Fendell Kids Warned against Vices at Christmas Party

Children Party.jpg

Fendell Community’s Youth Movement Against Violence (UYMAV) hosted a Christmas Party for 800 children, including under-privileged or needy , and advised them not to get involved in vices such as smoking, drinking and early sex.

On the 26 day of December when Christmas was celebrated nationwide the children from eight communities in the Fendall area spent their Christmas on the campus of the Kingsley Lington Academy.

Some of the communities included Blezon, Walacol, Wede, Kpangbah, Tamba, and Korto.

The children party was organized and sponsored by Montserrado County District # 5 Representative, Thomas Fallah, U Foundation, UYMAV and the Kingsley Lington Academy School.

The children, mostly under 17 years, were kept together and they happily celebrated the Christmas.

They danced, played games, ate food and drank soft drinks for lunch, and were given toys.

Mr. Sabato Neufville, the leader of UYMAV, told the Daily Observer on Monday that the get-together for the children involved counseling them in accordance with biblical principle that says, “Train up a child in the way he should go in Proverb 22:6.”

He also added that “During holidays the children are vulnerable so helping the parents or guardians to help train them is our way of rendering services to the family, society and the country at large.”

He said, “Since 2011 the organization, in collaboration with the Kingsley Lington Academy, has organized children’s festivals on holidays like New Year’s Day, Armed Forces Day, Valentine’s Day, Decoration Day, and Joseph J. Roberts’ Birthday.”

Mrs. Anniebel Karnga, the Executive Director for UYMAV, said their campaign is to stand up for children to keep them off the streets on holidays.

She disclosed that at least 65 children have left the streets because of their commitment and hard work.

She indicated that teaching non-violent approach and having children festivals are benefiting children and parents alike. According to Mrs. Karnga, children learn by watching and imitating others than through their personal experiences.

She said it is critical that parents, guardians, mentors and teachers educate children about non-violence, gender equality and violence
against women and girls.”

The UYMAV Executive Director added: “It’s our hope to even help them with basic health and safety messages, including non-violence, which we believe will make our society to be violence-free.”

The organization also provides scholarship for students, especially orphans and destitute children. UYMAV was established in 1995 and the Kingsley Lington Academy, was founded 2008.


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