First Time for Capitol to Produce Democratically Elected President, VP

Unity Party standard bearer Joseph N. Boakai and Coalition for Democratic Change standard bearer George M. Weah are in a 2nd-round election to decide who becomes President of Liberia

For the first time in Liberia’s modern multi-party democracy, Liberians will elect their 24th President from between two contenders, both of who work at the Capitol, home of the National Legislature.

At 12 noon on January 16, 2018, it will be another history making moment when either outgoing Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai or Senator George Manneh Weah may take the oath of office in these important words: ‘I, [full name] do solemnly swear…’

The two runoff candidates are members of the Senate and interestingly assemble every Tuesday and Thursday in the same Chamber; VP Boakai as President of the Senate and Mr. Weah as Senator for Montserrado County.

In fact, the election of one of these top two presidential contenders from the Senate was long predicted during the opening ceremony of the 53rd Legislature by Bomi County District #1 representative-elect Edwin Melvin Snowe.

That statement was further buttressed by then Speaker of the House of Representatives Alex Tyler, when he recommended (but failed) that an amount of US$1 million be allotted to each of the 73 electoral districts to complement the US$200,000 budgetary allocation to each of the 15 statutory districts as County Development Funds.

Some members of the Lower House, months later, in pursuit of similar presidential ambitions, started making monthly financial contributions towards the formation of a new political party. Thus the Liberia People’s Democratic Party (LPDP) was created, and by fate was included in a three-party coalition that included the National Patriotic Party and Congress for Democratic Change.

With that development, the now Senjeh District Representative-elect Edwin Snowe’s prediction was all but complete, especially when George Weah joined the Senate in his 2014 Special Senatorial Election win.

Now that the 2017 presidential and representative election results are pointing to a runoff between the President of the Liberian Senate, Mr. Boakai, and the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Youth and Sports, Mr. Weah, the Senate Chambers will either be missing two Senators, or their president in Vice President Boakai.

VP Boakai is going to the run-off with outgoing Speaker of the House of Representatives J. Emmanuel Nuquay as his running mate, and they are fighting an all-or-nothing battle. If they win, they occupy the highest offices in the land. If they lose, they simply go home.

On the contrary, Sen. George Weah and his running mate Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor, who chairs the Senate Committee on Education and Public Administration, have the good fortune of “job security” on their side. For them, it is a win-win situation.  If they lose, their senatorial seats await them. But if they win, they ascend to the highest offices in the land as Liberia’s first professional athlete-turned president (Weah) and the nation’s first woman Vice President and President of the Senate (Howard-Taylor). Howard-Taylor will also be the first former First Lady to hold either position.

Meanwhile, a renowned political commentator has disputed claims that the turnover of power to a new democratically elected leadership will be the first since 1944. “That is dangerously erroneous and far from the truth; firstly, there was no such an event as multi-party elections, nor was there the inclusion of youth or women if there was such; so whatever happened at the Barclay Training Center in Monrovia in the name of transfer of power from President Edwin Barclay to William V. S. Tubman was more symbolic than democratic,” our source, who begged anonymity, asserted.


  1. Amb. Weah will be the next president of Liberia. The Unity Party failed for 12 years to fulfill promises made to Liberians, especially the ordinary Liberians. The president, Vice President, and the speaker were paid millions of dollars while teachers, nurses, and other civil servants received $100 to $200. Most members of the legislature endorsed Boakai-Noquay presidency to continue looting while ordinary Liberians are suffering to get daily meal since unemployment is above 85%. The Unity Party also bribed chiefs to intimidate ordinary citizens to vote for UP candidates but no avail. Voters have resolved to vote for Amb. Weah as the next president of Liberia. He made lots of sacrifices for Liberia and Liberians during the civil war period. Enough is enough!

    • Massa The Dreamer, are you inferring that this noble country of ours, should be entrusted to an incompetent fellow, like Weah? You are either very sinister, very frustrated, or totally twisted, because your wish will never reach fruition. Please find somewhere else to install your “dumb friend” as a leader.

      • A blind person can never lead a seeing person. That said, if Weah is as incompetent, frustrated and totally twisted a fellow you claimed and he been one of your many leaders how then should you be called. Stop insulting(rudely) your leader. The image out there is bad for you and not him. Tomorrow when the elections are ended and we will all go our normal ways Weah will still be a statesman, and you,……thiink about it.

    • And your argument Massa Forkpayea Kollie that Weah is capable to change anything? He’s a misfit for the presidency of Liberia and electing him is putting Liberia on a dangling roller coaster that may likely crash. As complex as the world has become with all these international players, an electing of Weah in a poor country like Liberia is similar to a Trump presidency in the most powerful country on Earth, the United States. Weah lacks the understanding of leadership and his quest for the presidency of Liberia is nothing more than an opportunity to fill his pockets along with all these vampires he has surrounded himself. Weah cannot articulate anything of substantial significance when it comes to policy and government. His leadership will be a recipe for chaos, bad leadership, draconian tactics, suppression of free speech as he shut down critics and opposition. Liberia will be headed in the wrong direction and don’t tell me that Liberians don’t understand these.

      Probably you’re looking at Weah from a difference prism, but Weah has nothing to demonstrate that he can manage a state. He excelled greatly playing soccer, and that’s the only accomplishment. Weah has no foundation in Liberia as a world renowned soccer player. There’s no academy to demonstrate that he even cares for the game growth in Liberia. I’m appalled when people naively think that a Weah presidency will solve the problems of Liberia. Electing Weah and Jewel Howard Taylor will stymied US foreign aid to such government and other nations and organizations may follow suit. The EU & United Kingdom are greatly concerned about this marriage between Senators Weah & Taylor. The ticket is a miscalculation of what the international community is thinking about Liberia.

      Unlike CDC misfit, the Unity Party despite enormous out-cried from the public about corruption and the failure of the government has achieved a lot. Of course, I’ll agree that they should’ve done better, but Boakai is going to govern differently than Sirleaf and he’ll be a far better effective and better president than Madam Sirleaf. The fight against corruption will be the challenged of any administration and with Boakai, there’s a better opportunity to attack this cancel in Liberia. Boakai will not have to start learning how to be president. He’ll be ready on day #1.

    • Massa – I am not sure what part of the world (Sierra Leone) or not you’re from, but Weah will not be elected – stop dreaming. You can take him to Freetown with you

  2. Massa the dreamer and her dumb friend as claimed by Bamakpa. What development can Liberia show the world after 201 years (1816 – 2017). The clever and educated took the money obtained from Liberia natural resources and put some in their pockets, paid rent and built homes abroad for their loved ones as well as having huge foreign accounts. The rest of the country almost beg to eat while at the same time the clever and educated impose huge taxes on them. The clever and educated don’t know the term repair or maintenance as a result we have places like hotel Africa, ducor palace, true wig party building and more are all in ruin. Private homes of the clever and educated are rented from themselves to host government offices along with the lack of proper medical establishments thereby rendering those that have looted the natural resources traveling abroad to seek medical help leaving the general populace to the mercy of a building called hospital. We therefore want George Weah the dumb as he claimed to see if he will steal the money and power entrusted in him. Those that are educated, educate the uneducated so they ( clever and educated), have shown the dumb what to do and that’s what he’s going to do. Happy inauguration Ambassador Weah in advance

  3. So sad for Liberia. I guess Bokai will be the lesser of the 2 evils about to befall on Liberia. I blame no one for what is going on in Liberia right now for thanks to the Unity Party and our useless law makers our people will perish from the lack of knowledge. Had they rehabilitated, provided education, and trained our youths instead of wasting billions on making themselves rich we will not be faced with the problem of choosing our next President from these 2 useless people. Liberians are so stuck on this native Americo Liberian divide til we do not know what is good for us. We have Cummings who is willing to sacrifice his own money for this country yet we reject him. We have these useless native law makers stealing all the money including Weah with all his children born out of wedlock though he is married yet we sing their praises with no development in the country. At this rate we will stay long inside underdevelopment.

  4. As of today I am now defining the Unity Party as the University of Poverty!

    As I sit here in Houston, I have observed lately the mass numbers of students rushing to their door steps to get register. Some of these students are victims of poverty,economic crimes,social justice and etc. According to them, their main desire is to study at this unique University,is to learn the craft of manipulation.

    There are also others who have obtained degrees in other fields of studies.To those set group of students, their major reasons for studying at UP is the huge opportunities the courses offer.

    This is how their colleges and department looks like. The below courses have caught my attentions. They are as follow:
    This is under the College of Morality and Arts; Department of Shifting Blame(SOB)
    Corruption 101 to 400 level
    Poverty Growth 101 to 600 level
    Total credit hours 36

    College of Economic Management
    Price Control 101 to 400
    Budget Short Fall 101 to 300
    Currency manipulation 101 to 400
    Salary Management 101 to 405
    Total credit hours 40hrs

    College of Health and Science
    Department of policy
    Ebola study 101 to 400
    JFK 101 to 400
    Total credit hours 30

    College of Foreign Relations
    Department of International Practice
    Lobbying Skills and Techniques 101 to 400
    Traveling and Experienced diplomacy 101 to 300
    What is NGO and their Surrogates 101 to 400
    Total credit hours 36

    College of Justice
    Gender studies in Crimes 101 to 400
    Economic crimes and survival techniques 101 to 600
    Total credit hours 40

    The above colleges are currently accepting students. From the look of things,the influx of students have given the UP to have a future planned to expand the campuses across Liberia in the coming months.

    If you are interested in studying at the University Of Poverty (UP),you can do so by stopping by at their campus.

    Signed: Dr.Dr. Emmanue J.Nuquay
    Vice President University of Poverty

    Approved:Dr.Dr.Phd. Joseph N Boakai
    President University of Poverty

  5. Mary
    Every bona fide Liberian born person is a native of Liberia! Americo-Liberians are not exempted; without a shred of doubt, they are natives of Liberia. I will defend the rights of all Liberians irrespective of their affiliations.

    While your point of calling for total and complete unity in Liberia, there you are complaining about “useless native lawmakers”.

    Oh no! With all due respective Mary, you are off track a little bit. You seem to “bite and blow”. By calling lawmakers “useless natives”, you fan the flame of racism or superiority or both.

    Now, I have the greatest respect for you and others who patriotically express themselves democratically on this outlet. What is completely unacceptable is when someone denigrates a particular body of people. Let’s be genteel! Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay for us to disagree. But we must show respect for one another. That’s how the world spins. The use of polemics is a blatant exercise of poor judgement.


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