Fire Destroys 16 Bedroom House at Wood Camp

A view of the burned house in the Wood Camp community.

A midday fire said to have come from an electric stove on Thursday, February 29, 2019, burned a 16 bedroom house in Wood Camp community in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

One of the affected occupants, who chose not to identify himself, informed this newspaper that the fire came from a stove that one of the occupants of the house had used to cook a meal. According to the source, efforts by neighbors to put the fire out was unsuccessful to the extent that the building was burned to the ground, destroying several valuables and cash.

Joseph K. Morris, owner of the burned house, said that although there was no human casualty, the fire destroyed valuable household items, among them household utensils, computers and television sets. The victims, including women and children, wept uncontrollably.

“Our clothes and money remained in the fire,” an affected woman cried.

Henry O. Williams, executive director of the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA), promised that a team from the agency will carry out an assessment on the house and later decide the next course of action. Williams was able to arrive on the scene shortly after the fire had died down.

Meanwhile, the victims have appealed to the government, national and international humanitarian groups for urgent financial assistance to rebuild their lives.


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