Firestone to Resume Rubber Purchase Soon


-Rubber industry authorities announce

Authorities of the rubber industry of Liberia, which comprise the Rubber Development Fund, Inc. (RDFI) and the Rubber Planters Association of Liberia (RPAL), have announced that Firestone will in the shortest possible time resume rubber purchasing from smallholder rubber farmers across the country.

Firestone recently suspended the purchase of rubber from farmers for a period of one month due to the current space constraints in the company’s storage facility, for which they have no other options than this in other to free up the space.

Many small-holder rubber farmers, especially those in Salala District, depend solely on the regular purchase of their rubber inventory by Firestone, for the support of their families, which Firestone in turn exports the commodity in bulk to customers abroad.

The Rubber Industry Authorities are also informing all rubber farmers that the recent pronouncement by Firestone –Liberia to suspend the purchasing of rubber for a period of one month, beginning March 2020 is a temporary measure which is intended to provide for the servicing and maintenance of their factory, including their equipment.

The action by Firestone Liberia is not new. In August 10 through August 24, 2017, the company suspended all rubber purchasing “due to the same extreme oversupply of our rubber inventory.”

The rubber industry in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) has been holding series of meetings with the Firestone Management as well as other key rubber processors in the country in a bid to help mitigate the situation, the authorities of the industry has disclosed.

The authorities further said that Firestone Management has reassured the Liberian rubber industry of its commitment to resuming the purchases of rubber in early April 2020 and, as such, the industry is coordinating with other processors and exporters such as Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC) and Lee Group to increase their respective purchase of the quantity of rubber beyond their regular capacities.

Meanwhile, the rubber industry is also working with other local processors such as the Nimba Rubber Incorporated and Cooper Rubber Factory, located in Bomi County, to get them operational, but said this may not happen before Firestone Liberia resumes its operations of rubber buying in early April 2020.

“Notwithstanding, once these to local processors become operational within the next two months, they will be able to address some of the challenges rubber farmers face in transporting and marketing their produces”, the authorities noted.

They expressed appreciation to the rubber farmers for remaining calm, during these challenging times and assured them that everything will be done within their limit to ensure that rubber purchases across the country are resumed and that the capacities of other local processors are enhanced in order to avoid a repetition of the current situation at hand.


  1. I was in Harbel yesterday and for the number of years that Firestone has been in Liberia, I really dont see what they have really done for us, as a people. Yes, they educate most Liberians, they pay taxes, they employ a lot of our people, but still, for the wealth that they have extracted out of this country, what they have put in is minute.

    Just my views. I stand corrected.


    • Fellow Liberian and a brother: your statements reminds me of a woman in her many years of marriage. At the end of her ungrateful quest she complaint that her husband hasn’t done anything for her.
      You mentioned that the company educated many Liberians and paid taxes to the government, but you forget to ask what the government did with the taxes.
      And also those that were educated , what is their contributions to Liberia.

  2. This is one cash crop that should produce thousands of decent jobs always neglected by successive governments of Liberia; they are just interested in RULING us. I pray that Liberians will vote Cummings and ‘apologists’ to LEAD Liberia to prosperity come 2023.

    Liberia has the biggest rubber plantation in the world but produces insignificantly to the global market, isn’t it ridiculous?
    The Ivory Coast with just a handful of rubber farmers, in 2018, accounted for 60% of Africa rubber output and ranked 7th in terms of global production. It means Liberia and all other African countries accounted for only 40% whereas we have the biggest rubber plantation in the world, shame!
    This is a country with vision in Agriculture; a country with few farmers and farmlands but huge output.
    Again, shame on the past leaderships of Liberia, a country which got its independence in 1847!
    All you old, dodgy, corrupt and wicked folks who have kept us down for so long, get ready to enter the garage, it is our time to bring true change to our country!

  3. We will surely send them to the garage because the system in place is obsolete Joe.
    Just watch, they have a very fine Minister of Agriculture but may make little impact because they are collecting just 0.017% of taxes. How then can Research and Development be expediently conducted with a budget allotment to agriculture not surpassing 5% of annual budget?
    We need at least half a billion dollars in agriculture every year, which is just what the entire country depends on every year since Ellen to Weah, yet they are preaching FIXES, with what can you fix anything?

  4. Good Firestone. Rubber farmers will once again sell and make money.

    In my view, the lawmakers of Liberia are wholly responsible for the slow pace of economic development in the country. An educated Liberian critic of the country’s lawmakers refers to them variously as “money grubbers, greedy gobblers, do nothing politicians, selfish perfidious individuals who have no foresight…..” The Liberian academic used other adjectives that I cannot repeat.

    I asked the gentleman, “what the ‘ell do you mean man”?. He laughed and said, ” you know what I mean”. To my surprise, the academic indicated to me that the “politicians and lawmakers” of Liberia have never made a conscious effort to urge the Firestone Company to build a factory. Never! Lastly, my colleague told me that the lawmakers and politicians are in the “pocket” of the company!

    Many people do not know that at one time, the Firestone Company had a big rubber farm in Maryland county. The rubber farm is still there, but the Maryland county branch has been sold, no longer Firestone. I am a Marylander. I know I am telling the truth and nothing but the truth!

    The idea is…… No greedy lawmaker has ever put forth an ambitious idea of asking the foreign rubber farmers to build a factory. The Firestone Company went to Liberia in 1926 under a mysterious circumstance. Let’s do the math: 2020-1926= 94 years! (If my math is wrong, Dolo and JM Jr. will back me up).
    Remember, the Firestone Company signed a 100-year lease with the Liberian government. Since 1926, there’s been no politician or lawmaker who conceived of suggesting that a factory should be built. Of course, the lease is renewable, but it may not be renewed. For instance, our lawmakers are “located in the pocket” of Firestone.

    Let’s get to work. The current crop of lawmakers must go. If our country must go forward under Weah, the lawmakers must go. The lawmakers are the problem. Again, again, again, I am not making excuses for Weah. Weah is a newcomer. There was rampant curruption before Weah came on board. If you want the Firestone Company to build a factory (I am with you 101%) urge your Representatives or Senators to introduce a legislation in both Houses of the Liberian legislature. When it is approved, I am sure Weah will sign it into law.

    Off to work I go.
    Peace. 🖐️

  5. Mr. Anthony swen,

    Greetings and thank you for your thoughts. You mentioned, “At the end of her ungrateful quest, she mentioned that her husband hasnt done anything for her”. You are implying, (or so I think) that because her husband married her, she should be grateful for that. By daring to ask what her husband had done for her during her years of marriage to him, she is deemed ungrateful. Im sure that strong lady give her share to the union.. I dare say she had kids for him. I also dare say that during her years with him, she must have cleaned his house, cook his food and, took care of his kids while he was away and she rendered him many other services that one cannot attach price tags to. In other words, her services are priceless.

    Back to Firestone. Because Firestone came to Liberia, we should be grateful, and yes, we are. Dont get me wrong, Sir. Liberia is grateful for her presence here in Liberia, but let us call a spade a spade. Firestone has benefited immensely from Liberia. That is a fact. We have yet to see a factory built in Liberia.

    The ungrateful wife is Liberia – the Liberian People- and she has given her share to the marriage. She took care of her husband -Firestone- and today her husband is immensely wealthy beyond belief, but lest we forget, it was the wife that made the husband that rich and so, taking stock of her lot, and realizing that she had not benefited from this relationship, she ask, not in an ungrateful manner, not in a rude way, but as someone who has come to realize that the union has been almost one-sided, “what have you done for me?”

    A fair question that the husband -Firestone- has yet to answer.

    Good day Mr. Swen

  6. Uncle Dolo,

    Very warm regards to you and yours and many thanks for your kind sentiments towards my family. Everyone is well and doing the best we can under the circumstances.

    all is well here, and we are taking it one day at a time.

    Stay safe, Sir


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