Firestone Tapper’s Triplets Turn 2 Years Old


Triplets born to a Firestone tapper’s family celebrated their second birthday on November 13, 2013.

They held their first birth day party around the the family’s two room apartment at the Firestone Plantation’s Division 43, with several neighborhood children garthered to sing happy birthday to the triplets.

The party was arranged through the kindness of Defense Minister Brownie  Samukai and Daily Observer publisher Kenneth Y. Best, who have being contributing to the upkeep of the triplets and family ever since the three, a boy and two girls, were born on November 13, 2011.

Madam Esther Tokpa, wife of Firestone tapper Jerry Tokpa, give birth to three at Duside Hospital on November 13 2011.

By share coincidence, the Defense Minister happened  to have been in the Duside Hospital visiting a friend  the very day the triplets were born. Mr. Samukai showed compassion and asked the doctor to see the mother and her triplets.

The doctor obliged and the Minister, observing that the first of the three was a boy, named him Samukai.

On the Saturday following the triplets’ birth, the Daily Observer publisher and his  son Bai Sama Best drove to Duside Hospital to see the triplets and their mother.  The following Monday the story appeared on the Observer’s front page.

From that point, several people, including Mrs. Wilhelmina Tubman Turker (Coocoo) and a Nigerian oil executive contributed money to the triplet family.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Samukai and Mr. Best started sending money and goodies to help the family cope with the  onerous responsibility caring for the triplets and Samukai, Naomi, Joy and their two siblings.

Defense Minister Samukai is away from the country at this time but contributed to the triplets first birth day party when they turned two  yesterday.

Mr. Best, with his little two cents, went shopping Tuesday and bought biscuits, balloons, dresses for the triplet girls, candies, juices, pop corn, a suit for the eldest triplet, Samukai, and toys. Mr. Best delivered these items yesterday to the parents in Division 43.

The family planned to invite nearly 50 children, which included their immediate neighbors in Division 43,  for the party, held later in yesterday afternoon.

Many of the neighborhood  children of the children showed up in the couple’s two-room apartment to withness the presentations.

Mr. Tokpa said he was overwhelmed by the kindness of Minister Samukai and Mr. Best.

“I am highly pleased about all you have continued to do for the children since their birth,” he stated, receiving the items with joy.

His wife Esther also expressed gratitude for the kind gesture.

Minister Samukai and Mr. Best are in touch with the Lutheran pastor of Division 43 for the christening, in the new future, of the triplets and their two older  siblings. 


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