Female Prelate Challenges Other Women


As Liberia joins the world over in celebrating this year’s Mother Day, a female prelate has called on women to use their God-given influence to positively change the society for the best.

Rozetta Williams, Pastor of the PHP Evangelical Church in Monrovia, described women as very important people in the society, “because God gave you a special power to influence the society in several other positive ways.”

As such, she challenged them to use their influence to change the society that would benefit all.

Pastor Williams spoke at a program marking the celebration of Mother’s Day at the World Wide Mission Church in Monrovia.

She added that women were made to be God’s influential people on earth, and should therefore be able to influence the society by their deeds and behaviors, which will positively impact the lives of the younger generation.

Pastor Williams said a woman can also use her influence to change the society by remaining truthful in everything she does.

She added, “Women are the first teachers for their children, and if a woman is properly trained, she will also train her children to be good citizens for tomorrow.

The prelate also attributed the high rate of corruption across the country to the inabilities of mothers or women who, according to her, are the first teachers to use their God’s given influence to properly bring up their children for the common good of the society.

Pastor Williams also cautioned some of the women to advise their children to distance themselves from getting involve with the illegal use of the harmful substances and prostitution which, according to her, is among some of the vices that are gradually destroying the Liberian society.

Moreover, Mother Williams informed the audience that some women are reportedly using their influence negatively by portraying bad images of their children, stressing that it is a total disgrace to womanhood.

She also reminded the gathering that if Liberia is to have a better future, the women need to use their influence in a positive way to change the country for the better.

The Mother of the Year 2019/2010, Beatrice Hargrave Lloyd, commended the leadership of the church for the honor bestowed upon her and promised to continue working in the interest of the church.

Lloyd added that her honor was not just ordinary, but was due to her services rendered over the years to the church and to the Ministry of Christ.

She meanwhile frowned on women, who she said are in the constant habit of ill-treating other people’s children and called on them to desist, because they all belong to the body of Christ.


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