First-ever Liberian Carnival This Saturday


Liberia’s premier entertainment group, La Queen Entertainment and its partners, have announced that all is set for the nation’s first-ever cultural carnival scheduled this Saturday, December 19, 2020.

At a joint news conference recently, the CEO of LA Queen, Wokie Dolo and the President of the Liberia Cultural Union, Kekura Kamara, revealed that the event, which has been months in the making, will be about showcasing Liberia’s culture including its arts and crafts.

The show will consist of cultural performances, featuring music, song and dance from around the world, and will feature over 20 artists, both upcoming and recognized. It intends to celebrate Liberian culture and promote the creativity and artistic expression of artists whose works give new meaning to the folk arts. 

“Through the preservation and transformation of traditional creations, these artists contribute to the longevity of the folk arts, making them accessible to the general public,” said Miss Dolo in a press release.

According to Miss Dolo, the Liberian Carnival begins at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town with a grand street parade to the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex with performers and participants exhibiting Liberia’s unique culture through songs, dances and customs, among others.

“December 19 is going to be the first-ever Liberian Carnival and we are asking all of you to come out and see the exhibition of Liberia’s cultural extravaganza,” Miss Dolo added.  The essence of the Liberian Carnival — the overall goal is unity. Promoting unity is the overall goal and objective because without unity, there will be no development. So, the first mindset is unity,” Wokie added. 

In remarks earlier, cultural icon Kamara underscored the importance of the event, saying the carnival is taking place at the time Liberians are just returning from a special senatorial election which has fueled some level of division among the citizens.

“It is important at this time because we are just coming from the elections. It is time to come together and celebrate Liberia through our cultural exhibition, healing the wounds of the elections, bringing peace and national reconciliation. Because at the end of the day, we have only one country, Liberia,” Karmara added.

Kamara, who became a household name following his popular Malawala Balawala television series in the 1980s, said the Liberian Carnival will invoke the spirit of oneness and appreciate the nation’s rich cultural heritage that were once cherished and celebrated in the past and inspire the young generation to embrace the country’s unique cultural values.

“He noted that the upcoming event will be the first of its king in Liberia and thanked the lead organizer, LA Queen Entertainment and its CEO for the effort and sacrifice in the planning of the event. 

It is the first of its kind in Liberia. For many years, I have not seen something like this. It used to happen way back in the 60s and 70s,” he noted.

“I think we need to bring it back. In the post war, we must continue to bring our people together, we must preserve and develop our culture. That’s our identity. There is a big saying that a country without culture is like a big tree without roots.”

The event is expected to bring together Government officials, Liberian artists including musicians and movie stars, cultural and traditional leaders and students, among others.


  1. Liberians, Do Not Be An Impersonator-In-Chief

    Culture is a significant part of every group of people. If one does not uphold his/her culture heritage he/she soon becomes an impersonator-in-chief. That which has no set values and relics. As a student exchange guest, I visited Southeast Asia a lot. I was very fascinated of what I saw. Every country I visited, is unique and has distinctive set of values than the other. It’s that values that galvanized and cemented oneness.

    For example China ( which I admire greatly), has more than 400 sub-ethnic divisions and languages, but the Han Chinese and Mandarin (spoken ) are the largest follow by Cantonese (spoken in Hong Kong). The Chinese have managed, for the last 60 years to share their thousand years of culture heritage with the rest of the world through arts and movie. You might wonder why you love Kung-Fu or Shaolin movies. Though it is dubbed in English, Italian, Spanish etc. The characters speak Cantonese and Mandarin. The costumes, scenes, and custom are set imperial China. It is a set of belonging that goes back thousands of years. Several other countries like India and few Latin America, do the same.

    Art and nationalism….
    With set values for culture , comes nationalism (the patriotic love for one homeland). It can only be achieved through embracing the values that are held amongst a group of people. Whether, Gio, Bassa, Mandingo, Conguer (Americo-Librarians) , there should be one thing that unite us as nation: art.

    The carnival must show case every tribes culture and values, participating artists must render and highlight various indigenous groups of Liberia and their values.

    Loving and embracing what you are is the beginning of greatness. Look at the White Man who went to what is today USA. The Indian didn’t know anything call thanksgiving day, July 4th, Mayflower or James Town.

    Let the carnival open the eyes of the new ones coming.

    Mamadu Bah (N/P) Adelaide, Australia

  2. Why countries the world over have COPYCAT AND STUCK to the nomenclature of HOLLYWOOD. Hence we have NOLLYWOOD (Nigeria) etc. etc.

    That is all you people fit for …Condemn and PULL HIM DOWN , OR PULL THEM DOWN! And worst, you suffering from this pull him down pull them down syndrome contribute nothing!

    You people should be giving thanks and praises to the organizers of THE CARNIVAL! ROME WAS NEVER BUILT OVERNIGHT! THE FIRST STEP DOES THE MAGIC! DAMMIT!

    • Concerned Citizen:

      I wholeheartedly agree with you. we quick to condemn anything and everything.

      Rome was not built in a day’s time.

      Build, not tear down

  3. I wholeheartedly support CEO LA Queen Wokie Dolo and Mr. Kekura Kamara for their good work. Wokie Dolo is an outstanding person. She’s not an apologist neither does she defend weak causes. She avoids controversial issues. She’s very organized. Miss Dolo is at the top of her game. With Miss Dolo’s involvement with the Liberia entertainment industry, progress will be made.

  4. No, be like Wokie Dolo. She’s an originalist. She’s a creme de la creme in matters of reality. Definitely, she’s not a defender of disorganized entities. She’s the kind of person who does not defend weaknesses. I will vote for her confirmation as president of her organization in a heartbeat.


  5. BIL Kimba,
    I have got something for you all to download:
    (1) The Missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul. And for fun,

    (2). Bewitched
    Let me know what you think after watching the movies.

  6. Mr. Hney,

    I will certainly let you what i think after watching the movies.

    Happy holidays to you an your family and to each person here. Let the seasons fill our hearts with joy and peace.

    Thank you.

  7. BIL
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope that you will reflect on the goodwill of the Lord. He is always good.

    A couple of days ago, I went to a popular restaurant to get a New York steak sandwich. That particular sandwich (in my state) costs $8.00 plus change and tax. The sandwich was loaded with all the goodies. So, when the time came to pay for it, the young African American manager handed me three coupons and told me, ” don’t pay, I’ve got you covered”. I also got a big cup of lemon juice free. Very yummy!

    Guess what? We ought to give thanks to God for everything. I narrated the story to let you know that God is good.

    Hang in there buddy.
    Enjoy your weekend with palm butter over rice. Don’t invite me to eat because I will clear everything out of your rice bowl. .

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