Finance Minister Calls for Stronger Coordination for Improved Service Delivery

Minister Tweah said: "We’re the custodian of the national development plan, we have to build momentum, document gains we have made, do things differently by changing strategy and thinking differently.”

At MFDP’s mid-year strategic plan retreat

Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel D. Tweah Jr., in a special statement, called on departments of the Ministry to ensure stronger coordination for improved service delivery.

Minister Tweah made the remarks over the weekend in Marshall City, Margibi County at a three (3) day mid-year review of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP).  The retreat ran from Friday, February 5-7, 2021.

Held under the theme, “Strengthen Public Service Delivery”, the retreat was also about assessing the performance of the ministry’s objectives, its accomplishment and challenges during the last three years. The retreat, according to him, is more about coming together as a ministry and practically talking and understanding about where the ministry is going.

“We’re the custodian of the national development plan, we have to build momentum, document gains we have made, do things differently by changing strategy and thinking differently,” Tweah said when motivating senior staffs of the ministry.

Understanding from departments on a matrix they have used on service delivery and their achievements were important in making an impact, he recalled.

He challenged senior-level staff to take responsibility beyond their scope of work so that other agencies of government payroll can be submitted on time. “We need to see ourselves more as a ministry, see us as being responsible for over 107 line ministries, anything we do will have some impact on the country, how we do strike that balance, your job is not done, until someone receives payment or money goes into the economy.”

However, Minister Tweah expressed the need for strengthening the department and about ways coordination can also take place between allotment and availability of funds.

The ministry is becoming more accountable and responsible to workers, with service delivery now “the name of the game”, the practical improvement must be demonstrated at all times, he added.

In addition, Asst. Minister for Administration Patience Kollie-Lawson believes that employees of the ministry must maintain a clear and define strategy that aligns with the PAPD.

She reminded employees about the PAPD, which is the policy paper of the government development that include: Power to the people, the economy and job creation, sustaining peace and transparency, adding that the ministry should remain alert, effective and professional to ensure government objectives are met and that the life of every Liberian is affected positively.

Moreover, Asst. Min. Lawson went on to say “As we carried out this Mid-Year strategic review, we must ensure the ministry objective aligned with the PAPD, and put our country first in every decision we make with honesty, as the change we hope to see might start from this room.”

Minister Samuel D. Tweah Jr., including Deputy Ministers and Assistant Ministers, Directors and Senior Analysts attended the retreat.


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