Firestone Liberia Resumes Operations

Firestone Liberia

Outside purchase of rubber remains on hold until further notice

Firestone Liberia (FSLB) has announced the resumption of certain segments of its business. The company has been working closely with the Government of Liberia on details of the restart, and also in consideration of the State of Emergency Order presently in place.

“The well-being and safety of FSLB employees remains the company’s most important value,” the company said in a statement. “To ensure the health and safety of our workers, company operations will resume in alignment with the latest safety protocol guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and in close coordination with the Government of Liberia Ministry of Health. These include hand washing and temperature and overall wellness checks. In addition, the Firestone Medical Center, and all company medical facilities, remain open and accessible to our employees and their dependents.”

Initial plans are to resume the company’s tapping and manufacturing operations, along with select services supporting these functions. In addition, until further notice, the outside purchase of natural rubber remains on hold due to current COVID-19 precautions and an oversupply of raw material on hand.

“The company’s start-up plans reflect a need to resume operations, so we can safely put our employees back to work as soon as possible,” the company added. “The management of Firestone Liberia will continue to monitor all aspects of its restart activities and adjust plans as necessary to promote a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, while also addressing the needs of customers and the market.”


  1. With the need for PPES & rubber gloves in Liberia and around the world and with #Liberias Big Rubber er, is Firestone planning to open factories to produce these items, which could create jobs and help our economy?

  2. Firestone resumption of work activities in the field is commendable and is in the right direction. In fact social distancing has always been the norms during rubber tapping and production, considering the task system between individual tappers. However, the adjustment needs to be made at the weighing station where workers crops need to be process on a first come first serve basic . That will avoid gathering and crowding of workers together at processing station or muster ground. I think Firestone should not have closed in the first place. Better late that never. I hope Liberia Agriculture Company and other cash crop companies in Liberia should now begin to follow the footsteps of Firestone in reopening. Jump starting the Liberian Economy depends on these agriculture companies.


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