‘Fire McGill, Tweah, Koijee, to Save Country’

Sen. Sando Johnson

— Sen. Sando Johnson to Pres. George Weah

Bomi County Senator Sando Dazoe Johnson has called on President George Manneh Weah to relieve three of his cabinet members from their respective offices to save the country from collapse and another state of failure.

Sen. Johnson’s statement comes ahead of the June 7, 2019, planned sit-in demonstration.

In an interview recently with journalists at his Capitol Building office, Sen. Johnson said Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee and Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel F. McGill are the main individuals who have sabotaged the Pro-poor Agenda of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government.

Johnson said until President Weah does what is right, he (Johnson) and his supporters will go ahead with their planned protest and continue until the result they seek is realized.

“We are not going to insult the President or damage anything; we will not insult any government official, but we believe that there are people around the President who are causing all these problems. They have not been able to advise the President appropriately, but to mislead him, while the country continues to go down,” Johnson said.

“I am a senator, who will not get involved with anything to derail our country’s peace. This is why those who organized the pending protest mean well for our country — to demonstrate our love for our people through protest against acts that threaten the survival of the citizenry,” he said.

He added: “Nathaniel McGill, Jefferson Koijee and Samuel Tweah are the problems in Weah’s government. He should let them go, because there are some other people around him, who also have the country at heart.”

Although he did not say the exact offenses for which each of the three government officials should be relieved of duty, Johnson said Jefferson Koijee is misusing his office, while Samuel Tweah is being indicted for the “infusion of US$25 million to stabilize the exchange rate on the market.”

“I am not sure that some of the things they do, President is aware of all of them, but the President has to realize that, whatsoever the unit does, he, as a commander will take full responsibility for their actions,” he noted.

As for the June 7 protest, Johnson said he and some of the lawmakers, as well as talk show host Henry Costa and a number of other Liberians, are supporting the planned  action, which he said will not be held in the absence of President Weah.

“It is the President who we want to act in the interest of the people. Therefore, the protest will not be carried out in his absence. If he travels before or on June 7, we will wait until he is here,” the Bomi Lawmaker said.

“Most times in this country and many other places in the world, demonstrations become violent when state security and others in government provoke those who feel disenchanted about certain things and take to the street to seek redress. We hope that will not be the case in our planned protest on June 7,” he said.

He called on President Weah to ensure that Tweah resigns and faces justice, alleging that the US$25 million was not used in the interest of the country.

Sen. Johnson pointed out that Nathaniel McGill is one of the persons, who is grossly misleading Weah through “lies and deception.”

Though the trio are yet to respond to Sen. Johnson’s statement, earlier on Sunday, April 14, Minister McGill said government will allow the protesters to go on with their planned action. He however warned that once it becomes chaotic at any stage, government will arrest its planners and chief organizers and have them brought before the law for prosecution.

McGill said that the CDC-led government is not afraid of demonstrations, since his political party’s own members are better planners and executors of political campaigns.


  1. I respect senator Sando Johnson for his view on the current situation in Liberia. This senatir means well for all Liberian. President Weah must get rid of thebad apple from his basket if he wants to govern the state past 6 years. It is my hope that Wrah will listen. Mr. Shaw, Tweah, Koijee, Mcgill and all the unqualified cabinets members must go to save the state

  2. Hon. Johnson, we as citizens that elected you will not allow President weah to fire those Guys you talking about. On behalf of entire citizens we says fire to you mouth for saying that, Option by the citizens to you, Before President weah implement your request : Resign as a senator because the president have control over the senate, b. impeach Hon. Kolubah and others Lawmakers that are been control by the president according to you.

    • You may have an issue with Senator Johnson, but don’t you have any concerns about the terrible leadership of Weah? Because you want peace so it is okay for Weah and his officials to steal public funds and live like millionaires while everybody else is suffering? No one wants chaos but the ball is in George Weah’s court. He’s the president and he’s the one stealing the people’s money.

  3. Sen. Johnson has nothing to offer our governance, he brings to serious to the table for discussion, today he’s for you tomorrow he’s against. Sen. Johnson needs to be serious about his representation at the Senate, lending his support to group of guys and failed opposition political parties and threatening the peace we are enjoying is shameful and disgraceful on his part. The likes of Rep. Kolubah who has brought disgrace upon himself and the people he represents should not be given any attention because they bring no leadership to in this current dispensation for our country.

    • That peace you’ve been enjoying can only be sustained if people have the means to feed their families. If you’re concern about peace, then you should voice your concerns about the terrible corruption going on within this government while everybody else is suffering to make ends meet. So in essence, it is President Weah who doesn’t want peace because he is the one who is doing things that is unbecoming of a President. What kind of message does it send to struggling Liberians when in his first year in office, he is building mansions, commercial properties, flying private jet, and living large on public funds. Where is he getting all this money from when he was broke just a few years ago? It’s like he’s rubbing it in the face of suffering Liberians. Is George Weah really that stupid?

  4. This particular government was prophesied by the late Catholic priest Michael Francis. It is doom to failure. This will not last for long. They are going to break their own necks, the Liberian way.

  5. Let’s just say this request beats the bitters, even in America, because it’s a presidential prerogative not to be dictated by an Opposition Party. Needless to say, responsible legislators would use authority of representation on behalf of constituents inside the Legislature. not by joining a recklessly careless conspiratorial crowd in stoking streets protests some are bent on transforming into a regime-change uprising. Folks, less than two months ago, our Civil War rescuers/ saviors of UN, AU, and ECOWAS warned against media messages which promote violence in a postwar country; don’t provoke an upheaval, please!

    • Oh yeah…let people just keep quiet and let George Weah and his cronies recklessly steal why the rest of the people see no hope of making life better for themselves….because speaking truth to power is so called “provoking upheaval”…the media should just sing praises for George Weah as he steals to build mansions, buy private plane and living large…why not make George Weah a king so it can be against the law to criticize him..why have a democracy when we all should just keep quiet and let the stealing go on….

    • Sylvester – You’re aware that in a democracy, no government can survive when 99% of its citizens are extremely poor while the leader and a handful of officials are stealing millions of dollars and flagrantly living large. Weah is begging to be overthrown, no doubt. Everyone is suffering including the military because they’re not getting paid either. How does Weah expect these people to feed their families?

  6. Few weeks ago, kowtowing to harangues (belittling politicians for cowardice because they didn’t jump in the streets) by defeated politico Mr. Henry Costa, Collaborating Opposition Parties threatened “mass civic action across Liberia”. Senator Sando Johnson happens to be a member of that group and his menacing demand for the heads of three officials as condition “to save Liberia” sounds like a threat to stability, an “upheaval”, so to speak.

    Well, as for mostly sensationalized unproven allegations of “stealing” after twelve years of nonstop and nonchalant kleptocracy, a media pundit – who had accused this government of being comprised of “criminal elements” is reportedly working with the targets of his attack. No one has accused him of besmirching others for a job!

    Simply put, history repeats itself, and just like 1871 when the Mulatto power-brokers resisted losing their hegemony by lies of stealing to overthrow and murder the dark-skinned EJ Roye, arrogant self-entitled elites are determined to undermine the will of our vast majority by undemocratic means. The hand of Liberia’s political clock is turning and some vested interests are desperate. You can cuss all all you want, comrade, truth matters: Good night!

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