Fire Renders Over 20 Homeless in Pipeline

Remains of the partly burnt house.

A fire outbreak that affected a three bedroom house over the weekend on Pipeline Road in Paynesville has rendered more than twenty persons homeless.

The incident also caused the loss of goods and properties, including three computers, a Samsung TV and an unspecified sum of United States dollars.

According to residents, the community receives its power supply from generators provided by private individuals. The fire started about 7:45 p.m. and spread through the house, a resident said.

Several community members joined the residents in their attempt to put the fire out without success. There were, however, no human casualties.

Allen T. Mulbah, 55, mechanic and owner of the house, told the Daily Observer that he has lived in the house with his family and extended relatives for more than fifteen years.

“We were unable to take out anything from our house owing to the intensity of the fire and of course the good efforts of our neighbors all went in vain,” Mr. Mulbah said.

“At this stage, I will need almost everything to rebuild the house,” he pleaded.

Asked about specific assistance needed right now, Mr. Mulbah appealed for zincs, planks, cement and crushed rocks, “or I will not be able to repair the damage to the house.”

He also appealed to well-meaning Liberians at home and abroad for assistance such as cash, cooking utensils, bedding and used clothes.


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