Female Lawmaker Employs Visually Impaired

Rep. Rosana G.D.H Schaack presents a symbolic letter of employment to Lahai Gotolo.

– Calls on colleagues to follow suit 

River Cess County District #1 Representative Rosana G.D.H. Schaack has employed a visually impaired Liberian as secretary in her office.

Rep. Schaack is also calling on her fellow civil servants in the Legislature and other branches, ministries and agencies of government to offer jobs to any prepared visually impaired (blind) person as a way of empowering members of the disabled community.

The female lawmaker believes that persons living with disabilities can play significant roles in the larger society, “and therefore giving them the necessary opportunities could help them not to become a liability on the country.”

Rep. Schaack said she has received commendations from River Cess residents and other Liberians for keeping to her campaign promise.

Shortly after she handed a symbolic employment letter to the visually impaired Lahai Gotolo, Rep. Schaack also called on “well placed Liberians and foreign nationals” to employ qualified people with disabilities “to give hope to them so that they too can become good and responsible citizens.”

“Gone are the days when persons living with disabilities were deprived of several privileges,” Schaack told her audience.

For his part, an appreciative Lahai Gotolo thanked Rep. Schaack for the opportunity afforded him to serve as a civil servant assigned as a secretary in her office.

Rep. Schaack is a professional health practitioner with several years of work experience in the sector.


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