FFW Partnering with Benson Hospital to Open Community Clinic

(From left) David F. Beyan, Mrs. Deborah Lindholm and Dr. Angela Benson at the presentation ceremony.

The founder/chief executive officer of the Foundation for Women (FFW), Mrs. Deborah Lindholm, has said that the organization in collaboration with authorities of the Benson Hospital in Paynesville, will shortly open a clinic at the Henry Reeves School in the same community to improve the learning of children.

Mrs. Lindholm made the disclosure recently when she presented an additional US$5,000 on behalf of the  organization as part of donations the Foundation made to the hospital following fire disaster on July 24 this year.

FFW, according to Mrs. Lindholm, has a business plan to open several clinics in partner schools so as to better improve the healthcare access for children and families in Liberia. The clinic is on the main campus of the Henry Reeves School – just opposite the main entrance.

The money, Mrs. Lindholm said, is to complete the current renovation exercise of the burnt facility.

She told the Daily Observer in an interview that, when the fire occurred, she was shocked and thought it was important to extend a helping hand to the hospital in order to keep the facility functional, “because we have been in partnership with the hospital for some time. Therefore, we shared the story with friends in the USA, who could be of help to the hospital.”

Mrs. Lindholm said it was based on the information they shared with partners that some funds were raised.

Meanwhile, FFW presented an initial amount of US$7,000 when the incident first occurred. Further, the hospital needed urgent additional attention. FFW, therefore, presented an additional US$13,000, followed by the recent presentation of additional US$5,000, totaling US$25,000.

The FFW has been working in Liberia since 2006. Mrs. Lindholm recalled the entity’s strong partnership with Benson Hospital and pledged its continued support to the institution.

She recalled further the numerous services Benson Hospital has provided to the community and the entire country by encouraging other individuals to follow the same example so as to keep the facility functional.

Over the years, the FFW has provided microfinance and business support to individual women in 14 of 15 counties by empowering up to 35,000 women in businesses. It has given financial support to independent (private) schools in the country for the last five years.  In 2018, the organization began offering business and microfinance support to community health clinics.

The FFW is a 501(c)3 non-profit in the US and a registered non-governmental organization in Liberia, working to end poverty through microcredit programs.

The Foundation has created and implemented microfinance programs in India, Zambia, Niger, Liberia and San Diego in the US. Since 1997, the FFW has positively impacted more than a million women and their families, impacting over 20 million people by funding microfinance, mainly education projects.

At present, the FFW is creating a “Network of Excellence” for community health clinics in the country, after funding 20 community clinics since July 2018.

Mrs. Lindholm said that the program is unique for Liberia and will greatly impact the health sector.

“We have so far funded 20 community clinics that are currently part of the Network of Excellence,” she said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Angela Benson, wife of the hospital’s proprietor, Dr. Jimmy O. Benson, has lauded the kind gesture of FFW, recalling the strong relationship the FFW has built over the years with the hospital.

Dr. Benson described the presentation as “timely and essential,” adding, “the hospital has been one of the health centers that attend to patients that are vulnerable, because it has the capacity.”


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