Fire Victims Spend Third Night Outdoors


Nearly 100 victims of the fire disaster that occurred last Thursday in New Kru Town’s Karpeh Street community spent their third night outdoors as community chairman Joe Carr  makes an urgent appeal for assistance to remedy the situation.

 Mr. Carr told the Daily Observer during a visit yesterday to New Kru Town that unless immediate intervention is provided, “I see another tragedy unfolding.” There are roughly 100 victims who suffered the loss of their belongings in the fire and have been spending the last three nights outdoors.

 “Many have moved away today and they will be back in the night to sleep outside here again,” Carr said. 

The fire victims comprise 25 men, 25 women and 50 children, he noted.

 “They lost everything and cannot afford to get accommodation elsewhere,” Carr said.

  While the Karpeh Street Community that he heads as chairman is making efforts to secure accommodations for the victims, “We don’t have the financial capacity to be able to get accommodation for all these people and therefore they need immediate intervention by humanitarian groups,” he pleaded.

 He revealed that his community had sent two letters to both the disaster departments of the Liberia National Red Cross and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

 In a telephone interview with Mr. Christopher Johnson of the LNRC, he admitted receiving the letter over the weekend and said a team would visit the community today, April 27 to assess the situation.

During the Daily Observer’s visit, it was observed that two women, a child and a man were found sleeping outdoors. Neighbors appealed for intervention since the rainy season is almost here.

 “I’m worried about the women and the children,” a neighbor cried. Meanwhile, Carr said efforts are underway to ensure that temporary shelter is secured to help the situation.

  Chairman Carr told the Daily Observer that Mr. Robert Teah, who contested as a representative for Montserrado District #16, has presented an amount of LD10, 000 as his contribution to assist the victims.

 “We appreciate your humanitarian gesture,” Carr told Mr. Teah on the phone.    “We want God to bless everything you do.”


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