Fire Renders 44 Homeless



A fire in the Clay Street Community on Christmas Day rendered 44 homeless as three houses burned to ashes.

 According to information gathered by the Daily Observer, the fire got started after a candle was left unattended to in a room of one of houses.

Eye-witnesses informed the Observer that one of the rooms gutted by fire had nine person, including six children and three adults in it.

One of the victims said a seven-year-old girl in that same room, had taken into the room the candle, which caused the disaster.

“The situations of the fire outbreak is said to be a serious one in the country, which have left many persons homeless, especially the issue of candle been used in many homes as light,” a bystander stated in passing.    

Victims have called on the government and others to come to their rescue.

Another said the situation has created a total setback for all of them.

“All our small businesses we were making have all burned down to ashes,” she stated.

Community dwellers intoned that concern institutions including the Liberia National Red Cross, have visited the community since the incident on Wednesday night.

The Daily Observer was also told that a team from the Ministry of Internal Affairs was investigating the cost of the damages and the value of the three houses destroyed by the fire. 


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