Weah Formally Welcomes Findley to CDC


“Findley’s move is a testament that… CDC is the best option,” Says Weah

Montserrado County Senator George Weah yesterday formally welcomed Grand Bassa County former Senator Gbehzongar Findley to the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) just days after Findley resigned from the Unity Party. “I would like to officially welcome former Senate Pro-Temp Gbehzongar Milton Findley to the CDC,” Weah posted on his Facebook page. “Findley is an astute leader with an impeccable record of service to our noble country. He has contributed immensely to the governance process of our country and I believe he will be a great asset to our movement.

He continued: “Findley’s move to our political institution is a testament that Liberians from all sectors of our society are yearning for change and see the CDC as the best political institution and only option to effectively bring about the change that Liberians truly desire.

“As he officially joins our movement for change today, I have no doubt in his ability to work assiduously and passionately to ensure that we realize our quest for a prosperous Liberia. I ask that you all embrace him with opened arms and join me in giving him a rousing welcome to our great institution, CDC—the party of the people and for the people,” the CDC standard bearer said.

Just days before crossing over to the CDC, Findley, a former President Pro-Tempore of the Senate, resigned from the governing Unity Party, citing incompatibility in political ideology with the party.

The three parties making up the CDC are the National Patriotic Party, the Congress for Democratic Change and the Liberia People Democratic Party of former House Speaker, Alex Tyler.

Prior to his resignation from the UP on August 4, Findley was regarded as the strongest face of the party in Grand Bassa County. Findley resigned, declaring that he and the UP no longer shared common political interests.

In his response, Findley said that it is high time political parties have plans to develop Liberia, and change the lives of the people they lead. “From today, I am going to meet with the CDC for consultation after which I will get back to you with a positive response,” he said, adding, “I want a ‘Change for Hope’ for my people. As a means of dong this, I have to listen to you my people, because you are ones that built my political career.”

He called on his supporters to continue supporting him as he moves to his new political home.


  1. Circus! Circus! Circus! But no one is laughing because after 170 years of ritualistic killings, endemic corruption, excessive salaries & benefits, depletion of our natural resources and international disgrace, the ideal that Liberia’s political elites must live and die eating government money is their right defies logic and common sense. Liberians are not stupid. That is why they say “99 days for rouge, but one day for master.” Liberians have two choices in this election; the 20 member team of politicians on the one hand and systematic change at a Sovereign National Conference on the other. Good news! The winning ballot for change or continuation of corruption is in the hands of ordinary citizens. Vote today for change. http://Www.mastersday.com. All politicians are always on the same team today, tomorrow and forever. You chop I chop Gobachop!

  2. Weah need to be like politician or else those that suffered
    for CDC will be the loosers. Taking the wrong decision again.
    politics is a smart game. when you really fighting for the forgotten men
    and women in Liberia, why allowed those same corrupt guys to joined
    your party now? Even the youth that loved you so much watching your
    moment now. You coming to redeemed the people from hardship,why
    opening door to the same corrupt criminals? So we looking at you carefully.
    Remember those guys suffered our people for twelve good years why
    you should allowed then in your party for now. Why they are coming now?????
    George Weah be careful! The people are watching you my friend….See More

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    • Any smart politician will accept all who will bring votes.
      Would you reject people whose votes you need to win if you were a candidate?
      SAD you are watching from a skew.

  3. To understand Mr. Gbenzongar Findley’s decision, imagine this:

    Let X = CDC votes for the up coming presidential election,
    and Y= UP votes
    and G= gravy seeker Gbehzongar

    If G has no job, and X is greater than Y, then X will produce the next President of Liberia!

    Therefore G has to jump on the gravy train before it leaves the station!!!

  4. Findley’s move shows that the political positions are were the gravy can be found. This man wants to tell us that he cannot contribute any other way but jumping ship to secure his share of Weah crumbs from the table. Shame on him. His father would be so ashamed of this political opportunist.

  5. People, most especially from UP are beginning to brand Findley as gravy sicker and calling him all kinds of names. Is it because he crossed over to another party he now has those names? why he was in and supporting the ruling Unity Party he was a saint and when others depart from other parties and join the ruling party they are saints. come on we should stop fooling ourselves and be serious.

    If I do not want to be part of you any more or you are no longer part of me, does it make us bad or the worst people on earth? we all should always understand that in politics things like this will always rise up. People may say in Ameria and advanced countries when one is part of a political party and he or she is not satisfied with some things that are going on in party the people remain and work things out, that is true; in Africa, it is not so because when you are part of a party and you speak against some things they take you as enemy and possibly find a way to harm or kill you most especially when you become vocal and see you as a treat instead seeing it as a medium of correcting what is wrong. that is one of the reasons people leave and not only because of GRAVY SICKING as most people always see.


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