FeJAL Wants President Weah Apologize to Protesters  


For acts of brutality by state security

The Female Journalists Association of Liberia (FeJAL) has expressed disappointment in the government of Liberia for deploying members of joint securities officers to brutalize peaceful protestors on the third day of the nationwide anti-rape protest.

In a press release, signed by its president Siatta Scott-Johnson, FeJAL described the action on the part of the government as a sad moment for women and girls in Liberia and a clear show of arrogance and intolerance on the part of the government.

By brutalizing peaceful protestors, FeJAL considers the action of the state security proves that the government’s fight against rape is mere lip service and it has no intention to fix the system as requested by protestors.

FeJAL believes that this is not only an attack on women’s human rights defenders but on women’s peace and security.

“For too long the issue of rape and sexual abuse have been downplayed by those in authority and the fact that the citizens could come out in their numbers show that “we are unprotected” and “enough is enough,” the release said.

FeJAL condemned in the strongest tune the actions of the government of Liberia and is admonishing the government to respect the views of citizens by listening to whatever it is that hurts them so that the society is peaceful and the views of women who make up 51 percent of Liberia’s population should not only be heard but also acted upon.

‘We are calling on the Feminist-in-Chief, President George Weah to apologize to the protestors”, FeJAL stated.

Liberia is a signatory to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), the Resolution 1325 and 1820, unanimously calls for immediate action for the protection, women, and girls from all forms of sexual violence including RAPE.


  1. George Weah needs no knowledge, experience, or wisdom to understand that his so-called regime would come to a crashing end if he chooses to go about antagonizing, disrespecting, and assaulting the women and girls of Liberia. He must be a heartless imbecile to go against them in such fashion.

  2. BULL-SHIT!!! No president´s sound judgment, appropriate act or necessary omission prompted by the extremely unreasonable conduct, hidden agenda, disrespectful behavior, lawlessness and totally violent behavior of a substantial amount of protesters is ever tantamount to “antagonizing, disrespecting, and assaulting” any one or any group irrespective of age, sex, gender, or whichever demographic reality.

    As we said throughout, the Presidency or those who serve the Presidency would have sent a very wrong message or become culprits of contributory negligence had the President gone to meet wolves in sheep clothing mixed amongst whichever amount of sheep or angels!

  3. Siatta Scott Johnson of FEJAL, you better go find place to sit and keep quiet, since it is clear you have nothing sound to say.

    For your information, it is you the so called leaders of the protesters who need to apologize to the President for the violent and unruly behavior of some of your protesters and the disrespectful conduct of you the protest leaders against the President and his Representatives to whom you disrespectfully refused to present your petition.

    After tacitly insulting the President, you dare resound your insult by requesting apology from the President. you better go find place to sit and keep quiet, since it is clear you have nothing sound to say.


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