FIFA 2022 World Cup Qualifiers: Liberia Paired Against Nigeria, Cape Verde, Central African Republic

The Lone Star were last in competitive action in October 2019 (Photo: Anthony Kokoi)

Liberia’s opponents for the next stage of the 2020 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers have been revealed following Tuesday’s draw in Cairo, Egypt.

Out of 40 African countries, paired in 10 groups comprising of four teams each, Liberia was among 14 sides that progressed from the first round.

The Lone Star were paired in Group C with Nigeria, Cape Verde and the Central African Republic.

According to the format of the qualification, Liberia will have to finish as group winners to progress to the next round of the qualifiers.

The ten second-round group winners play home-and-away over two legs. The five winners qualify for the World Cup. Africa has been allocated five spots in the finals, which will be played in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December.

The second round is scheduled to begin in October 2020 continuing until October 2021.

CAF African World Cup qualifying groups in full:

Group A: Algeria, Burkina Faso, Niger, Djibouti

Group B: Tunisia, Zambia, Mauritania, Equatorial Guinea

Group C: Nigeria, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Liberia

Group D: Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Malawi

Group E: Mali, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda

Group F: Egypt, Gabon, Libya, Angola

Group G: Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia

Group H: Senegal, Congo, Namibia, Togo

Group I: Morocco, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Sudan

Group J: DR Congo, Benin, Madagascar, Tanzania


  • Anthony Kokoi is a young Liberian sports writer who has an ever-growing passion for the development of the game of football (soccer) and other sports. For the past few years, he has been passionately engaged in reporting the developments of the game in the country. He is an associate member of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL). He is a promoter of young talents. He also writes match reports and makes an analysis of Liberian Football.


  1. Lone Star Players,
    You can do it. I will be watching you this year. Lone Star Players, do not accept defeat this year. Make your hometown fans proud.

    Good luck!

    • NOOOOO Hney, the Lone Star can not “do it”. Just like previous years, the Lone Star will end at the bottom of the group. We tend to put sentiments/emotions ahead of reality.

      Truth be told, Liberia has not been able to develop a youth development program that will gradually enable our youth to compete at the highest level.

      Hney, just look at the simple picture, the pitch the Liberian National Team plays on. The pitch is not even fit for an elementary school soccer field. And all that is required to keep it good is water and maybe some fertilizers. And these are the very simple things. If we are not able to take care of the very simple things we will not be able get a handle on the “big things” (developing an intentional and measurable youth development program).

      Just luck will not see the Lone Star through.

  2. Hi there Glenn,
    As fans of the Lone Star team, we should not lose hope. Let’s keep hope alive for the National Team irrespective of whatever happens. This is 2020. Let’s hope that the years of defeat are behind us.

    On the other hand, I agree with you. I know from whence you cometh! The Liberian Lone Star team has not been doing well during the past few years. It’s about time that something had been done in terms of winning more games.

    From my perspective, two schools of thought exist in Liberia:
    (1) Business As Usual People:
    They’re well connected. They’re dug in. They weld economic and political clout. They’re the status quo people. Very comfortable, these people are resistant to change. They believe in “let the good times roll”. They’re Illiberal. Because of their grip on Liberia, it’s hard to see reform in the country. Let’s also say because of naivety, they’re dangerous!

    (2) Business As of Now People:
    They are indisputably the young Liberian professionals. They’re the progressives. They believe that in order for Liberia to move on, there’s got to be a powerful change across the board. People who fall in this group are not unscrupulous, but rather suave and genteel.

    More can be said about the two groups of people I have briefly identified. You sound like a professional. Your idea is not one of the past. If anyone could listen to you, the National Team would be significantly helped. But on the flip side of your suggestion are those people who are identified as being resistant to change, the business as usual people.

    Roads are bad. Schools are overcrowded. Students do not have their full set of textbooks. Teachers are underpaid. But lawmakers in Liberia earn more money than those in the US! (Check it out) Students buy grades sometimes in exchange for sex. Electricity comes and goes in the twinkle of an eye. Some toilets cannot flush at some Ministries or at most homes. Taxi cab drivers jam passengers up in their cars. Police are corrupt. The criminal justice system is like monkey business; it’s a camp of subterfuge! You bribe a judge, the case against you dies a slow death.

    Some people blame Weah for every negative thing in Liberia. I think that’s highly unfair. Weah should try his best to move and shake rapidly. But there needs to be a revolution by the people in group two. Not a revolution that takes the poor lives of people. A genuine collective revolution.

    Let’s support the home team.

    • Okay oh Hney, if you say so. I will hope and cry at the same time; knowing that that the “ship is not going to sink neither will it be moving forward”. So I will take it as you recommend for now…….. Like someone told me on Monday when I tried to watch the county meet via one of the live platforms. I have asked “is this the field the Country’s National Team plays on?” The respond from one of the viewers…. “you na come on here to watch football la field you come look at….” Oh well, we will support the home team as you’ve advised.

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