Findley Resigns, President Weah Accepts

Findley to President Weah: "I am very grateful.”

The President of the Republic, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, has accepted the resignation of Foreign Affairs Minister Gbehzohngar M. Findley. The resignation takes effect Tuesday, July 28, 2020. In the letter of resignation dated July 27, 2020, Minister Findley thanked President Weah for affording him the opportunity to serve his country as Foreign Affairs Minister. He said he enjoyed, and was pleased with, President Weah’s confidence, cooperation and support.

“My service in the Coalition administration has afforded me the opportunity to work with some very remarkable personalities internationally, locally and within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And I am very grateful,” he said in his resignation letter to Dr. Weah. “I owe you a debt of gratitude for affording me the opportunity to serve and implement your administration’s agenda,” the former Foreign Minister further told President Weah.

“You can rest assured, Mr. President, of my unflinching support as my leaving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not suggest me leaving my commitment to the Coalition for Democratic Change. I also count on your support as I embark on this journey of seeking to re-enter the Liberian Senate.” Mr. Findley, who was confirmed by the Liberian Senate on February 22, 2018 following his appointment by President Weah, was recently petitioned on by the elders and people of Grand Bassa County to contest the senatorial seat of that county during the forthcoming mid-term elections in December.


  1. Milton Findley will not run – the supreme court has ruled. They will either throw their own ruling out, disregard the COC entirely and make it null and void, or uphold the law. Going contrary to this will make the entire Supreme Court of Liberia a total non entity! You think the country is bad now, wait until those people sideline the law.

  2. James Davis my buddy,
    Don’t be so happy as to laugh like that man. We need a collective effort. Liberia’s problems are yours as well as mine. If you think something is wrong or if any nefarious thing happens in the country, it’s ours to fix. The resignation if Findley is not a big deal. It will not bring the country of Liberia to its needs.

    Keep on with your independent thoughts, but please stop throwing stones because the ceiling is made of glass.

  3. Minister Findley, KGB

    Your valuable service to the people of Liberia have not gone unnoticed. International assignments, Chairman of the Board ( RIA ) Liberia Airport Authority, Senator Grand Bassa County, Senate Pro Temp, Liberian Senate, Minister, Foreign Affairs, We say THANK YOU.

    We believe in work and honor you and those with track record serving the Liberian People as compare to a Coca Cola fly by night politician with zero public service record or experience but wants wants to be rewarded the Liberian Presidency, I wonder what happened to climbing the corporate ladder or public service ladder ?

    I personally see you Min. Findley in the not so distant future as the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia.


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