‘Withdraw Kemayah’s Appointment’

FEJAL President Siatta Scott Johnson (left) said the allegation against Amb. Kemayah (right) is grave; therefore, the President should withdraw his nomination immediately as the country’s Feminist-in-Chief.

… Until sexual harassment allegations against him are purged, FeJAL warns

By Hannah N. Geterminah and Judoemue M. Kollie

The Female Journalists Association of Liberia (FeJAL) has called on President George Weah to withdraw the appointment of Ambassador D. Maxwell Kemayah has Foreign Minister Designate over allegation of sexual harassment allegation.

In a press statement, FEJAL President Siatta Scott Johnson said the allegation against Amb. Kemayah is grave; therefore, the President should withdraw his nomination immediately as the country’s Feminist-in-Chief. 

“We crave the indulgence of President Weah to prove his commitment to end rape by withdrawing the appointment of Amb. Kemayah until he is purged off this grave allegation that has the propensity of throwing a monkey wrench into the validity of the anti-rape document; if it is anything serious to go by,” said Mrs. Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson added that it is time for President Weah to convince the Liberian people that he is indeed the Feminist –in-chief he boost been  off  by demonstrating zero tolerance towards all forms of sexual violence by withdrawing Amb. Kemayah nomination.

“By this, Liberians will be convinced that the collective efforts as requested by President Weah are now well on its way to a broader collaboration and color gender-based the stakeholders in the fight to end rape and all forms of sexual and gender-based violence against women and girls in Liberia,” she said.

This, FeJAL said will fall in line with President Weah’s recent statement at the just ended rape conference that “he has a zero tolerance for sexual violence in any form.”

Meanwhile, FeJAL has called on the Legislature, Ministries of State, Foreign Affairs and Justice to show proactive accountability by advising the President to withdraw the appointment until a full-scale report into the investigation is released.

Amb. Kemayah, who currently serves as Liberia’s permanent representative to the United Nations, was accused by a female employee of the Liberia mission.

The accuser, Whynee Cummings Wilson, in communications to the US Mission, UN authorities and Gender Minister Williametta Piso Saydee-Tarr narrated how Amb. Kemayah allegedly molested and sexually harassed her on January 8, 2020 — which happened to be her birthday. 

According to her, Ambassador Kemayah on one occasion called her to his office and locked the door, and was allegedly harassed. 

“After the event while I was about to leave and head home, Amb. Kemayah called me to his office and locked the door, and I was sexually harassed by him. Kemayah asked me several times to kiss him, stating, ‘You know what to do, just give me a kiss, we are all adults here,” Wilson narrated.

According to Madam Wilson, the action of Kemayah, who she considers as a ‘father’, left her in a devastating state.  She narrated that the action made her stay away from office for a whole month, raising concerns amongst her colleagues.

Amb. Kemayah’s response

Amb. Kemayah in a five-page document response from New York through his legal team, the Tilem & Associates said “We are aware that long before his nomination as Liberia’s Foreign Minister, a handful of detractor’s unleashed an avalanche of failed attacks to hunt him down into disfavor with the President.”

The firm added: “We initiated an investigation based on our principle of avoiding prolonged and wasteful litigation. We do not want to have to pursue costly litigation against her or the news media publishing knowingly false statements.  Ambassador Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr. has advised us that he wants to continue the great work he has been doing and will not let this clearly false allegation stop him. What we have discovered is clear, Ms. Wilson and other state actors are attempting to harm Ambassador Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah,” said the law firm.

The attack on the Ambassador, the firm said, is not just on him, but also is an attack on his beautiful and loving wife, Rev. Mrs. Dialokai Golanyon-Kemayah.  Tilem & Associates indicated that the Ambassador has over the many decades built a strong reputation of integrity, both domestically and abroad. 

The firm further defended Kemayah’s reputation and sincerity especially as a diplomat, stating that it was on the basis of his reputation that the President nominated him as Foreign Minister.

Gov’t launches probe 

As the government launched a probe into Ms. Wilson’s allegation, Amb. Kemayah has denied any wrongdoing — while his activist and his political opponents called for his resignation or withdrawal. However, in a society that has over the past months been in the throes of a bitter battle against rape and other forms of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV), Amb. Kemayah’s colleagues in government appear to be standing by him for now until the findings of the probe can be completed.

The government, through Deputy Presidential Press Secretary Smith Toby has said the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Gender Children and Social Protection have launched an investigation in to the current sexual harassment allegation being leveled against Foreign Minister Designate, Ambassador Dee Maxwell Saah Kemayah.

Mr. Toby said that the Government is very cognizant about the matter and will ensure that the matter is properly investigated.

The report of Ambassador Kemayah’s involvement in sexual harassment comes just as the GoL declared rape as a national emergency and launched a roadmap to address the issue of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) in the country.

According to Toby, given the gravity of the allegation, the Government through the President’s office does not take the matter lightly but seizes the opportunity to look into it and shall subsequently inform the public. 

“Based on the gravity of the allegation the government has launched an investigation and subsequently there will be a decision.  At the moment, the government has taken possession of the allegation leveled against the ambassador with serious concern. This information broke out over the weekend and we are to come back to officially tell the Liberian public what the government has decided,” he explained.

He added that because the Government has considered rape as a national emergency, the allegation will be properly looked into with no disrespect to the complainant.  Whatever decision comes concerning the issue we will inform the Liberian public.


  1. My goodness. It’s too early for calls to be made for Kemayah’s dismissal from his newly appointed job. Why? Because an in-depth investigation by the government is being done. It will be considered premature for Kemayah to be dismissed from his new appointment while a fresh investigation is being done.

    A Big Split:
    So far, there are some people who feel strongly that Wilson does not have a strong case that warrants Kemayah’s dismissal. These anti-Wilson forces feel that a request to (😘) kiss someone, especially a female, who is not a lover, but rather an associate is not a big deal.
    That’s what they say. I am only an observer!

    On the other side of the coin are the pro-Wilson forces. The pro-Wilson forces strenuously argue that Kemayah went a little too far with his diplomacy. The pro-Wilson forces contend that whereas Kemayah is a married man, (especially to female Pastor), according to them, Kemayah deserves a rebuke!

    Then, there’s another group of people (for purposes of this discussion, let’s refer to the latter group of people as the Independents). The Independents are reluctant to take sides. But despite the Independents’ reluctance to take a side, they are very interested in the outcome of the case. Why? Because the Independents are 50-50! The Independens’ position is based on “maybe”!

    1. Maybe Wilson is lying,
    2. Maybe Wilson is not lying,
    3. Maybe Kemayah actually demanded a kiss,
    4. Maybe Kemayah didn’t demand a kiss. Maybe it was just rough on the guy that day.
    5. Maybe the Wilson-Kemayah affair was consensual, and
    6. Maybe it was not consensual.

    Whatever the case, the Independents have a right to be in a state of flux. You just can’t blame them. It may seem funny, but that’s how it is sometimes.

    (1) Pro-Wilson forces……..50% female
    35% male and 15% unknown.

    (2) Pro Kemayah forces…….50% male and 40% female and 10% unknown.

    (3) Independents……60% male, 30% female and 10% unknown.

    The nagging question:
    Where do the three groups of people go from here? Should they burn bridges? Go to war? Demonstrate?

    Wait patiently for the outcome of the investigation. If it took nine months for your beloved mother to carry you in her womb, you can certainly wait for the conclusion of the Wilson-Kemayah investigation. Patience.


    • I just want to remind you that the lady is making TWO ACCUSATIONS:

      1- Molestation
      2- Sexual Harassment (asking for a kiss)

      We do not know to what extent the Molestation reached…!

      Do Not Blame The Victim
      Wait for all of the facts, please.

  2. 4. Maybe Kemayah didn’t demand a kiss. Maybe it was just rough on the guy that day.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    It can be rough on every man sometimes, but we must remain always remain a gentleman!
    Well, I am not saying this to say Kemayah is guilty or not guilty, let’s wait and see. And I hope the investigation will be done by credible people.
    For me, I strongly believe Ms. Wilson is not a deliberate liar, she must have been abused!

    • I see some of you telling my fellow woman that once her views or opinions are not driven by defense for the one with whom she shares the identical gender (female), then according to your judgement, she hates women and likes men. How so my people?

      As a retired public servant of our then NBI, NSA, etc, I can bet my faith and life that the way the complainant went about this matter should be enough to tell the President to go ahead with the nomination of Ambassador Kemayah,

      For indeed, added to the suspicious manner the complainant went about her case, withdrawing or not withdrawing the nomination can have no effect on the national endeavor to deal with the rape issue in our country, nor the commitment of the President to have his government deal with the rape issue in conformity with law, justice, order, national security, and fairness.

      That said, to those who I mentioned in my first paragraph, if one day one of you is privileged to be the custodian of the mantle of national leadership, you people would expect the conclusion, reasoning, view, opinion, or judgement of individuals and groups, to be prompted by the gender, ethnicity, age, social group, sex, etc. which one shares with the accuser and the accused?

      Let me caution you people having such a mindset, that in as much as you are entitled to your rights and freedoms of beliefs, expressions, thought, and opinions, I can tell you upfront that in such matters or related ones, honesty, fairness, or justice, based on sex, ethnicity, gender, etc.is not only immoral and unlawful .It is ungodly!

      Actually, I hope you sharing such views may sooner or later realize that by making judgements in such settings based on demographics, you are simply playing into the hands of arsonists feigning to be the best firefighters in the very fire breakout they have made for their satanic and selfish interests! And that is where I missed Ellen! Ellen would never ever delay her nomination simply to please any nor any group, once the appointment or nomination has no connection to international sanction.

      Another suggestion which is mind bugging is that of FeJAL leadership. According to the President of this group, the only way , President Weah can prove his commitment to end rape in Liberia is by withdrawing the appointment of Amb. Kemayah faster than the speed of a bullet. REALLY?.

      In other words, whether Ms Wannie Wilson is telling the truth or not, by sacrificing the reputation of another human being “ Liberians will be convinced that the collective efforts as requested by President Weah are now well on its way to a broader collaboration and color gender-based the stakeholders in the fight to end rape and all forms of sexual and gender-based violence against women and girls in Liberia,” Let me put it our Liberian way> FOR TRUE?

      This is irrational, funny, and crazy as the approach of Wannie Wilson which is that once the ambassador stayed at the very Liberian UN Mission, and not appointed as Foreign Minister, Minister of State, or otherwise, she did not consider (what she is now telling us) her now complaint as anything serious.

      However, once the ambassador gets appointed or nominated as Foreign Minister, etc., and she reports her case, the President would withdraw the nomination, And that withdrawal would prove the commitment of the President to end rape as the attitudes of both Wannie Wilson and this President of FeJAL suggest!

      But if the President does not get carried away by sentiments and CAVE IN AS PONTIUS PILATE, then he Mr. President is not committed to ending rape in Liberia. Can you imagine such playing into the hands of arsonists of the very fire outbreak pretending to be the best firefighters to quench the very fire for which they are responsible, at the expense of using the innocent (whether a female or a male) as the lamb for such sacrifice no different from wasting water on the back of a duck!

      • Dear Mae Moore,

        Your first paragraph is directly addressed to me, and so I beg to clear the air.
        Please, I was teasing or throwing a jab at Siata Massaquoi. I am an observer of this case. My judgment or opinion should not in any way offend anyone.

  3. Siatta, YOU ARE SICK! You are not only sick, you are as ignorant, and extremely ridiculous, and absolutely unfit to head any association irrespective of its gender.

    What sort of very foolish and reckless precedence and poicy are you suggesting a government should adopt By withdrawing nominations of people with excellently clean records in terms of morals, lawfulness, and patrioticly professional services to their country and people, simply because even a female pastor or an angel claims (WITHOUT A SINGLE CONVINCING DIRECT OR CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE) such cherished and known public international servant, and a diplomat at that (Ambassador Dee Maxwell Kemayah) has asked her for a kiss? YOU ARE REALLY SICK AND NEED MEDICAL OR AT LEAST THERAPEUTICAL HELP!

    It beats our imagination that one heading an association which should inter alia ensure its aims and objectives, strive to advocate impartially the principles of fairness would display such prejudice, discrimination, and biasness, By requesting a government or the President to withdraw the nomination of an astute, morally balanced, and seasoned diplomat of years of dedicated services, and without any criminal record based on such FLIMSY ACCUSATION WHICH SMELLS WITH A DIABOLICAL MOTIVE AND INTENT, on “grounds” of the given President´s rhetorical title of “feminist in chief” or “masculinist in chief.”

    Do you not know the credence you would be giving to such a dangerous precedence, which any Whynnie, Mary, or Sarah, or Tom, Dick, or Harry, would capitalize on to destroy innocent people simply for political reasons or other personal vendetta to the individual or collective interests of evil actors?

    You little girl or whatever your age, take this education on the adherence to evidence and fairness, that: It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer!

    Look, you sick girl, ours is a country of laws, and not a country governed under sentiments and the fanfare of rhetorical titles – whether “feminist in chief or masculinist in chief!

    • Fatou Massaquoi, you seem to like men ooooooh!
      You always attack your fellow women instead of coming to their defense. This is the second noticeable attack, the first was on our Peace Laureate winner.
      I hope you can tell me why you hate other women, even though it’s a good thing for me that you like men.

  4. Miss Fatou Massaquoi,
    I visualize you as a person who speaks truth to power. Continue to be firm and tough. Please do not relent! Liberians need people like you.

  5. Hney

    Mr. Hney, I see you quoting statistics above. Just for curiosity sake, if you were to be asked about how you conducted your studies and arrived at these percentages, what would you tell people?

    What subjects in your survey are your variables, and what subjects are your constants? And since you are sounding scientifically savvy, did you use bell shape objects or square root formulas? Can you demonstrate for us your square root formulas and how you formulate your hypothesis? And since you are dealing with a population distribution, what do you conclude is the standard deviation or the spread of your data? How can an independent inquirer verify the (+-) accuracies of your data?

    Last, what would you say was the variance in your data sets?

    Other than this being a matter of your expression of personal opinion, I personally would not be bold to ever report any findings using numbers in this manner for the fact that some knowledgeable or intelligent people out there could easily interpret the manner in which I drew my conclusions as an attempt to manipulate and falsify information for some selfish motive.

    Please do not misinterpret my queries as an attempt to discredit or insult you. Just a thought.

  6. Mr. Attoh,
    When good people like you or others ask important questions, I do not reach conclusions by insisting that I have been insulted or discredited. It’s not my style to get into unimportant arguments.

    For your information, I queried ten colleagues of mine, five males and five females. That’s how I reached conclusions by providing the numbers above. If there are pundits out there who feel somehow manipulated by the percentages I stated above, I will be unable to apologize. It’s not style to manipulate or confuse anyone.

    Lastly, I cannot go any further to answer your questions. I did my schooling years ago. I am not interested in convincing you, Sir. If you disagree wiith what I wrote, you have the right to.

  7. There are some commenters/opinion writers who have reached conclusions as matters pertain to the Wilson-Kemayah saga. However, I am not one of those people. I have maintained all alone that no one knows the truth of what actually happened between Wilson and Kemayah. Finally, the government of George Weah has launched an investigation. Until the findings of the investigation are made public, not much can be said convincingly or authoritatively.

    Reminder: Those who are impulse writers, will not stop. Some will find a reason to blame or discredit Wilson and Kemayah even though an investigation is ongoing. All of us will be well off by being equanimous.

  8. Jurisprudence looks for the truth. Legislation probes the revelation of the law. The Execution of of the law is precautious, quick, and revisionary.

  9. Let us therefore be concerned about the personality of the Liberian Government that befit these functions. pertaining to the executive power that lead to international relations. We should no longer take chances with leakages that will degrade the office. Nevertheless, you never get to know exactly who is loyal to the State or who is seeking personal fame from the President or who is pretending to be on the side of the Executive. We should focus more on the best officials that will make Liberia a better place for the actual originals and ordinary.

    Gone again to pray for this land of liberty.

  10. Is the Gender Ministry involve in these hirings? Ask the Germens for help in setting up a tracking systems to deal with all hirings. Liberian Tradition? Again we are face with NO Know-Hows?


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