed it up best, saying: “it’s super…no mistakes on this road.”


  1. BIL Hney,

    I just want to let you know that I just returned from your county and that I had the pleasure of travelling on this road.

    Not trying to rub anything in your face, but just saying.

    America has disappointed a lot of people, judging from the way your elections results is going. Dead people voting? ballot being burned?


  2. BIL Kimba,
    I am very elated to respond to you! I’m also glad because you traveled on a road that has been improved. During the time of my generation, the road was bumpy, dusty and muddy almost always. For sure, it was a terrible nightmare during those years.

    On the other hand, I am not too happy with you. I would have liked to hear you say “we have just returned”, but instead, I am hearing you say “I”. Why didn’t you take her with you? Did she refuse to go with you? BIL, this thing is serious. Please don’t try that next time!

    The Election……
    There’s no doubt that the election was held and everything went well. The pundits tell us that more voters voted this year than ever before in the history of the United States! Biden managed to have garnered 78 million votes to Trump’s 71 million. In some cases, the numbers of both men keep going up. Finally, the election was fraud freed.

    Trump and his supporters are the ones who continue to raise heckles. But irrespective of Trump’s silliness, Biden and Harris will be inducted into office in January. Just today, (11/15) Trump reluctantly or maybe mistakenly acknowledged that Biden won. But he promises not to concede. However, one thing is abundantly clear…. and that is….as long as Trump acknowledges that Biden won, no one cares whether Trump concedes or not. The admission of a win is sufficient, but not diplomatic and cordial neither is it consistent with protocol.

    Bottom Line?
    In my view, Trump is a jerk.

    Here’s something that will make you and her laugh:

    “The Three Stooges”. Very, very funny.

    • Senior BIL Hney,

      Sorry that I did not specify in my earlier comment, but I traveled to your county with your SIL and her brother who is visiting the country. I returned alone to Monrovia.

      What I can tell you during my trip to and from your county is that the Liberian people are a good and decent people. We made many stops along the way and where ever we stopped, we were greeted warmly. What surprised me most is that many of them are not even aware of what is going on in the capital city Monrovia. They just want to be left alone and to do their thing and feel their family.

      We can argue about the politics of who built the road and get not a definitive answer, but what I can say here is that the people are beaming with pride about the road. It makes a lot of things easier for them. I am happy for them. True, there may not be a sidewalk for pedestrians but let us at least be happy that the plight of the people of that vicinity has become a bit easier.

      We pray and hope that other roads in the country will get the same treatment. Someone mentioned the road leading to the Gbapolu area, now that is a road that needs urgent work. It is in a deplorable condition, and hopefully work will commence around that area soon and very soon.

      As for your election saga, it is now turning your country into a laughing stock. Huge demonstrations are being held to protest the irregularities that occured during the elections. There must be some merit for such a huge crowd to assemble, dont you think?

      I will wait for your SIL to return and then we will watch the Three Stooges together.

      Thank you.

  3. I will firstly commence the government of Liberia and it President George Manneh weah for the beautiful gesture he make to Improved the life of the people of Harper Maryland county, where you can find one of the prestigious placed on the planet such as the Tubman College of Technology, The catholic high school Our Lady of Fatima, and the beautiful beaches city. Very easy to get rom point A to point B now.Our first President during our life time when I was grown up ex-President Tubman never did anything to encourage the people of the great city name after that college he never build road during his tenure as President,whenever,he went to harper city his tribal people will spread their lapper and country cloths to welcome him into Harper city in his best dressed clothe while the people will be gust up and dirty,what ashamed to see such a corrupt president like Tubman no development In his own county called Harper, Maryland. Carry on the good work president George Manneh Weah continued will Lofa county, Nimba county let say all the counties In Liberia. I cry with Joy Bravo the the president Of Liberia his excellence George Manneh Weah. Please don’t listen to the garage your people of Liberia will say to you continue the good work.

    • This road, and the Tubman College of Technology, were not renovated by your president George Weah. Stop heaping false praises unto him.
      You better be grateful of Ellen for wht you are seeing. Your guy Weah is yet to commence the coastal highway from Buchanan to Harper. He promised to do it in 2 years. EWe have not seen the start yet.

      Fish Town – Hraper Road = Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
      Tubman College of Technology = Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

      Death of 4 auditors = Weah

      • Thank you, Dolo . These people think all of a sudden Weah’s has rendered some of us blind.
        Liberians are a patient people as our senseless 14-15 years have taught us all the patience of a dog wins it the fattest bone for lunch. We the people will have the last laugh and it will be rewarding. For now, we will stomach the pains, disgrace, the multi-phobia environment this useless regime has created. Soon we will count them as history. Evil has never and will never triumph. Take it from me.

  4. Hello James Mckarr,

    The road being mentioned was not started or paid for by the Weah-Tweah-McGill thievery.

    This road was paid for by the AfDB during the regime of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

    If Weah and his boys did this, definitely, we would comment them. But sadly, they did not.

    By the way, have you read the audit report done?


    Go tell Weah-Tweah-McGill-Koigee-Morlubah-Gray-T5 thank you for that one!!!!

    Go tell Tweak, aka “True Nationalist” thank you for stealing “smartly.”

  5. What a long overdue relief for our people in that subregion at long last. Meanwhile, this development has looming unintended consequences in terms of frequent accidents with associated deaths, that is unless drivers and motorcyclists observe the speed limits and other cautions posted along this road. Deducing from past accident statistics/reports when this road was muddy and full of potholes, we can guesstimate that the accident rate was low (relatively) and because of the lower speed rate compelled by that bad road condition, compared to what is about to obtain now. If the Cotton Tree to Buchanan highway; the Monrovia to Gbarnga on to Ganta highway; the Robertsfield highway, Monrovia to Bomi highway are any examples to glean from, then this hint is quite sufficient.

  6. Congrats GOL for the road. Every time I visit Liberia, I would go to my village. Driving on those interior roads is so difficult. With good roads the people in the interior would get around quickly. I hope Gbapolu is next.

    • Then you must come during the dry season, or fly to Harper before driving on that strip you are poasting of.
      The road from Ganta to Harper or from Buchanan to Harper is yet to be paved, after Weah had finished killing all educated Liberians.

  7. Another observation: Isn’t it ironic if not bizarre, that a road like this would have sidewalks to accommodate pedestrians compared to no sidewalks along roads constructed in Monrovia, where motorists and throngs of pedestrians have to negotiate usage of the roads? One group of engineers in this scenario must be scientific as in commonsensical, while the other group is impractical as in stupid, period!

  8. The Course Worth Staying On Strack

    The one who some claimed, cannot ‘read or write’ has done more good than harm in just 3 years. Scholars have won trophies of 350,000 corpses of their fellow countrymen. My days at LU-2003 and 2004, I dropped out of classes due to financial constraints. I was forced to become a cab driver for my uncle before leaving Liberia. Today, students are not paying penny for courses.

    There is a Chinese adage that says, “ he that teaches you how to fish, teaches you how to live forever “. A free university tuition is one of the best beginning in life for anyone. Imagine if this opportunity was available 60 years ago, Liberia would have been more than a pearl in the world.

    Many thanks to all the poor taxpayers in Liberia. You are my heroes.
    Mamadu Bah ( Meridian Health)

  9. THIS PROJECT WAS NOT DONE BY THE WEAH GOVERNMENT. GET IT IN YOUR HEAD, Mamadu Bah and James Mckarr, as well as Fake Nationalist – Tweah.

  10. Comrade Wleh Nyenpann writes: “This project was not done by the Weah government”.

    Response:- You’re absolutely correct!
    However, I think what’s of utmost importance is
    the fact that the Fish Town-Harper road project has been completed. The citizens of Maryland county are extremely happy. The country of Liberia is being developed. Hopefully, good roads will be built in Sinoe, Nimba, Lofa, Gee, Grand Gedeh and eventually all over Liberia. Good roads bring national development. If Tubman and Tolbert had built good roads throughout Liberia, “we the people” of Liberia would have been well-off. Unfortunately, our past leaders didn’t bother to build roads.

    The Weah Connection…
    Comrade Nyenpann, it’s a known fact that the Fish Town-Harper road project did not begin under the government of George Weah. But during George Weah’s presidency, the road project went through completion without money being stolen. If you don’t think Weah deserves an inch of a credit because the project did not start under his watch, it’s okay for you to maintain that view. However, like you, every Liberian is entitled to his or her opinion.

    In America as you know, Covid-19 is almost out of control! So far, over 245,000 Americans have died and unfortunately, the number of deaths rises every blessed day. Trump is the president, although he’s being pushed out of the presidency. As Biden comes in as president, if a good number of potent Covid-19 vaccines are found, Biden will get the credit, not Trump. Let’s not forget that the vaccine medical experts went to work while Trump was president.

    In 2017 when Trump himself came in as president of the United States, the economy of the US, was great! Unemployment during those days was at 7%. We all know who Trump’s predecessor is…..Barack H. Obama, of course. A few months in his government, big mouth Trump began bragging about the fact that his economic policies made “America great again”. Obama didn’t get the credit.

    Comrade Nyenpann, just be aware of the fact that the world spins in different directions. Human beings have no control of how the world spins.

    • This story was written by a political zealot and did not carry any by-line, but just said “Press Release”. from where? One can see who the writer wanted the praised to go to and the condemnation to go to. Interestingly, that ploy did not worked because this road was known about a year or two before the 2017 elections. This story is also published in FPA; it is written as a publicity piece for who ever.
      This milestone project is on going or has been completed without any mentioned of it in Monrovia or the social media as is done for the market buildings and community roads; they have given the total credit to African Development Bank, as if it is a gift.
      This is the level of propaganda that is destroying our country, as if the Weah Administration and the Johnson-Sirleaf Administration are competing for which of them had done more infrastructures in Liberia. Government is continuity.

  11. Mr. Defender,
    On the issue of the newly completed road between Fish Town and Harper, you are right, Johnson-Sirleaf started the project. Just be reminded that despite his peccadilloes, Weah could have killed the project by coming up with a phoney reason for his action. But Weah didn’t. Weah allowed the project to continue.

    On the issue of the Tubman College of Technology in my home County, you are off track by three miles. Let’s be fair. Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf did not start or built the College of Technology in Maryland county. You know what? The college was constructed in the early 1970s. To be precise, the construction of the college occurred in 1970!

    Mr. Defender, you seem to be critical of commenters who give credit to Weah because of the completion of the Fish Town-Harper road project. But somehow, you are re-writing history by saying “Tubman College of Technology = Ellen Johnson Sirleaf”. No way. Don’t do that.

    Please be reminded about this three-mile reality. When Tubman died, Mr. Tolbert did not put a stop to the existence of the college. Furthermore, when Tolbert passed on, Doe did not close the doors of the college.

    (I refer to Tolbert, Doe and Taylor as a three-mile reality. Why? Because Madam Johnson-Sirleaf was preceded by three Presidents.)

    Four Mysterious Deaths…..
    On the issue of the four deaths, every Liberian is bewildered. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families. Frankly, it’s hard for our hearts to be strengthened, but God can. And so I hope the families of the dead will be okay soon. However, there’s a catch to the saga. “The jury is out there. There’s no verdict yet’. In other words, Weah had promised to investigate the mysterious deaths with the help of the US and other world-renown organizations’ input. If the investigation points fingers at Weah or Urey, or Cummings or Boakai or whoever, hell will certainly break lose. Until the investigation concludes, Weah and the above named individuals should not be blamed.

    (The jury continues to deliberate.)


  12. Comrade Hney,

    Point 1
    A project may be aborted / impeded by an incoming administration provided such project did not get the required funding or defaulted on some required technical details.
    In the case hereof, the feasibility studies were completed, funding secured, contractor hired and works commenced before your Dr. Dr. Dr. Weah took the oath of office.
    In no way Weah could transfer the funding or stop the project. He has ABSOLUTELY NO control over the finances. His only role was to ensure the contractual technical requirements were respected, nothing more and nothing less.
    In conclusion, Ellen is very astute, and she pays keen attention to details. Weah has no power to stop any project started by her, as you always put forward here. You are misleading our half-educated readership!

    Point 2
    I used the word “renovation” for the Fish Town – Harper road and Tubman College of Technology. I know the history of TC very well to mistake it. I have had family members who attended school there, and my nephew is seeking enrollment there as well. So, get me right on this. I did not say Ellen built them. She RENOVATED them!

    Point 3 – Mysterious deaths
    Do you think any investigation will boldly unearth the direct and indirect perpetrators? You must be from planet Mars to believe such thesis.
    This case was closed when Weah stood on his shrine to say it was a “boyfriend/girlfriend thing.
    Our police force has been packed with thugs, the justice system is dictated to by the executive in sensitive state affairs, where do you think this case will end? Maybe the wrong culprit/s will be designated.
    I strongly believe we will get the truth out of this case after the Weah’s presidency!

    Point 4
    I am critical of people who ignorantly comment. They think their guy Weah is doing something positive or good. Let’s remind them that Weah is only stealing and killing. Nothing positive Weah has done since taking the oath of office. No one, not even you, can point to one positive thing Weah has done.
    Stealing the country’s money to rebuild his 4 houses into mansions is not positive. We call this “embezzlement” of public funds.
    Building economic buildings for his partisans in his county is not positive; it is a potential source of trouble on tribal line.
    Borrowing $30 million to buy food to be distributed among his partisans is another source of potential trouble for our fragile environment. We could have praised him if he were to pump that money into the economy to ensure the upkeep of jobs and the livelihoods of our people. Why should they blame Firestone for laying off if the company has no stimulus package to retain workers?
    Reducing the price of passport is no pro-poor agenda. He is rather privileging the rich, as the poor hardly think about acquiring passport to travel, to where in fact? Poor people don’t easily travel by plane!

    Weah’s rude, half-educated and illiterate supporters are indeed disgusting to the civility of a good people called Liberians!

  13. The Wrong Equation, Unbalanced Variables.

    Mr. Patarus Dolo wrote an equation which variables are incorrect. He said, “Weah had finished killing all educated Liberian”. Plus , ” 4 auditors “. In his own (Patarus Dolo’s) world he sound correct. Hahahahahahah. It sounds very comical and make no sense to me Sir. You refused to balance the equation on the side of EJS. If I was writing this equation, as smart as you claim to be on education your fellow Liberians, the equation on Ellen Johnson’s side would had been [ Ellen Johnson Sirleif = 350,000 plus dead Liberians and Harry Greaves.] then your quadratic formula would had been balanced.

    One more thing I left out, It was these same illiterate supporter that built up the back bone of the NPFL fighting force that was founded and financed by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Had not it been their increasing number, Charles Sirleaf, and other children of EJS, Benoni Urey and others could not leave their comfort zone to come and risk their lives during the NPFL battles.
    So, sir everyone is reaping from the illiteracy rate of our people. But who doing more to reverse it? At least he made university tuition free.

    WHEN A SMART MAN WRITES, WE KNOW. Not conspiracy mind.
    May God bless the poor taxpayer of Liberia. They are my heroes.

    From Adelaide, Australia, Mamadu Bay says, my love to all Liberians.

    • You little Mamadu Bah boy, I keep snubbing you, but you seem to not understand and get your friskiness off me. I am not your equal, first of all.
      Secondly, learn your subject/verb agreement, know the use of modals verb, revisit your syntax, grammar and spelling lessons before you jump into my affair.

      I am engaging my president, the president of the Republic of Liberia. Understand it and shut up.
      The love of liberty did not bring me to Liberia, the search of a better livelihood did not carry me to Liberia, we are talking our Liberian talks to right the wrong.

      I hope you understand and know how to engage me again. Be reminded, don’t be frisky! I have relatives and friends in Australia who can locate you to give you pieces of advice.

      A hint to the wise is quite sufficient!

  14. Monseiur Defender,
    Item #1… Your lecture is unacceptable. Any project can be abrogated by any president if he or she wants to make a change. Example, when Trump became president, he changed a lot of things that Obama had put in place. The Iran nuclear deal which became a bilateral agreement was changed by Trump in order to satisfy his selfish interest. Ideally, if Weah wanted to delay the Fish Town-Harper road project, he could have done it without answering questions for anyone. But Weah presided over the completion of the project. He deserves to be credited. Refer to Comrade Nehsahn.

    I do not write to delude anyone! Irrespective of whether a reader is educated or semi-educated, it doesn’t matter to me at all! To me, the facts are more important.

    In order for you to convince yourself, just take a closer look at your comment that’s placed under Codus James Mckarr. In that post of yours, you said….”Tubman College of Technology = Ellen Johnson Sirleaf”. There’s no mention of the word “renovation”. You gave the full credit to EJS!

    You always talk about the assertiveness of Johnson Sirleaf. I have no problems with that at all. But, during her presidency, she made a lot of dump-fouunded mistakes! Example, the lawmakers of Liberia earn exorbitant salaries. Whether you believe it or not, the payment of such salaries to the lawmakers amounts to poor judgement. The following dump mistakes were also made by Madam EJS during her presidency….

    (1). Teachers, medical doctors and University professors were underpaid. It’s a practice that continues up to date! As a consequence of underpaying the country’s professional people, the morale of people is at an all-time low.

    (2). JFK hospital is understaffed, hospital beds are very old and in some cases, there is a shortage of beds. Yet, the smart president did little or nothing in order to improve or boost employee morale.

    (3). While she was president, the Executive Mansion was abandoned because of fire. Instead of fixing the Mansion, Madam EJS relocated her office to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And,

    (4). Madam EJS endorsed Weah, but not her VP (Mr. Boakai) who stood with her for 12 years through thick and thin! The implication of her endorsement translates like this….. whatever Weah does is acceptable to Madam EJS! If you like Madam EJS that much, you should like Weah because Weah was endorsed by EJS.

    Item #3… Mysterious Deaths
    May the souls of the dead rest in perfect peace! Now, Weah had promised to do an investigation. I am not there in Liberia. To the best of my knowledge, the investigation is ongoing. I will not cast aspersions on the investigation because that would be disengenious on my part. I don’t think you should because you don’t have the proof to tell your readers that Weah is responsible for the deaths of the auditors. You assume that Weah did it. No assumptions are admissible in the court of law. For once, be unlike Trump!

    (4). Item #4, according to you, underscores
    “The Ignorance of Weah’s Supporters”.
    On this particular issue, I am not surprised. Certainly, this sort of thinking fits your narrative. If you say or suggest something, you feel that what you say or suggest is the best. If someone says something that you didn’t say, that particular thing that’s been said is unreasonable. What you fail to comprehend is that every human being is “entitled” to his or her opinion. Frankly, being entitled to one’s opinion has the least to do with ignorance. Weah’s supporters are not ignorant!

  15. Ok Sir, thank you for calling me a “frisky little man/guy”. Something is very important here. I might not be the favor Liberian in your mind that you think I ought to be. But my contribution to Liberia can bring peace. You say my subject verb agreement is wrong. Well, true be told, you didn’t tell me where I went wrong. Sir, your version of ‘fact’ cannot be accepted by everyone on every issues in Liberia. I know you are more Liberian than me, in your thinking, I accept it. But I can contribute more to the development of Liberia like any other person in Liberia.

    Barack Obama is ‘not American’ as most right-wing American pundits think, but he passed the ACA (Affordable Care Act) . Rescue America from a financial melt down that was caused by people who think they are more American than Obama.

    The next time I come to Liberia, I will be taking care of sick people and writing medical prescriptions to improve our people health.

    What a great contribution to Liberia by a man who other might think ‘isn’t more Liberian.

    May God bless the poor taxpayers…..they are my heroes.
    Mamadu Bah (N/P) Meridian Health Adelaide, Australia

    • Little brother Bah,

      I must get something straight with you: I am not telling you I am more Liberian than you, NO!
      Also, in the Ivory Coast, my personal doctor is a Beninese, it does not mean she is not contributing to the economy of Cote d’Ivoire.
      If you wish to talk about peace, stop being sarcastic on me. I am an easy-going guy and open to everyone. But I can fight back when you become sarcastic and provocative.

      I hope you maintain the words “mutual respect” in your exchange with me.
      By the way, know that I have a Mandigo brother, not a friend. We attended the same schools, lived side-by-side and share meals together, so, stop generalizing your case here.

      Stop your sarcasm on me!

  16. Comrade Hney,

    First, let’s get things right. A bilateral deal (Iran’s nuclear deal) is not the same as a state-funded project.
    If OBAMA had started any development project upon his departure, Trump could NEVER have stopped it. We call that a “breach of contract” with costly reparations under the laws. However, Trump could amend some clauses within a state funded development project without abrogation for fear of paying reparation fees.
    On the other hand, Trump could put an end to any bilateral deals signed by any of his predecessors if such deals no longer meet the need of either party. NAFTA is a typical example, and don’t forget that Israel, a close ally of the USA, vehemently kicked against this Iranian nuclear deal because it was dangerous for its safety and security.

    Hney, what you consider to be facts may not be acceptable as facts universally. That’s why we should always agree to disagree.
    I never impose my ideas on people. I only try to be pragmatic and objective in what I say. I am neither an impressionist. We must be politely audacious to educate our fellow countrymen of details and information they lack. They are future leaders of Liberia. If they go into public office with ignorant minds, it’s dangerous to our society. If you take the human capital of Liberia, you may ONLY conveniently exchange with 15% of them, it’s frustrating.

    You regularly watch presidential debates in the USA, how do you see the atmosphere? Very quiet and attentive to get every word that a candidate speaks. Go to Youtube and search our presidential debate for the 2016 election, candidates brought in cheering squads and hooligans to cheer them for even saying stupidity.
    Another example is when Mr. Tweah was asked on the heavy indebtedness of the country, he spoke rhetoric to his immature and uneducated audience to get their arouse of applauds when the minister was say imbecilities. We must come to term with these ignoramuses to make Liberia a better place for mankind.

    Excuse me but you are a typical member of the Democratic Party or Mainstream Media. From someone’s statement, you pick the one point that suits you and interpret it at your guise.
    The mainstream has carried an excerpt of Trump’s tweet in which he wrote “……..Biden won……..”. They did not consider the wordings before and after “Biden won”.
    Like you, you continue to allude to “Tubman College of Technology = EJS” without reading what was previously said. Anyway, I know TC was constructed by Tubman. Ellen only did the renovation. I hope the dust is settled here!

    Again, I want to make my position clear on some matters that keep springing up and wrongly interpreted.
    For the sake of peace, I could have voted for Charles Taylor in 1997 (I did not vote). However, under a normal circumstance, Petarus DOLO can NEVER vote for a warlord to rule Liberia.
    In the same way and still for the sake of peace, I could have voted for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (I did not vote) in the 2005 presidential election but again, under a normal circumstance , Petarus DOLO can NEVER vote for a rebel leader to rule Liberia.

    Having rectified my positions above, allow me to bluntly tell you I am not assertive of Ellen. She was indeed a selfish and wicked leader:
    selfish to not have opened every economic, socio-cultural facets of the country for all the children of Liberia after 14 years of fratricide but only to her partisans;
    wicked to have turned over the country to a functional illiterate president who does not know how a state is run and how a country creates wealth for its citizens.
    However, this should not blind us of her qualification. She is indeed qualified and everything she did can be backed by logical explanation. It doesn’t mean she did not make mistakes, as she is human.

    Now, your points under Ellen:
    1 – Underpayment of some professions
    The president of the Republic of Liberia does NOT determine or set the salaries of teachers, medical doctors, university professors, etc. The president of the Republic of Liberia can propose salaries for Liberian workers based on the economic wellbeing of the country, then the lawmakers must approve such proposal to be nationally accepted as a law.
    To reach that point, lawmakers must first be well-paid before they can embark on discussions to improving civil servants’ wages. This explains why our lawmakers are paid FAIR emoluments, though not even 10% qualified to be paid that much.
    A salary is commensurate to qualification. We must pay our university professors and teachers decent wages. To reach that point, our university professors must be qualified, and we must train our teachers.
    Visit the website of the university of Liberia. You have BAs / BScs, MAs / MScs as lecturers. Can’t you see the results from such university? You once made a mockery of a university graduate who was a principal in a school, are you proud of such country, Mr. Hney?
    In the school I attended in the Ivory Coast, my TAs or assistant professors were young graduates with doctorate degrees. They remain TAs for 3-5 years before being appointed as associate professors before becoming full fleshed professors. Think about this, Comrade Hney!

    2 – JFK and other institutions
    JFK and other technical institutions are understaffed because Liberians, like you, find it scurrilous to come home to serve. It is understandable because of the precarity of the country coupled with lack of basics like stable electricity, conducive housing facilities, low salaries and incentives, etc.
    To correct these shortcomings, we must create jobs massively in every sector and in every part of the country by first upgrading our educational standards. Graduating a student who makes a pass in 1/9 subjects is unproductive for the country.

    3 – Executive Mansion
    This building is indeed strong, considering the many shelling on and in it since 1980. It must be renovated, and I hope a true Christian president will be the first to inhabit it. We hope to consecrate it in accordance with Christian principles where no demonic rituals will ever be performed.

    4 – Weah’s endorsement
    EJS endorsement of Weah is an act of Machiavellianism, no other explanation can be given for it!

    Grand Frere Hney, Weah has dipped deep into public finances. He will eradicate anyone who would dare to expose him. He is now like a wounded lion, beware!
    On the other hand, the people he is silencing are from families, they have friends and loved ones and so the precarious situation is worrying for the economic development of the country.
    For the love of Liberia, I hope president Weah will come up and publicly apologize and pay reparations to the families of the deceased to keep the peace in Liberia!

  17. Mr. Defender,
    #1 First of all, I think your rant went overboard with Mamadu Bah. Bah has a right to disagree with you. As we discuss our ideas, let’s be respectful of one another. I hope you will be careful with Bah and others who disagree with you in the future.

    #2. A bilateral agreement is an agreement. If an agreement is reached on a state-funded deal, that agreement is an agreement. An incoming president can re-examine an agreement that his or her predecessor had reached. If the deal is deemed changeable, the original agreement can be amended, re-negotiated, temporarily halted or abrogated. There’s not a rule of thumb that says, “state-funded agreements” cannot be tampered with.

    Once again, Weah presided over a project that was negotiated by his predecessor, Madam EJS. The project could have been re-negotiated to include a joint deal. In this case, let’s say a bridge over the Cavalla River between Liberia and the Ivory coast and the Fish Town to Harper road project could have been lumped into one project. Make no mistakes…..Weah deserves a credit!.

    #3. Trump vs Biden….
    Trump withdrew the US from the WHO. Also, using the power of the bully pulpit, Trump imposed a Moslem ban on most Islamic countries. Although he’s had no insurance plan of his own, Trump would have liked to rip the AHC into shreds. All of Trump’s actions were supported by the conservatives in the Senate. But, the American people have dealt the beleaguered Trump a powerful blow in his mouth during the recent election. The blow is the Biden, a 77-year old tactician who has promised to:

    * Destroy Trump’s so-called Moslem ban,
    * Reinvigorate gravitas into Obamacare and by extension, Bidencare and
    * Rejoin the WHO.

    The Biden-Harris ticket was so ferocious on election day that Trump has reached his nadir. Embarrassed as much, Trump has confined himself in the White House, probably spreading Covid-19 to infect the winning team.

    Bottom Line…. Although the changes that Trump made were sanctioned by the Congress of the US, Biden will desecrate them. Thank God, America is back again. He’s a cheap shot.

    #4…. In camparing Weah to EJS, you gave the impression that the latter as an aficionado. That’s not true at all. EJS is not the quintessential either. Madam EJS’s blunders are responsible for the problems that Weah inhale today. You contend that it makes sense for the “do-nothing/think-nothing” lawmakers are justified to earn huge salaries. That’s unconscionable. Liberia is a dirt-poor country. As such, the salaries of “one group of people” should not be as high as those who live in the world’s most developed country. Weah may not be as educated as EJS, but Weah has six senses instead of five. Just count the sense of “common sense” as the sixth sense! Note well….the disorganized opposition political parties need the sixth sense. The absence of the sixth sense explains why they are so disorganized. All of them who scramble to become president (including that guy) have no viable contrast.

    #5…. I do not think you should continue to mislead the readers. I didn’t say it is scurrilous for educated Liberians to return to Liberia. When I completed my studies many years ago, there was war in Liberia. Furthermore, my kids were very young. I spelled out in the simplest of terms that it would have been scurrilous for me to have gone to Liberia while the bullets were flying. Why haven’t you explained this to the readers? At this time in my life, I prefer to do something in Liberia that will be utilized to hire a few unemployed Liberians. All of us can contribute to the development process of Liberia. If a businessman-turned politician can create 200,000 jobs in six months, tough luck. I cannot brag about the number of jobs I will create.

    #6….The Executive Mansion was not repaired while she was president. The Executive Mansion can be occupied by a Moslem; it doesn’t have to be a Christian as you said.

    In order for the UL to be like Ivorian Universities, the elementary schools as well as all high schools must be structured differently.

    You have no evidence to make the point that Weah peculated money from the state coffers in order to build his personal mansions.

  18. “But, the American people have dealt the beleaguered Trump a powerful blow in his mouth……..”
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Look, you got me laughing like a drain! Know that there are no flies in the room in which I am, and so I cannot swallow any of them.

    Grand Frere, this election is far from over, beware!
    632,000 illegal votes in Pennsylvania, 2,600 votes not counted in Georgia, people who died since 2001 and 2003 left their graveyards to vote in Michigan, Arizona, and Wisconsin, a single person casting 185 ballots, etc.
    Wait for the final whistle, either from Congress or the Supreme Court.
    I like the USA, the greatest nation on planet earth!

    As for my rant with little brother Bah, it has been put to rest. I like the guy. He’s a resourceful citizen of Liberia. Know that the teeth can sometimes bite the tongue, yet they continue to coexist.

    Grand Frere, distinguish between the words “Project” and “bilateral deals or agreements”. They are not synonyms.
    Let me tell you something, and I would like you to do a fact-check on it.
    It was agreed between Ellen and Weah to keep some people in their positions for the next 2 years to complete some ongoing projects and agreements. Weah could not breach such clause/s.

    I would like to be your business partner in Liberia, but your conception of business is scaring. You said you did not need anyone from CARI to do a cassava farm, what kind of business can you do in Liberian then? You do not have all the expertise, and you will surely need people to do a professional job for you.

    Liberia was founded on Christian principles!
    It doesn’t mean we cannot have a Muslim president as our Constitution was amended in 1987 to redefine our foundation as a secular country. Why was it done? Those who did it will one day respond.
    I have seen countries that do not compromise their founding principles, we have comprised ours.
    A Christian lady was instructed to take the oath of office on the Coran in Sudan. In front of the jury and invited guests, she politely refused and gave up the position. Al-Bashir later called her to take up the ministerial job. That’s the faith of Jesus we should uphold!
    Beware, I respect and uphold religious freedom. I expect the same from people of other faiths.

    Thank God you are speaking of our schools being structured differently. I hope you can preach that to your president Weah.
    By the way, you need to apply for that job. The guy there is not doing any better, just after getting the money.

    Where did Weah get the money from to break down his 4 houses to rebuild them into mansions in just one year?
    Please answer, Grand Frere!

  19. Defender,
    Since I am preparing to go to work, I will do a quick response.

    1. Weah borrowed his money in order to build his mansions. Those buildings do not look like mansions by the way. Liberian people have the proclivity of engrossing things. So there you have it.

    2. Okay. I see that you have settled with Bah. Bah is a good guy. I will defend him day and night. But he and I have an understanding… Kangaroos in Liberia. I will forgive Bah only if he brings a couple of Kangaroo pieces for palm butter.

    3. I would have liked to have met the president! The offer to restructure was offered last year. Guess what? In a few days after the guy returned from his trip, he had a change of mind. There are some middle-level Ministers who urged me to see the president. I refused because my ticket was almost out of time. Maybe, I should have considered that proposal. I have worked with two different school boards in two different states. I cannot say more because I don’t want to be exposed.

    4. Guess what? The lady who refused to take an oath of office in Sudan based on the teachings of the Koran was without doubt a Christian! The Bible clearly warns…”Do not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain”. If Jesus were physically here with us today He’d say “lady, you’re one of the most faithful…. your reward is in heaven”. I’m not being negative with regard to the Koran. I show respect for all religions.

    5. Yes we can certainly do business together. I bet Joe Jr. would like to see something like that. But, I gave an example when I mentioned cassava. The planting of cassava is without doubt a good business. However, I have something else in my mind.

    6. Trump’s days in the White House are numbered…less than 61 days so far. He and his supporters can do jumping jacks and manuever anyway they want. Come January 20, 2021, Trump is out of there.
    There’s no evidence of widespread fraud. On the issue of talk show hosts, please download the name of Tucker Carlson of Fox News. Carlson is one of the guys who perpetrated the myth of dead people being brought to live. But he apologized recently because the 96-year old lady whose husband he accused of being brought to live in order to vote, proved Carlson wrong. The election is over. Trump lost the election.

    7. Yep! The James Davis laugh is ridiculous. I am glad you sat in a quiet place (not in Yupogon) when you did the James Davis laugh. The flies and mosquitoes would have done the Indian pow-wow in your mouth.

    Well look. More to say. But I am almost late for work. Later. In America, people work hard. But many people in Liberia don’t think so. You send money to them and then few weeks later, they come begging for more money.

  20. Surprise…. Surprise, Monseiur Defender…
    You know what? If those votes are counted, a majority of them will fall in Biden’s column. Or if that’s not pleasing, Trump and his lawyers can keep the votes. But, the numbers are insufficient to make Trump the winner. So there you have it.

    If you want me to play hardball with you, I will say this….
    Trump and his supporters manufactured those votes. That’s fraudulent!

  21. Why is the Georgian authority refusing to count based on signatures? I think it will be fair to take a ballot, look at the person’s name and signature, as well as the address before such ballot can be legal. Why are they refusing this transparent and simple process?
    Simply because there is something under the sleeves, but they are gambling with the wrong guy who doesn’t easily surrender.

    Grand Frere, we have seen this thing over and over in third world countries.
    It happened in Cote d’Ivoire in 2010 and in 2020. Let me give you an example:
    In a given polling station, there are maximum 400 voters. In the North then (occupied by the rebels), Gbagbo earned Zero (0) vote in nearly all polling stations. It means not even his 2 representatives voted for him in each of the polling stations. Now, out of these 400 people in a polling station, let’s say 325/400 people voted. Of this number (325), 825 or 1,200 could vote for the Emperor out of the 400. But they will communicate a voting percentage of 81.25%. and guess what, the mainstream media, the USA, France, EU et al certified that election as credible. When Gbagbo ordered a recount, like Trump, they came down hard on him with their war machines.
    Thank God the USA is not a third world country, or else they could have ordered their war machines against Trump by now. God is great!

    The above scenario was copied and repeated in the Guinean election of 2015, in Gabon and in Venezuela.
    They have successfully tried the experiment on 3rd world countries and so it was transported to the USA to oust Trump since they could not impeach the guy.
    Barely 2 years into his presidency, Gbagbo, like Trump, suffered 5 coup attempts, and the 6th was transformed into a rebellion that has disfigured this peaceful and beautiful country. With the 10 years they have had, they are still adamant to kill these peaceful people, destroy their economy before they leave for their paradise, what a pity for a poor race tumulted at home and abroad. Where can we then go to enjoy peace and tranquility without being killed like dogs (George Floyd)?

    Grand Frere, I doubt Rawlings died of natural causes! Watch out for Thabo Mbeki too. I hope he doesn’t die from heart attack soon.

  22. “One of our monitors discovered a 9,626-vote error in the DeKalb County hand count. One batch was labeled 10,707 for Biden and 13 for Trump—an improbable margin even by DeKalb standards. The actual count for the batch was 1,081 for Biden and 13 for Trump,” David Shafer wrote on Twitter on Nov. 18.

  23. Fayette, Floyd, and Walton counties discovered uncounted votes on Monday and Tuesday with each batch favoring President Donald Trump. The discovered votes cut former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead in the state by more than 1,400 votes.

  24. Data scientist Sarah Eaglesfield says she discovered unusual changes in vote counts in several states during the 2020 election.

    According to her research, nearly 60 counties across the United States had ballots removed from the total count after they’d been counted.

    She said that the changes in data indicate the vote-counting software, known as Dominion Voting Systems, is flawed.

    Based on her analysis, ballots in Wayne County, Michigan were counted more than once. Numbers show that ballots with the same voter ID appeared several times in the vote-counting software.

  25. Monseiur Defender,
    Regardless of how Sarah Eaglesfield and her colleagues try, the Trump camp will not be unsuccessful. Trump’s supporters have not been able to pinpoint a slice of fraud.

    According to the latest demographics, a majority of African Americans live in Detroit, Michigan than any other major city in the US. Knowing this very well, the Trump forces have tried to block cerification of the votes. Shamefully, the Trump people failed!

    In Philadelphia, PA, Trump’s lawyers presented their case to have the election results overturned. The judge who heard the case dismissed the unsubstantiated charges without the waste of his precious time.

    Trump terminated a guy named Christopher Krebs yesterday. Earlier in his presidency, Krebs was appointed by Trump to be the cybesecurity czar. But Krebs met his dismissal fate yesterday for having said that there wasn’t any fraud during the election. What does this translate into? Basically, Trump wants some of his appointees/loyalists to tell a lie.

    Some of Trump’s lawyers are quitting. Lawyers who quit are not stupid. We are told by some members of Trump’s legal team that the recent election was not fraudulent in any sense of the word!

    The uncounted ballots mysteriously popped up in Georgia. The Georgia Secretary of State said yesterday that a whopping majority of the uncounted ballots cannot change the numbers in Trump’s favor. According to the Georgia Secretary of State, the hand count continues in Georgia, but there’s not a stint of voter irregularity so far. Also, remember this…. human beings commit errors from time to time. But an error is not a fraud.

    Jerry Rawlings….
    When he was a young man, Rawlings went to Britain in order to locate his biological father. He was not successful. According to him, he met a white man who was rumored to be his biological father, but the white man whom Rawlings had met was not willing to deal.

    Secondly, Rawlings was not liked by all Ghanaians. Rawlings murdered some of his fellow countrymen in order to consolidate power. For instance, Gen A. A. Afrifa, who led a successful coup against Nkrumah was put to death by Rawlings. Wouldn’t it have been democratic if Afrifa had been exiled?

    Mon petit Frere, listen to the words of God…”Thou shall not kill”. Also listen to this one….” The soul that sins shall die”. If your theory about Rawlings is correct, he met his fate like that because some of his enemies wanted to consolidate themselves.

    If you have any evidence about your suspicion, please let me/us know. At work. I stole some time in order to respond to your comments. Later! 🤪

  26. I hope Grand Frere just followed the news conference from Trump’s legal team. They are exposing things we have lived and seen, the same names we know have sprung up again, and the same vicious circle revealed.

    Everything must come to an end!

  27. But as things come to light, Trump’s legal team suffers innumerable setbacks. The election was held and Trump didn’t win. The result of the election will not be reversed irrespective of how Trump tries. The guy needs to grow up!

  28. I expect the outcome to be as you have said. The forces against Trump are not small forces; they are vicious and destructive.
    I have lived through similar situation and I know exactly how such plans are executed. While Trump was killing himself to run campaign, Joe was comfortably in his basement because according to him Joe, he has put in the place the biggest network of fraud ever. This statement was not a lapsus, he meant what he was saying.

    Unfortunately, this example will be copied by dictators and no one will be credible enough to tell them anything. If you want to know my frantic view, Joe has rather belittled the USA and made America weak. No banana nation will ever respect the USA under Biden unless it imposes the rules of the barrel of the gun.

    I know Trump will go but he will fight until the last day with his team solidly behind him. Grand Frere, know this: God loves Trump. He may as well reverse things, mark my word!

  29. Monseiur Defender,
    Trump is playing a dangerous game. Because of their infirmity and childishness, Trump and his supporters will not succeed.

    Vicious forces…
    No vicious forces are aligned against Trump. On November 3rd, when the election was held, the American people voted Trump out of the Covid-19 infested White House. On a daily basis, Trump and his supporters concoct knavish schemes in order to overturn the election that he lost. But that strategy will blow up big time in their camp. Fighting to overturn a free and fair election is ignoble.

    Joe Biden’s Basement…..
    Throughout the campaign season, Trump complained about Biden’s basement. Instead of being serious during the campaign, Trump became a jester and came up with inanimate ideas. Now see what he’s got! Maybe Biden’s basement is adorned with silver, gold and diamond, but I don’t know. What I do know is that from Biden’s basement, a down-to-earth strategy was put forth. Without a shred of doubt, Biden’s strategy worked. Petit Frere, Trump is on his way out! Joe Biden is not fraudulent.

    America will be made weak?
    Please try hard! Immediately after it was officially announced that Biden had won the election, world leaders called to congratulate him. Among those world leaders who called to congratulate Biden was the French president who said, “America is back again”. America being back again is a powerful phrase. Won’t you agree? The implication of America being back under Biden shows that Biden has virtuosity. Lastly, the phrase paints Trump as an individualist. And yes… Trump’s individualist behavior has made America susceptible to the killer Covid-19 pandemic. Trump will go!

    Dictators Might Learn From This Experience?
    Wrong! American democracy is not fractured. The only wastrel who wants to destroy American democracy as we know it is Trump. Example, Trump’s legal team has paid 3 million dollars in the state of Michigan in order for the election results to be decertified. Petit frere, does that make any sense to you?

    Trump is a national chaos. He must go!


  30. Congratulatory Messages
    Grand Frere, never take the message from France as a true congratulatory message but a big sigh of relief (ooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!)
    Trump made them to pay their fair share in NATO, backed BREXIT and is cutting down military presence in Europe. NOT good for them.
    Trump frowned on their foreign policies in Africa and were most of the time at loggerheads for retrograded decisions made. Look, they have just congratulated our fraudulent emperor for an election boycotted by the entire country. Only between 2 to 7% of the voting populace voted.
    China and Russia are waiting for official and certified results to congratulate; responsible and independent nations!

    I hope you followed Giuliani’s news conference yesterday. He made some very serious allegations which must be proven in the courts of law. If he (Giuliani) cannot prove them, he and Trump may face multiple lawsuits. So, I don’t think this thing is something to joke with.

    In a nutshell, the world will become tolerable indeed a better place, at least for some time.
    No one will easily be bombed for calling for recount, the system in the USA has proven to not be perfect as always portrayed, the principle of mutual respect will be revisited, and the chosen system of governance by a people and for a people must begin to be respected by powerful and huge countries; bullying third world nations must be curbed!

  31. Petit frere,

    I think you should be a little bit more careful according to how you:
    *Denigrate the French or the Western Alliance in general. From the late 1940s when NATO was born, there have been internal disagreements within the alliance. Those disagreements were settled without a split. The Western allies’ cohesiveness enabled them to defeat the Warsaw Pact Alliance. The current president, Mr. Trump has caused a rift within the alliance than any president before him. And

    * Be careful according to how you heap praise on Trump and his legal team that’s headed by Giuliani. Giuliani knows that he cannot go to any court in order to win. According to the legal experts, Giuliani will commit perjury if he goes to court. The news conferences Giuliani conducts are nothing but a publicity stunt. Giuliani is being mocked because he used his hair color yesterday. As a consequence of that, he sweated throughout the news conference. The election result will never be overturned. Lastly, Giuliani is at his apogee. But there are personal issues he has to settle when Trump finally leaves office in January, 2021.

    Trump’s support of means nothing!

  32. Mr. Petarus Dolo,

    Elections prepared and conducted in Africa and particularly so-called third world nations, can never be contrasted and equated to elections held in the United States, the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the developed and western world. Just take a careful and keen at the so-called elections conducted in the Guinea and the Ivory Coast, Liberia’s next door neighbors. Both Elections held in Guinea and the Ivory Coast, West Africa, come what may, were patently irregular, unlawful, unprecedented and criminal.

    So-called elections in third world countries (Africa), are rarely planned and usually stolen by the planners.

    While the actions of President Trump after the US Nov 2020, elections look exactly like most elections held in Africa and third world countries, Elections in the USA, can NEVER be equal to or anything near Africa.

    Come 12: Noon, January 20, 2020 President Donald John Trump by and under the laws of the USA, will peacefully vacate power and depart the Whitehouse.

    President and Vice President elect, Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris will peacefully and lawfully take over power and the Government of the United States of America. To-date, Americans are killing Americans!

    So-called world countries, to include Africa and L:iberia, are responsible for their own problems!

    Absolutely, it is heartbreaking and breathtaking to ever compare and contrasts the US elections held in Africa or in any so-called third world countries.

  33. Dear pseudonym Jayweh,

    Congratulations! I like your communication to me this day. I hope we can keep the tune this way, as we are the present and future of Liberia. Let’s uphold mutual respect and avoid vituperations in our diversities.

    However, I am not in any way comparing the US elections with most of the simulacrum of elections organized in most Africa countries. By the way, I think we should stop wasting taxpayers’ money in most African countries on organizing such masquerades.

    The USA is a country of laws. No matter who you are, when the Supreme Court speaks, you must bow out. It is going to be the case with the standing election in the USA. There will never be a war or any uprising, like in Africa.

    What points am I trying to make here?
    – As much as the USA respects its laws and abides by them to the letter without external interruptions or interferences, the same should be done in Africa and other third world countries. If left independently, pseudonym Jayweh will abide by every law under the constitution of Liberia. But if he knows that there will always be a way out by looking out there for a more powerful hand, pseudonym Jayweh will have no fear in assassinating the character of an honorable man like Alexander B. Cummings without providing any proofs in a public space like the Daily Observer.

    – When we organize our elections in Africa with such disputes, like what is currently happening in the USA, this beautiful lady called the “International Community” should allow our justice system to handle such disputes in accordance with the laws of such African country, like what we are witnessing in the USA today. This beautiful lady exacerbates many of our problems in third world countries.

    – Africans kill Africans because our elections or rulerships are decided by multinationals from these so-called earthly powerful countries. Africans are not subhuman. The Gio man and the Krahn man had always lived side by side with common traditions and with intermarriages to date, like the Hutu and the Tutsi. Why do you think they will seldomly resolve to butchering each other like animals from outer space? Wild animals in the forest don’t even behave as Africans (human beings) sometimes.

    In a nutshell, a new world order has been decreed. Trump became an outsider to this new world order, as it was for Laurent Gbagbo of the Ivory Coast. So, understand why some superpowers, proponents of this new world order, will be happy to reestablish this order. The same names evoked by Giuliani yesterday contributed in our African (Ivorian) election in 2010 by even supplying a candidate with 2 of their private jets for campaign.

    Grand Frere,
    What is the essence of NATO nowadays? If NATO is useful, then get rid of the UN. You cannot have a military alliance working side-by-side a world peace organization to transcend national boundaries of some countries but not all (superpowers). This NATO has become a witchcraft coven for the distribution of the wealth of powerless countries through bogus contracts with leonine clauses.

    My praise for Trump
    Trump is an American president, not Liberian. Why do I like him? They would NEVER have destroyed any country if he were to rule for 8 years.
    The guy will tell you he came for his country; he loves his country and he expect you to do the same for your country. The guy incites patriotism. The world can NEVER be a global village, it’s a mirage, an optical illusion.
    If people born unto the same mother and father can claim their share of property and fight over trivial things, people from the same village fight over forests like in Dubuzon and Yourpea (Nimba County), what more about people without the same race, religious beliefs, cultural identity? We learn to cohabitate with many difficulties.

    With Trump, we did not see useless wars being waged from ideological differences, financial or development aids being proposed to our satraps against the acceptance and the depenalization of unnatured practices (homosexuality and lesbianism).

    Well, Liberia is happy to receive Biden. Get ready to receive development loans to build Liberia, like in 1992 when we (Liberians) celebrated to see Clinton elected to end our civil war. I hope some of you remember this event. What did Clinton do for Liberia? Had it not been for Bush, Liberia would have been at war by this time.
    From my observation, Republicans are the best friends for third world countries.
    Therefore, some of us yearn to have a leader who would put Liberians to work to create values to improve the livelihood of our impoverished and illiterate populace.

  34. Mr. Dolo,

    I have taken the pain and time to read through your piece. I noticed that you are running all over the place. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, you elected to run all over the place without addressing the critical issue. I will repeat: The United States, the United Kingdom, and the developed world cannot and shall never be contrasted with Africa and the so-called third world nations. In Africa and third world counties, those that organize and conduct what they termed free and fair elections, are often and usually the same people that steal those elections. This is not the case in the United States of America and elections are NEVER stolen.

    Just take a look at the past so-called elections in Guinea and the Ivory Coast. Can you honorably say that Guinea and the Ivory Coast, conducted a free and fair elections? Of Course not!

    You reside outside of the United States of America and thus, you have insufficient information to argue, claim and conclude the US Elections of Nov 2020 were marked fraud. You must be watching the FOX NEWS.

    I am certain, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, will NEVER be elected President of Liberia.

    Mr. Dolo, be assured, I do not write under false name!

  35. Monseiur Defender,
    Jayweh seems to have echoed everything I have been saying. My suggestion is this…. Do not read between the lines. Never do that! You should only read what’s written on the lines. If you read between the lines, you will come up with something that was not intended to be. However, if you read what’s written on the lines, you will definitely understand what’s being said.

    Presidential Elections in Africa vs The US….
    Jayweh argues that elections in Africa are not fair neither are they free of corruption. Jayweh is right! Of course, cheating goes on in Western countries sometimes too. However, when it comes to Africa, the situation gets ridiculously muddy. Sometimes after an election is held in an African country, people get missing or killed, or sometimes, the poor working class people cross over into a neighboring country in order to preserve their lives. The crossing over of Ivorian refugees in recent weeks into Liberia is a typical example.

    The Trump Factor….
    Trump is a different guy. He is making a mockery of American democracy. Trump’s actions are unprecedented. From George Washington (who was born in England) up to Obama, there has not been a situation like this. Rumors persist that Trump may have hypnotized the Republcans. In Africa, if a president behaves like Trump, it will be said that juju is at work. Trump lost the election. But Trump wants the result of the election overturned. The Republicans are timid. None of them wants to look Trump in his face and tell him to buck off. The European countries are unhappy with Trump, because he is an embarrassment to Western democracy.

    I told you once before that Alexander Benedict Cummings was paired with Trump. I predicted that Trump would lose the election. I was right. If you will recall, I also stipulated that because they were paired, Alexander Benedict Cummings would suffer the fate of Trump. Watch out, mon petit frere! Defeat is coming. Jayweh foresees the defeat of your buddy, Alexander Benedict Cummings.

    Apples and Oranges…..
    The Clinton issue of 1992 shouldn’t be brought into this discussion. Why? Because in 1992, Liberia was at war with itself.

    Trump’s policies are front and center. Trump has no African policy, neither has he visited Africa. I don’t think he wants to go to a “hell-hole” continent. Why should you stick your neck out for someone like that? C’on man. Get real.

  36. Mr. Jayweh
    I will repeat: The United States, the United Kingdom, and the developed world cannot and shall never be contrasted with Africa and the so-called third world nations.
    Grand Frere Hney
    Jayweh argues that elections in Africa are not fair neither are they free of corruption. Jayweh is right! Of course, cheating goes on in Western countries sometimes too.

    I hope Mr. Jayweh has seen that his truth is not universal. You live in the USA, like Hney, yet he disagrees with you on what you have said.
    Know this, the manipulation of voting machines to steal elections began with the western world. What has been going in Guinea, the Ivory Coast and Gabon were concocted by those people from the western world. Why? Because they need satraps to plunder African riches. They will do everything to oust a president who puts his country first.

    Mr. Jayweh, cheating goes on in the USA, like in Africa. Many people have been elected in the USA through fraudulent means.
    Consult the results now from Georgia as compared to the figures communicated earlier, can’t you see that the margin has been narrowed because some votes were not counted? In fact, how come seldomly some machines went off? Do not tell me it was mechanical, No. it was intentional to steal the election.
    Do not just get glued to one cable (leftist) in the USA, try flipping on some rightist and centrist media to analyze for yourself.
    If Jimmy Carter and another Secretary of State can raise eyebrows on election fraud in documents of intellectualism, why would Mr. Jayweh say it is wrong to say elections are NEVER stolen in the USA? This one has been stolen, and Joe will be the first “Cheat President”!

    It is true that Petarus Dolo does not live in the USA. It is equally true that Petarus Dolo watches the FOX News. But also know that Petarus Dolo watches CNN, RT International (Russian), France 24, RFI, CNEWS (All French), BBC and Sky News. I also seldomly turn on CNC (Chinese).
    The world at large (leaders and perspective leaders) is glued to TV sets during American elections; from the primary to the 2 candidates.
    Most people in the USA do the voting based on their bellies (economic benefits) while others will vote based on their beliefs (conservative or liberal views).
    The outside world does not vote in the USA elections but gets attracted to a candidate based on their foreign policies. And so, some countries tend to secretly finance some candidates because they have suitable foreign policies over the other.

    Since I live outside the USA, I always throw my support behind a presidential candidate with the best foreign policies. I don’t care what he proposes to Americans, I care about what I will benefit in Cote d’Ivoire or in Liberia, get this point right in judging my support for Trump.
    Trump has described us as shithole countries, I was indeed abused but, that’s what we are. If we, as a people, would NEVER want to be described using such adjectives, we must uphold excellence, get to work and stop begging for bread all the time.
    I like a US president who will neither harm nor cynically help any African country. I hate a US president who will visit Africa 10 times in his presidency by bringing only woes and sufferings unto the children of Africa.
    Libya was at peace and serving as a breadbasket for Mali, Niger, Egypt, etc. Today, is not a failed state and will remain like thus for years to come, NOT Trump!
    Somalia was once a beautiful and prosperous country. For almost 3 scores years now, it lays waste and serve as a feeding bed for terrorism, I like someone like Trump who will leave us alone to die in our poverty.
    Where is the democracy OBAMA, Hilary and Biden promised for Egypt, Tunisia, Cote d’Ivoire, Libya, Yemen, etc. Innocent children of those countries go hungry for days while OBAMA is well protected between his walls. God is great!

    The USA has some of the greatest people with free and independent thoughts. No single person, no matter how powerful you may be, can ever hypnotize an entire political party in the USA. If you see the unanimity among Republicans, it means they are convinced of what has been presented. Don’t tell me about the Bush and Mitt Romney, it is of common knowledge that they will NEVER and have NEVER sided with Trump ever since the guy broke into their ‘chromosomes’.

    Liberian Politics

    Mr. Jayweh sounds very dangerous indeed. Why will you say, “Alexander B. Cummings will NEVER become president of Liberia”?
    Suppose the Liberian people vote for him in 2023, are you going to behave like the democrats (steal the election)?
    I hope you can come back to tell me why you think Cummings will NEVER become the president of Liberia.

    Hney’s ‘Apples and Oranges’
    I referred to the election of Bill Clinton in 1992 to compare it with the momentum of Liberians in Biden.
    I am sure you were in the USA then, I was in the refugee camp in Danane, Cote d’Ivoire when “Operation Octopus” was raging on. I remembered seeing Liberians jubilating, proclaiming that at least a democrat has been voted in the USA, and that our war was going to be over soon. I shared in their optimism, but it later became an illusion. I saw the end of our war when Bush, a republican, proclaimed, “Charles Taylor must go!” We saw the palpable effects when the US warships were off our coast. Ever since, we have had peace.

    I hope I did not run all over the place this time for Mr. Jayweh. I have been responding to you and Grand Frere Hney.
    By the way Mr. Jayweh, if you claim that you are not using a pseudonym, I will like you to know that your email is not correct; your phone numbers, both in Liberia and the USA, are fake; the address supplied in Liberia was fake; and that you do not appear on the Liberian bar. Through your Ip address, we were able to locate you. If you challenge me, I will prove all that I have said here!

  37. Correction!

    Libya was at peace and serving as a breadbasket for Mali, Niger, Egypt, etc. Today, is a failed state and will remain thus for years to come, NOT Trump!

  38. Monseiur Defender,
    I wrote something in response to your posted comment. Guess what? You’re a lucky guy. For some strange reason, my handheld device got frozen. Today is Saturday as you know. I am off to something else. Don’t think negative, Mon petit Frere.
    I will get you this evening. I will write a book in response.

  39. Petarus Dolo, it is better you stay in your bondage of uselessly heaping praises on a BUTT BOY AND GAY RAPIST Alex Cummings who, according to your own admission, is your demi god.

    If it was butt boy and gay rapist Alex Cummings who LIED TO YOU that the Tubman College of Technology was established by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, go and tell him that he is a liar, for when the Tubman College of Technology was established he Alex Cummings may have still been in High School, college, or he was with some company selling his butt for promotion.

    Now take this education that the Tubman College of Technology was founded as far back as 1978 by President William Richard Tolbert Jr. and not Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who was at the time Deputy Minister of Finance.

    I have come to make this correction based on the disinformation you have written down here.

    Fish Town – Hraper Road = Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
    Tubman College of Technology = Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

    Instead of you been happy the road which is obviously a catalyst in many ways, brings relief and myriad developments to the region, you are here ranting about a racist Donald Trump who wants to steal elections, while you are at the same time, in your stupidity as Cllr. Frederick A.B. Jayweh (who is no stranger in the media and legal profession) to show you proof of his authenticity and show you proof as to how Alex Cummings is a notorious and very stinking butt boy and a gay rapist.

  40. MEANT TO WRITE are at the same time, in your stupidity ASKING Cllr. Frederick A.B. Jayweh (who is no stranger in the media and legal profession) to show you proof of his authenticity and show you proof as to how Alex Cummings is a notorious and very stinking butt boy and a gay rapist.

  41. Sir Defender,
    #1. Did you say that Jayweh disagrees with me?

    Response: Where? How? You’re mistaken. You had argued earlier that cheating occurs in Africa as well as in the US and Europe. You supported your argument by mentioning places like Guinea, the Ivory coast, etc. Jayweh responded to you by saying that elections in Africa are different than the ones that are held in the Western countries. Jayweh also argues that you live in Africa…. That’s a fact! Watching television news in Africa is not the same as knowing exactly what happens in America during an election.

    #2. Mr. Concerned Liberian has pointed out a number of good things. One of them happens to be your blatant refusal to discredit Tubman for something he deserves. The construction of the college of Technology in Maryland county was done by Tubman. But instead of giving him the credit, you designated Johnson Sirleaf as the president who renovated the college.

    How did this subject come about?
    Well, the Fish Town-Harper road project is the main topic. I have argued previously that although Johnson Sirleaf did the ground work of the road, the construction project went to completion under Weah. I argued that Weah deserves a credit because if he were as bigoted as his critics claim, he would have delayed its completion.

    #3. The issue of Hney’s Apples and Oranges…
    Response: You claim that in 1992 when Bill Clinton was elected, Liberian refugees who crossed over to the Ivory coast became jaunty because of Clinton’s political affiliation. In the same document, you claim that as a member
    of the Democratic party, presidentt Clinton did not help the Liberian refugees as they had hoped, but rather, George Bush the second, bailed Liberia out of its doldrums many years later.

    First of all, during the moment of an emergency, a helpless person Turns everywhere for help. Second, the guy whom Clinton defeated was George Bush the senior. When I checked the record, the older Bush was a Republican. Although he could have done something before 1992, he didn’t. Finally, the younger Bush caused the downfall of Saddam Hussein, the Ahganistan war and the deaths of thousands of American boys and girls. Of course, both Bushes were Republcans!

    #4. Jayweh states that Alexander Benedict Cummings will not be elected under any dire circumstances in Liberia. Jayweh prognosticates on so many issues, but his prognosis on Alexander Benedict Cummings’ impending defeat at the polls is correct. Why? Because Jayweh has been mainstreamed. In other words, Jayweh is in touch with the Liberian people. The sad truth is that most Liberians are anti Alexander Benedict Cummings because of his weakness and his lack of foresight.

    #5. Did you say that Jayweh is using a false name in our neighborhood?
    Response: Maybe he is, maybe he’s not. If Jayweh is using a name he was not given at birth, maybe he is protecting his genuine identity. However, that shouldn’t be an issue because a good number of people use similar tactics. One of them I know uses three names. On the other hand, because he uses an unassigned name, you will most likely not be told where he obtained his law degree.

    #6. My buddy, Mr. Concerned Liberian…. a Maryland county “no nonsense guy” points out to you that Trump is ingrained with racist tendencies. Mr. Concerned Liberian makes the point that Trump wants to overturn the election that he lost. I totally agree! But while the Trumpians are given an opportunity to present their case in court, they conduct press conferences instead. One thing is clear and that is the issue of perjury. If the Trumpians go to court, it will be impossible for them to prove how the election was rigged. The Trumpians are blabber-mouths and rabble-rousers. That’s the truth.

    As it relates to Trump’s racist actions, we don’t have to go too far in the woods to prove it. Trump wants the Republcans who live in Michigan to de-certify the election result. Why specifically Michigan? Trump argues that the votes that were cast in the Detroit area of Michigan were fraudulent. But we know better. More African Americans live in Detroit than anywhere else in the US.

  42. Brief History of William V.S. Tubman University

    William V. S. Tubman University is a “new-old” institution of higher learning. It is “old” in that it is an institution of higher learning formerly known as “William V.S. Tubman College of Technology”, TC, for short.

    Because of the absence of a viable higher education institution in the southeast of Liberia, several political leaders and prominent citizens advocated for the erection of a college in the region. The people of Maryland County donated the land in commemoration of the 75th birthday of President William V. S. Tubman, a son of Maryland County.

    Construction began under the administration of Liberia’s President William R. Tolbert, who also appointed its first president. TC began in August 1978, with an enrollment of 87 students. TC thrived in producing 50% -60% of Liberia’s technocrats in the fields of architectural, civil, electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering. Enrollment increased to 221 and the College of Technology produced a number of graduates with Associate degrees in these fields.

    By 1990, the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) in Liberia accredited TC to offer a 5-year Bachelor of Science degree in the aforesaid fields in engineering. Education at TC came to an abrupt halt upon national civil conflicts, however. The campus, its infrastructural support, buildings, libraries, etc. were severely looted, damaged, and left bereft of the promising glory of producing Liberia’s technocrats.

    In 2006 – 2007, the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the NCHE, again prodded by legislators and prominent citizens moved to action. They created an Interim Management team and funded their assessment. The team reported that a successful revival of TC was possible. MOE and NCHE funded an engineering assessment that later led to the establishment of a permanent team in 2008. The Visitor to the College, Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, in 2007, appointed Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell as President, thereby ascribing her place in history as the first female president of the institution.

    Dr. Davis-Russell immediately assessed the viability of the College within the southeast region of post-conflict Liberia. She raised the bar by envisioning an institution having five colleges to provide much needed education, services, contribution to the region, the nation of Liberia, and to the world at large. She envisioned the new William V.S. Tubman University (TU). Tubman University came into being by an Act of the Liberian Legislature, transforming the William V.S. Tubman College of Technology into the “new” William V.S. Tubman University on September 14th, 2009.

  43. Grand Frere,

    You sometimes sicken me by getting indulged in “du coq-à-l’âne”; note that “other fallacies that rest on irrelevancies is circulus in probando”.

    # 1
    You wrote this statement in your post above, “Of course, cheating goes on in Western countries sometimes too”.
    Go back and verify before commenting. Does the statement above agree with tJayweh’s assertion that no cheating goes on in the western world? Eeeeeeeeeeh Grand Frere!

    # 2
    What do you mean by this statement “One of them happens to be your blatant refusal to discredit Tubman for something he deserves.”?
    From my understanding, the statement above means ‘I am refusing to discredit Tubman; which also means I should discredit Tubman; I should not refuse to do so.
    There must be a mistake in what you meant. I am sure you meant to say, “My blatant refusal to give Tubman credit”.
    If my interpretation is right, there you are still doing ‘du coq-à-l’âne’!, Go back to my post, you just rightly used the word I used to talk about TC and the Harper-Fish Town road. I said “renovate”. The word ‘renovation’ is NOT synonym to “Build or Construct”. When you build or construct, you start something from the scratch and complete it into usable edifice. What I said about TC, which I can emphatically repeat, is that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf renovated the technical college, and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf renovated the Harper-Fish Town road. Both infrastructures WERE BUILT BY TUBMAN. I further went on to say that I had relatives and friends who attended the college before the war, and that I was seeking enrolment there for my nephew.
    I hope my English is clear this time. I sometimes want to believe my English is mixed up with the French, maybe that’s why people like you and Jayweh find it difficult understanding me sometimes.

    # 3 : Jayweh’s identity or qualification
    You and ‘Unconcerned, Unpatriotic and Dunderhead Citizen’ should stop ranting about this topic. I have said what I wanted to say on this topic, let the guy himself confront me on what I have said. Let sleeping dog lie here!

    # 4
    Has ‘Unconcerned, Unpatriotic and Dunderhead Citizen’ become your buddy overnight? And are you telling me he’s from Maryland County too?
    Your buddy first retorted me that he was a child of Nimba. Has he switched county? Laughable!
    Grand Frere Hney, you are a leader, we (ANC) will make you play important roles in the foundation of Liberia. Stop feigning friendship, be yourself and boldly speak out your inner incommensurate values which I have detected and fallen in love with.

    I like to deal with real men. If ‘Unconcerned, Unpatriotic and Dunderhead Citizen’ is man enough, let him have the guts to come on here with his real identity to speak imbecilities about Cummings.
    We are yet far from where we want to go; we do not want to be indulged in intimidation, as you rightly said we are weak. However, the respect of our laws and human rights should not be translated into intellectual and developmental weakness or might.

    # 5
    Who in this world is not a racist, Grand Frere? You (Hney) are a racist! I am a racist, all human beings are racists.
    We forge to live together in harmony by respecting the other person “Love your neighbor as yourself”. We all have differences, let’s learn to live with them together in harmony to make the world a better place.

    I would be happy to have a racist president at the White House who would leave Africa and other third world countries alone. I wouldn’t want to see a hypocritical multicultural president at the White House who would break down the lives and properties of powerless people in third world countries.
    I careless for what you gain under a president in America, I care more of what I gain in the Ivory Coast and Liberia to have a president in the White House who would not accommodate satraps to destroy their own people.

    There is a stalemate right now in Guinea and the Ivory Coast. Ever since Biden was declared by the mainstream media as winner, the masquerades that took place in Guinea and the Ivory Coast have been endorsed and congratulated.
    But take my word for it, if the legal battle ends in favor of Trump, they will shy away into their entrenchment to give peace a chance.
    Mark my word, if Biden were to be inaugurated on January 20th, the first two countries to be torn apart would be Guinea and the Ivory Coast, then Uganda.
    The dream of a common currency in Africa, ECO, would be a stillborn project!

    Again, I will always love the US president who will keep the world peaceful, I don’t care what such president does in the USA!

  44. Mr. Defender,
    Talking about being sickened by me, I must admit that you sicken me and a few more people with your French than you think. Wouldn’t it be appropriate for you to correspond in English and keep your French know-how for a few seconds? I sometimes wonder, is my petit frere being ostentatious with his French? Now, my younger sibling, his wife and kids were in the Ivory coast during the “uncivil” war. They communicate in French. You’re a contemporary of my brother. Maybe you guys can blast yourselves with French when you meet. I do a little bit of Spanish. I will not do Spanish on this blog.

    #1.. The Jayweh connection…….I didn’t say that I agreed with Jayweh based on everything he said. Take a listen….in one of his talking points, Jayweh had said that Alexander Benedict Cummings will not be elected to the presidency in 2023! That particular point of his strikes me as being authentic! You have chosen the wrong sentence in order to express your disgust. I should have said why I agreed with Jayweh. I fault myself because I didn’t make myself explicit. I don’t always agree with Jayweh. He knows that. You know that very well! Nope, I didn’t contradict myself. You chose the wrong talking point of mine in order to express yourself.

    #2…. The Tubman College connection…..
    Not just I, but Mr. Concerned Liberian had caught what you said. I ask you to calm yourself down once again and take a look at Mr. Concerned Liberian’s post. His post was written on “November 21, @ 5:44 pm…5th paragraph”. Concerned Liberian points to your error. You gave the credit of Tubman College being constructed to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. In that particular paragraph, there’s nothing you said that comes close to the word “renovate”. Check it out!!!!!! Please do. Take your time and check it out.

    #3… Dynamic trio…
    First of all, Mr. Concerned Liberian is not to be confused with Concerned Citizen. These are two different individuals. I have an inkling that Concerned Liberian has a Maryland county connection. With his permission, I will change from Hney (my given name) to Concerned Marylander or maybe change to Concerned Defender. Maybe Concerned Citizen is a Nimbaian.

    With regard to Jayweh, I don’t want to sound repetitive. Jayweh wrote something in his post that I agreed with. Before Jayweh knew me, he gave a scathing report about Alexander Benedict Cummings’ lifestyle. I am not here to argue whether Jayweh was right or wrong. What I’d like to say is that a few weeks later, Jayweh surprisingly condemned me as being “heartless” because of my refusal to outrightly blame Weah when four young Liberian professionals lost their lives mysteriously. In response, I told Jayweh who I am. I don’t always agree with Jayweh. But, when he said that your weak buddy Alexander Benedict Cummings is bound to lose the Liberian presidency in 2023, I agreed.
    Talking about my alliance with Jayweh and Concerned Liberian, you need to step back and do an introspection. You and Jayweh were critical of Weah when the mysterious deaths of the four mid-level Liberian professionals was announced. Weren’t you, petit frere? On that score, both of you were bosom buddies. Now all of a sudden, you’re infuriated at me by saying I should stand on my own ground. When was the last time you ate gigba? I will stand on your ground for now!

    #4… Racist Tendencies….
    I am probably “prejudiced” against some people than being a racist. I don’t see myself as being “superior” to anyone because of skin color. I’d like to be construed as a person who tries to ameliorate rather than a person who hates people because of their background.

    Petit frere, if Trump is not an avowed racist or a sympathetic racist, he sure sounds like a person who is a racist. Example, Trump wants the votes in the Blue states he lost recently to be tossed out. Of course, when the contested votes are tossed out, he will win. No one contests the four-blue-state votes. Just Trump!

    The question is why is he causing this problem?
    First and foremost, there’s a zero chance that the unscrupulous Trump will succeed. The Supreme Court of the US will never hear his case because:
    1. The Lower Courts believe that there’s nothing of substance that he and his legal team argue about and

    2. The “Courts” do not want to participate in his racist rants!

    There’s a sense that because of Trump’s insensitivity towards people of color, the pandemic matastesized rapidly in the US. Example, the minority community (which comprises all people of color), have been disproportionately hit. When the poor people were dying en masse initially, the theory espoused by some people in the WH was that black and brown folks didn’t eat the right type of food.

    But during that perilous time, Trump didn’t bother to act quickly in terms of supplying the equipment that was needed. It is believed that if a majority of white people were dying at a higher rate than the black and browns, Trump would have done something quickly. I think it’s reasonable to feel that way.

    The Wrong Food….
    At the very time that the poor people were dying disproportionately in the US, people in Europe, India and elsewhere were dying too. The question is this…… did Europeans and Asians eat the same type of food that the black and brown people consume in America? So why did Trump’s people say that the consumption of the wrong food caused Covid-19 deaths in the minority community? By the way, if the food that black and brown people consume is “not good food”, why is it sold in America?

    You’re not a racist. Are you superior to Jayweh, and Concerned Liberian? You could be prejudiced against someone. That’s not being racist. Knowing you as a Christian, do you consider yourself to be superior to anyone?

    Trump is a boorish person. Don’t compare yourself with the guy!


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