Fire Renders Many Homeless



On Thursday, January 2, a fire in the Bypass community rendered residents of a three-storey building homeless and damaged over 5,000 US dollars worth of property.

Speaking to the owner of the house, Mohammed M. Sheriff, Sr., said the cause of the fire is yet to be established, explaining that “I was only called to come quickly because the house was on fire.”

Mr. Sheriff called on the government of Liberia to help focus on electricity hazards in the country, adding that most fires can be attributed to poor quality electrical wiring in various neighborhoods in the country.

According to him the recent prevalence of fires must be seen as an important national issue because they have rendered many people homeless.

He also urged the general public to take advantage of light provided by the Liberia electricity cooperation and called on Liberian desist from the use of illegal current and candles that could destroy lives and homes.

Mr. Sheriff also expressed gratitude to the National Fire Service and the community for their quick involvement in the fighting of the fire at his building.

An occupant of the burnt house, AB sheriff, said over 950 US dollars, an HP laptop worth LD$6,000, along with all of his documents and office information was burned into ashes.

Mr. Sheriff is calling on concerned individual and the government of Liberia to come to his rescue, saying, “I lost everything and need help from those that are in a better position.”

He said “Me, my daughter and my two grandchildren stay in this room; now all we had is gone and we will have to start over.”

Another affected person in the house, Abraham Kenneh, said he left US$1,500 in the room doing the incident, which he described as a setback for his family.

“Most of the money I lost in the burning of the house is my older sister’s, and I usually kept it while we continued doing business,” he stated.

Mr. Kenneh is calling on the government and concerned individuals to come to his aid. 


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