Fire Destroys 4 Houses in New Kru Town


An unattended coal pot Wednesday evening started a fire that razed two zinc houses to the ground and damaged two concrete houses in the Trowin section of New Kru Town on Bushrod Island, Monrovia.
There were no human casualties, residents said.
According to Block Chairman Howard Washington, a resident of one of the concrete houses, the fire began between 5pm and 6pm Wednesday.
“I rushed to the scene to help but the fire blazed so much that it was difficult to save personal items,” Chairman Washington told the Daily Observer.
He said during the confusion, residents in the four houses, including the two zinc shacks, ran helter skelter, unable to do anything to stop the fire.
He said neighbors rushed to put out the fire, but could not succeed as the intensity of the fire was so great they could only watch as their properties were licked up by the blaze.
Chairman Washington made an urgent appeal to humanitarian organizations to come to their assistance with blankets, clothes, cooking utensils and other household items. The victims are more than 50, according to Mr. Washington.
Neighbors said most of the residents in the two houses were market women, many of whom were not at home when the fire occurred.
“Those who were at home could not do anything,” said an eye-witness. “It was a horrible scene.”
The blaze consumed a huge amount of cash, residents said, but they could not estimate how much.
“We have lost everything we have worked for,” another victim told our reporter. The victims salvaged what they could find among the rubble from the fire yesterday morning.
“We don’t have anywhere to be for the meantime,” another victim said.
After the fire Wednesday night, family heads sought the permission of New Kru Town Governor Alice Weah to use the community town hall as a temporary shelter.
The Borough of New Kru Town, comprising communities of Karpeh Street, Point 4, Colonel West, Lagoon and Trowin has been hit by a series of fire incidents in recent times.
Wednesday’s incident is the fifth. Late last week, three persons were burned to death in a fire disaster near Karpeh Street. A couple of months ago, three more zinc houses were burnt to the ground, destroying thousands of dollars in physical cash and personal effects as well as displacing many families who claimed that they received little or no material support from humanitarian agencies in the country.


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