‘Fight Poverty by Dividing Wealth’

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Central Bank Governor Mills Jones has told citizens of Nimba that poverty can only be fought by extending wealth.

Speaking at a program marking his welcome held at the Federation of Road Transport Union of Liberia Nimba Branch in Ganta on Tuesday, December 10th, Dr. Jones said one of the initiatives of the Central Bank of Liberia is to help the people so they can help themselves.

He added that CBL is recommitted to continuing its micro – finance program, as well as its policy of financial inclusion. The Governor said CBL intends to continue reaching out to the public in order to give them the opportunity to be able to get credit as a means of fighting poverty.

Dr. Jones: “We will stay on course, the Board of Governors are committed, and we are receiving the government’s full support. You can count on that going forward as we continue the program and see how we can further strengthen it so all of us can benefit.”

The CBL Governor and entourage were warmly received in Ganta by a group of business people, members of the FRTUL, the motorcyclists, and other well wishers while on his way to Karnplay; where he is expected to break ground for the construction of a Central Bank branch.

The welcoming ceremony had residents of Ganta carrying banners, palm branches and some on motorbikes singing: “Governor Jones, we want you.”

“Our hope for Liberia is that there be empowerment in its private sectors , that is the only way we are going to build a middle class, and that is the only way we are going to fight poverty,” the CBL head explained.

“We are going to fight poverty by dividing wealth,” he stressed.

Detailing his statement, Dr. Jones said those who have the opportunity to work hard should be given that chance so they can improve their living condition.

The coming of Dr. Mills Jones to Nimba has been greatly politicized by divided lawmakers from Nimba.

Some of the residents believe that Dr. Jones’ coming was under the influence of Sen. Prince Y. Johnson. But Members of the Nimba County Legislative Caucus have had to go out to arguing that the initiative to bring the Bank Governor to Nimba was the work of the Caucus and not Sen. Johnson, “as he and his supporters are claiming.”

It was widely expected that Sen. Johnson and Dr. Jones were supposed to have arrived in Nimba together, but Dr. Jones arrived with Sen. Thomas Grupee instead; something that caused some resentment in the minds of Senator Johnson’s supporters.

“Sen. Grupee has derailed the plan and brought Governor Jones ahead, leaving PYJ behind to make him look small.  But, we will show him that we still love PYJ,” said one Cooper Teahdeh, a fan of Senator Johnson.

The Ganta City Mayor, Dorr Cooper, criticized those politicizing the issue of opening /establishing banks in Nimba. Mayor Cooper said every focus should be on the eradication of poverty.

“We want the opening of the bank to be free of politics,” said Mayor Cooper.


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