Fear Grips Picnicess over Mysterious Deaths

Grand Kru County Superintendent Doris N. Ylatun

— County Leadership vote for ‘Tamba’ to Cleanse Chenakaleh 

Life in Picnicess, Grand Kru County, is no picnic right now. At least 40 persons are said to have died mysteriously, allegedly due to witchcraft activities in Chenakaleh, Picnicess over the last couple of years. The most recent mysterious death that has Picnicess on edge is that of a “man of God”, the head of the Catholic Church in Picnicess, Brother Joseph Nyenplue.

Grand Kru County Superintendent, Doris N. Ylatun, told the Daily Observer on Thursday that unexplained death of the late Nyenplue on July 10 caused a protest over the mysterious death of their parish leader, but the angry residents were peaceful and didn’t damage public property.

She said the body of the late Nyenplue was discovered with fresh blood running through his nose and eyes, with broken arms, though no parts were extracted.

According to Madam Superintendent, there have been a spate of mysterious deaths of people since before her appointment in 2018. Also, recently in her tenure, at least five deaths have occurred, bring the number of deaths to 40.

She said the mysterious deaths are only done in Chenakaleh and the residents believe that not enough has been done to find those behind the recent deaths. According to her, residents are now demanding a witch doctor, popularly known as “Tamba”, to uncover the witches and cleanse the community.

“The County Leadership has agreed to the request of Chenakaleh to cleanse the community from witchcraft activities but, before his ministration, there will be a round-table discussion about his proceedings,” Madam Ylatun said.

“We are expecting Tamba in the county hopefully between now to the 15th of August and we are hopeful the mysterious deaths will come to an end.”

Grand Kru County (red), in southeastern Liberia, is also the home county of President George Manneh Weah

Superintendent Ylatun indicated that the first appointed commissioner of Picnicess in 2018, Tokpa Geplah, also disappeared mysteriously and is believed to be dead. She said Geplah allegedly disappeared while en route to his house after fishing and, up to now, his body is yet to be found.

“For me, in August 2019, a snake was found laying in my bed, where l usually laid down with the Holy Bible on top of my pillow,” the  Superintendent said, narrating her own personal experience. “It was through the mercy of  God, l didn’t jump on my bed to lay down but spotted  it and it was killed.”

Besides Picnicess, the alleged witchcraft activities are also alarming in Galarway, while in Buah District there are conflicts among the people over farm lands.

Moreover, there are inter-counties conflicts over lands between Maryland and Grand Kru Counties. A meeting has been set for November this year by the Internal Affairs Minister, Varney Sirleaf, to bring the conflicting parties together to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Ylatun has appealed to Justice Minister Frank Dean for the increment of police in the county and the erection of a correctional facility.

“Whenever we have a prisoner, we transport them to Maryland due to fear of jail breaks.  Interestingly, because of lack of vehicle, they are transported via motorbike,” Madam Ylatun said.

She furthered that currently a suspected rapist and a suspected murderer are in prison and they are trying to rent a vehicle to transport them Maryland, also due to fear of possible jail break.

In other issues, she graded the health sector better over the educational sector, stressing that the high schools in the county don’t have libraries, laboratories and qualified teachers in some of the subjects, unlike in the health sector, there are more trained health practitioners.


  1. Please tell me that Leroy Sonpon 111 did not write a stupid article like this. we are in the 21st century and the most respected journalist writes trash like this on superstition and witchcraft as a leading story. How low can Sonpon go? I am embarrassed

  2. This account is absurd, and alarming. How can a county complain of the inadequacy of holding facilities, during this period? After the existence of 37 years, Grand Kru cannot boast of a secure holding facility? The county status of Grand Kru County should be reviewed.

  3. From what’s been read, one gets the impression that Grand Kru and its residents are in need of massive help.
    For instance,
    1 High Schools have no laboratories,
    2. High Schools have no libraries and qualified teachers,
    3. There’re human disappearances,
    4 . There are unsolved murder cases,
    5. A snake finds no place in the grass but on the bed of the county superintendent,… (did the snake in this story want to be civilized?)
    6. There aren’t any jail compounds in the county,
    7. There’s a shortage of law enforcement officers and maybe there’s no electricity and
    8. Witchcraft is on the rise.

    Wow! What’s the leadership of the county doing?

    Saying it exactly as it should be!

    Some critics of Weah are waiting in the wings to blame him about the troubled county. But such a blame would be considered misguided. Why? Because during Johnson-Sirleaf’s 12-year presidency, 12 billion dollars went to Liberia. During that time, Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf should have used some of the aid money for local development in the counties. But it never happened. That’s not to say that Mr. Weah shouldn’t try at all. But, a bulk of the blame falls on:
    (1). Madam EJS…..50%,

    (2). County Superintendents, (before and now)
    5% and

    (3) The county’s elected lawmakers…45%. The Senators and the Representatives of Grand Kru ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    For now, Weah escapes blame. Why? Because this is the very first time that news like this has been brought to the forefront.


    • “Uncle Hney,” since that seems to be the password around here now, the actual amount was $16 Billion and not $12 BIllion. And for your future reference, that amount was chanelled via NGOs, not the GOL. So much for muckraking.

    • Due to these broken problems and a totally broken or nonexistent system, the CDC promised FIXES which are yet to be forthcoming.
      Liberians know the problems; the international community knows the plagues in Liberia and so the people are desperate for FIXES. When will doctor doctor doctor Weah begin the FIXES he promised? After he is done building his 10 mansions for himself, a single human being and his family?
      This one too, some people will say “oh it’s because of the Americans” or “it’s the fault of Ellen Joshnos Sirleaf”, n’importe quoi!

    • Hahahahahahahahahaha!
      It’s not easy on my big brother today oooooh, my people.

      James Davis, please take it easy with Hney. He must be your senior brother and so try to polish your expressions towards him, PLEASE, I beg you!

      You see, Poor-Man-Lawyer Hney, I told you that you are on the wrong side of history. If you don’t make a U-turn, it may be impossible for me to recommend you as Minister of Education under our leadership.
      In nearly all your posts, you always blame Ellen for even things she was never associated with and yet you do not want people to blame Weah for his ineptitude.
      Weah and thugs were very rude to Ellen, making us to know that she was not qualified to lead Liberia. Now Weah is there, the ills he fought against should be corrected, as he promised FIXES. Why are you still bring Ellen into this debate all the time? We know she failed, it’s time for Weah to FIX things.

      Everyone knows the Southeastern region of Liberia is seriously lagging compared to other parts of Liberia. Embark on some positive discriminations; tell your man Weah to concentrate more development projects in the region.
      Instead, you will support him taking $30 million to feed useless and lazy people, why? We have a paved road from RIA to Monrovia, what the essence of making it a 4-lane road right now with the level of traffic at our airport? That money could have partially open the way from Buchanan to Rivercess.
      Be objective with Weah and get out of political politics just because you must defend your man maybe for some future job. By the way, I wouldn’t be surprised if Weah were to appoint you soon in his government, as you came down last year for that purpose.

      How can a superintendent lie in bed with a snake in her administrative residence? What are the elected leaders of the Southeastern region doing with the county development funds?
      I consider this development funds thing a hoax, hypocrisy at its notorious peak among the blind people of Liberia. It’s like saying, “my man, you can come for the money and send me my cut, don’t bother about what the people will say. In fact, if anyone opens his mouth to talk, we will send him to everlasting sleep”. What a moral decadence!

      As much as I support the apportioning of developing funds to every county, it should have been expedient for such funds to be entrusted to an elected official with the sole responsibility of developing a county in accordance with his campaign platform. It means such official should play the role of a governor (like in the USA) of the county.
      Superintendents should be representatives of the central government within the counties to oversee security, safety and the justice system.
      Lawmakers should concentrate on legating ONLY, and not be involved with anything that has to do with development.

      I hope Liberians will start thinking like the rest of the world to lead the country out of the stone age we still find ourselves.
      Ritualistic killings and other trivial abominable acts in the Liberian society are just the consequential effects of promoting ineptitude and mundanity in our society. By the time we to understand that we must make public office a space for competitive intellectual exchange to choose the brightest ideas, I believe no one will dream about killing other human beings to be elected or appointed, since you have to exhibit your intellectualism before all in order to be elected. I don’t believe Petarus Dolo can be hypnotized with any magical charm to voting a wimp.

      Doctor doctor doctor Weah and elected officials of Grand Kru, please, think about your origin. You have a beautiful landscape that can be used for tourism and agriculture, invest in it. New Kru Town is not your village.
      If I were to become the president of Liberia, I would raze that beautiful peninsula and construct beautiful skyscrapers to be sold or rented to diplomatic missions, companies, individuals and tourists, beware NEVER to vote me if I should develop the ambition!

      No more war in Liberia!

  4. Uncle Hney,

    Greetings. Actually, the issue of this country has been in the forefront for a while now, just that no one has paid real attention and you are right when you lay the blame at the helm of the county officials and the representatives and senators..

    I actually just returned from Grand Kru County where I had gone to conduct an unofficial survey about youths. The county is lacking of so many things. The leadership of this county is weak and all they are doing is fending for themselves. Grand Kru can do more than that.

    I hasten to say that EJS cannot take 50% of the blame because during her tenure as President, she always wanted workable plans from the officials of that country and it was never forthcoming. How do I know this? My father was friends with the Assistant Superintendent of the County at the time and many a time, when he was in Monrovia from grand Kru, the Assistant Superintendent spend time at our residence and I heard him tell that the representatives and senators his county were too dishonest in their dealings with the county officials.

    The youths in that county are so enthusiastic about the future. you can see it in their words and in their actions. They smart too.

    I have added my dad’s middle name to mine to distinguish me from the other many joe moses that flooding this site. FYI


  5. You kidding right?? Witchcraft??? What is going on in this Country? Others country are on the rise… And we still witchcraft stuff!! Thanks Mr. Sonpon iii

  6. Okay. Welcome back, JBM! As always, I am elated to read your comments. I went back in time and read some of the comments you’ve written. But during the past two to three weeks, your comments weren’t forthcoming. I became concerned. Glad to hear from you once again.

    It’s not my sincere intention to always blame president EJS. I almost worked for madam EJS. When the time came for me to work in her government from 2014 to the end of her presidency, Ebola entered Liberia. I was disappointed, but I accepted my disappointment as a “no” from God.

    In any case, as a leader, she is blameworthy even if it is less than 50% of the blame. Since our country is small and very poor, it was her responsibility as a leader to visit the counties yearly. Also, if no report was forthcoming from her appointed administrators, it was her full duty as a leader to have become savvy and not lethargic. In America, there are appointed “Inspector Generals” posted at all federal Departments. We need something like that in Liberia.

    With regard to lawmakers and others who always seek their own interest and not the interest of the people whom they were charged to represent, I totally agree with you. Usually, our appointed leaders are unhelpful. Second, the elected leaders themselves are worst in terms of malfeasance in the pack. Example, the Senators and Representatives of Grand Kru have been assigned automobiles by the government of Liberia. But because of their selfish egos, the lawmakers of Grand Kru don’t care if a High School has no laboratory or a prison compound for inmates in the county. What happens if the Marylanders say they do not want prisoners from Grand Kru? I don’t know what’s wrong with them.

    Again, you are spot on regarding the egregious way in which the youth of Grand Kru are being treated. The young men and women have talents, but there’s no one to help.

  7. Here comes James Davis again. The reality is can a Kru man build his county or the space he occupies ? A Kru man given the chance as Representative to represent a district in Cape Mount any difference ? Then take a walk almost in the very heart of Monrovia, there sits a Borough called the Borough of New Kru Town. Created perhaps in the 1950s and headed by a Kru Governor , and different from Grand Kru ? If so, look no further than the other Kru county, Sinoe County, you dig the pattern on development ? These people are tribalistic individualists. Don’t want to believe ? Again, look no further than the head of state, Its All Mines, mines, mines , mines. Grand Kru County had one Speaker of the House , two Pro-temps, and the fault is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf when the county of less than sixty thousand citizens receiving two hundred thousand plus as developmental funds for 12 unbroken years, and Hney says it is the fault of someone else. That kind of political thinking is just too disingenuous. But then again, What A Kru People ? What A Kru Thing ? What A Kru Village Called A County. The most embarrassing thing is, the Kru worked alongside the settlers than any other tribes or county. They have the education and governmental experiences than most other tribes or counties . Now go figure, it that does not point to individualism as a way of life that group of people ? What A People ? What A Remote Village Called A County ? Don’t look no further than New Kru Town in the heart of Monrovia in comparison to that remote village called Grand Kru County. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. And Hney hurriedly ran to defend George, putting the blame on Ellen. Wow ! What A Hney ? What A Hney ? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Not Ellen O. That Kru thing Ooo.

  8. James Davis, your statement should read like this, “here comes James Davis the stones thrower” or “stone man”.

    Let me historicize the Kru experience briefly.
    The Kru people are a body of distinct people. During the transatlantic trade period, the Kru and their Grebo brothers and sisters rebelled against getting on ships. According to some written and unwritten reports, the Kru people preferred to dump themselves in the ocean than to be used as pawns or be enslaved.

    The Grand Kru Issue:
    I gave a fair assessment of the situation in my post. I blamed the elected lawmakers of Grand Kru. The blame can go around, but a bulk of the blame goes to the former president (Johnson-Sirleaf) and the rest of it goes to the elected lawmakers. Please note well. The things that are happening today in Grand Kru did not spring up just two years ago. For instance, the non-existence of a jail as well as the fact that there’s no biology, physics or chemistry lab is not the fault of George Weah. James Davis, please permit me to ask this question… did the residents of Grand Kru destroy their jail house when Weah came to power? Let’s not get taken away. The problems that are being experienced presently by the inhabitants of Grand Kru are problems that “stood tall and unsolved” during the reign of none but EJS.
    It’s been reported that a snake came to town, found nowhere to go but in the bed of the county Superintendent. James Davis, does George Gbekugbeh Weah deserve to be blamed for the snake incident? Remember, I didn’t blame EJS for the issue either.

    James Davis, let’s forget about the number of people who reside in Grand Kru temporarily. What counts most is their specific needs. You’ve got some counties where more people live than in the county of Grand Kru. However, are the bigger counties (like the county of one known apologist) free of problems?

    James Davis, fess up like a man! Where in Liberia were you born? Weah is not a saint. He cannot be blamed for the problems of Grand Kru. He must be informed. I am sure he will do something once he’s properly informed.

    • James Davis will never, never, throw stones, your name Hney was called out . The Kru people name saw called out for being too tribalistic and individualistic, George saw called out for exhibiting tribalistic and individualistic characters of all mines, mines, mines mines and mines. Collective nature for development is not found in Kru people. Inspite of the high level of education they possessed. Greed and individualism. Trying to blame others in their political protest for burning down their jails, and asking a silly question whether Kru people destroyed their jail house. The remote village in question in the article of Grand Kru Do Not Have A Jail House To Burn Down. Ellen Johnson regime sent two hundred thousand US dollars for 12 years, what happened to that money over the years ? Here you Hney talking about slaves days, and jumping into the ocean . You Hney has got to be out of your cassava eating mind. Always on the very wrong side of History.

  9. My great countrymen:

    A gentleman in this forum is blasting the journalist, Mr. Sompon, for reporting this event happening in Grand Kru County, President Weah’s county of origin. However, Mr. Sompon is only doing his job by reporting what is actually taking place in the county. All things considered, the Persian messenger syndrome holds truth in this scenario; as it states in the old days of the Persian world, the messenger who plays the role of a bearer of bad news was often beheaded for divulging such bad news to the king. Sorry yah Mr. Sompon; next time you will take time before you talk O!

    To the point: I no longer live in Liberia, but while I was coming of age right after Tubman’s death and the ascendancy of Tolbert to power, I accumulated many vivid memories of some mind boggling events which happened during the inception of Tolbert’s government.

    And one of the first events that took place was, he executed droves of Marylanders and other Southeasterners of adjacent counties for witchcraft practices which resulted into ritualistic killings. As my relatives explained to me at that time, they committed these heinous, barbaric crimes and openly confessed their guilt, but the late Tubman only instituted light punishment and thus allowed them to linger in jail without bearing the commensurate penalty for their actions. Not to single out Maryland County as there have been incidents of the sporadic occurrence of this crime reported in other counties over the years; however, the persistence and consistency of ritualistic killings has been notably high in the Southeast.

    This incident offers yet another explanation as to why the commission of egregious acts overall with impunity is so prevalent within our society. The commission of ritualistic murders and the according results of impunity have deep roots in the history of Liberia that go far beyond the administration of Doe, Taylor, and Sirleaf.

    Nevertheless, if I may make a personal observation, the rate of ritualistic killings rapidly decreased under Tolbert for the reasons I recapitulated above. Not much was heard of ritualistic killings under Doe and for very good reasons. He was a man of militaristic countenance and he would summarily execute anybody who was caught in this cruel, caveman behavior. A ritualistic killing occurred in Bomi County under Ellen’s administration, and it involved the name of the now deceased and former Senator Lasannah. And as that story was reported, human parts were extracted from the victim. Besides this sporadic incident, not much of this kind of grotesque incident was heard under Ellen.

    We will never go back to any of the past administrations, which I mentioned, and hold them accountable for what is happening now. Those eras are gone and President Weah is in office now. The ball falls right in his court to put the right people in place and institute policies and programs to address these challenges.
    What would we get from computing and imputing blame? Liberians have heard remarkable stories about great economic strides that some African countries like Ghana and Rwanda just to name a few have made. Their leaders, advisors, and ministers did not sit around to compute and impute blame.

    Weah has become the succeeding president, and so the buck stops at his officer now. “This is no time for a crying baby O” like the saying goes in Liberia. Perhaps, if he could only bridle his avarice for self-aggrandizement and materialism, then he could make some strides!

  10. Correction in last paragraph: “The buck stops at his “office”. “Not officer”. Sorry for any oversights.

  11. James Davis,
    If anyone is out of his mind, it’s got to be you! You have the proclivity to blame Weah, but you don’t want to be blamed for making senseless comments. If a jail house got burned, doesn’t it make sense for another jail house to be built? If you do not want to converse with me educationally, keep your comments and work on your grammar. Your grammar and thoughts need to be improved.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha , if you don’t want to converse with me blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Be objective, this article is not about George. But you Hney made it about George and wrongly putting the blame squarely at the feet of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. You Hney really out of your cassava eating mind, to think that the remote village of Grand Kru County and its citizens and leadership are accountable for the state of that county based on percentage points of 10 % , 40 % , 20% or 5%. James Davis calling a spade a spade. If you do want to converse blah blah blah blah blah blah.

  12. Patrick Samolu

    Just to share some thoughts on your post:

    Like you, while growing up in Liberia, my parents gave me some insights surrounding the reasons why ritualistic killings were so prevalent in the Southeast most especially during the Tubman Era. They told me that the killings would normally occur when major elections were approaching or when vacancies occur within the defunct True Whig Party hierarchy and party individuals began to vie for the attention and influence of the president.

    And as the story went, a paid shaman or juju-man was usually involved, and he would instruct the political aspirant to produce some human parts for the completion of a ritual on his behave. And sometimes if he does not request the aspirant for fleshy parts, he would request for a victim’s blood for the making of a very powerful and spiritually potent perfume. Do you remember the song that was often sang on the football field in Liberia? It went like this, “Sumu yah yah give me power O.” This song was not only a football field song though. It reflected something about the Liberian way of life that was and is still sometimes deep and unexplained
    Anyway, continuing the topic, upon rubbing this perfume, the aroma from the concoction produced by the juju-man would then mesmerize the aspiring politician’s political opponents and caused them to fear him; moreover, his influence and standing with the then incumbent president would grow exponentially.

    And remotely elating to this outmoded and vicious practice, a Nigerian buddy told me once, while I was doing my undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington, markets exist in Nigeria solely devoted to the sale of any human parts, which buyers may need for ritualistic purposes especially when the situation bogs down to political competition.

    This practice is neanderthaloid, retrogressive, and very barbaric; unfortunately, the drive for power, influence, and wealth sometimes pushes many politicians over the limit and transmogrifies them into beastly creatures!

  13. Correction in second to the last paragraph: I meant to say, “And remotely remotely “relating”…. Not “elating”.

  14. Comrade Samolu,
    I agree totally. Ritualistic killing is dead wrong! Not only is it wicked, barbrous and unacceptable in the eyes of mankind, it is an abomination in the loving eyes of our creator. Let me make myself explicable. As a derivative of the Southeastern region, I am not proud of that prehistoric practice. While growing up in Harper city (actually, I lived in a place called Hoffman Station) I and my crowd of boys were scared to death during night time. I knew a guy named “Sasstown”. Guess what? The poor man was murdered ritualistically. Sasstown’s murder raised the consciousness of all Marylanders except his killers. Although Sasstown’s murder was not captured as it was with George Floyd, the attitude of the Marylanders changed after the fact.

    In my humble opinion, education is the key. If the Ministry of Education gets serious about schools throughout the country, over the long run, people’s attitudes will gradually change, the barbaric ways of people will phase out. In the article above, the author clearly states that the High Schools that exist in Grand Kru do not have a science lab or libraries. Something has got to give in order for a genuine change to come about in Grand Kru. I suggest education!

    The blame game in Liberia is unstoppable. It is not the right thing to do. Unfortunately, the blame game has become a fact of life in Liberia. People blame people for various reasons. Sometimes, blaming is done subconsciously. Sometimes when we blame a present or past president, it is not intended to impugn the integrity of that president. But sometimes, people purposely blame in order to disparage the reputation of a leader. It’s a mixed bag. It cannot be defended.

    With regard to the Rwanda and Ghana comparison you made in your post, I slightly disagree with you. On the whole, I agree with you more than I disagree. So, since I slightly disagree with you, let defend my theory. The Ghanaians for sure were heavily involved in the blame game. Example, when Nkhrumah decided to do business with the East Bloc countries, he was blamed. When A .A. Afrifa overthrew Nkhrumah, Afrifa was blamed. When Jerry Rawlings took over, he blamed and murdered a good number of Ghanaians because Rawlings felt that his government was being destabilized by Ghana’s past leaders. Like the Ghanaians who moved on, I hope we’ll do the same in Liberia. But before they decided to move on, the Ghanaians were heavily involved in the blame game.

    Lastly, when you say, “the buck stops here”, it implies some kind of blame.

    • Something is actually wrong with the mindset of this Hney guy. Speaking about the ” blame game”. Yet , he was the first to put the blame game on the critics of George, that they will be accusing or blaming him for the deplorable conditions listed in the article. Infact going forward to put 50% of that in Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. But he has opened up an ethics educational school on blaming the past and present Presidents, and all the silly blah blah blah blah blah. Something tells James Davis that this particular Hney guy was exactly speaking about his self. The Bible says you Hney should take that timber produced in Liberia and you will be able to see and understand. Read your post on ” blame game “. James Davis will not sugarcoat anything for anyone. A spade will be called a spade. Cause according to the notorious Charles Taylor, above all else, LIBERIA, not George or Ellen.

  15. Charlse Anders

    Good question Charlse. Please forgive me if I spelled your name wrongly. Is that a typo in “Charles”? Or is that how you actually spell it?

    Anyway, my own late father was taken from a village in Cape Mount during his early childhood, brought to Monrovia, and left to be raised by some generous Congo folks. According to him, he would eavesdrop on various conversations coming from the friends and acquaintances of the man, who had adopted him, when they went to visit him during the evening. He said many of these folks had access to the corridors of power and understood strange and esoteric issues such as these.

    His own curiosity and inquisitiveness grew as time went on, and his drive to understand what gave rise to many of the vices and prevalent, social evils in our society soon led to an unquenchable thirst to acquire a college education.

    So while growing up in Liberia and before I could leave to avail myself of a church-sponsored scholarship in the United States, he had already shared many invaluable insights with me about the existence of this cultural degeneracy within our society.

    I am sure Charlse you also might had been curious about why people belonging to fraternal orders like the United Brothers Fellowship or the Odd Fellows were given the moniker, “Black Boys.” That was another phenomena I did not fully understand until I left.

    However, I heard through rumors that the name, “Black Boys” was also associated with ritualistic killings. As the legend said, Black Boys usually came out during midnight since they did not want to be caught flagrante delicto (caught committing the crime). So folks were always cautioned to be aware of their presence and flee immediately when they spot them! Ha, ha, ha…

    Did you ever hear anything concerning these kinds of rumors while growing up in Liberia too sir? Or probably you might had left Liberia much, much earlier, right?

  16. Mr. Peter Gboyo,
    Thanks for your observation. I have seen too many numbers, 10b, 12b and now 16b. It’s just hard to tell which of the numbers is correct. I will remember to use the number 16b if I need to next time. Whatever the exact figure is, and regardless for whom it was spent, something better should have been done in the counties of Liberia including of course, Grand Kru. Sure, the UN staff was there during the presidency of EJS. However, a good portion of that international assistance was poured in Liberia in order to stabilize the country. Forgive me. Maybe EJS didn’t have a good grip on the money that went to Liberia during her presidency.

    I don’t think madam EJS is being scandalized. If she is, certainly not by me. The truth is being told as I see it. Johnso-Sirleaf did a few good things! Given the size of the aid money that was poured in Liberia during her presidency, more should have been done. On the other hand, we’ve got a new president, named Weah. Like madam EJS, Weah is imperfect. In fact, all of us have sinned and fall short of the wonderful glory of God!

    Realistically, the issues of ritualistic killing/human disappearances, the existence of high schools without a science lab or libraries, incompetent teachers and the issue of bad roads were present and alive in Grand Kru county before Weah got into the cockpit leadership. I cannot blame EJS because a snake was found in the county Superintendent’s bed. In the funny but serious case of a snake lying in the bed (and not in the grass) I think maybe the county Superintendent should cut the grass around her house and build a chain link fence….three to four feet tall. Pete, I promise you EJS will never be blamed for the snake incident! Never!

    In another topic which deals exclusively with Grand Kru, you question the role of the lawmakers of Grand Kru. You’re right. I have bellowed in anger from time to time about the veracity, sincerety and incompetence of the country’s legislators. The legislators know what goes on in their respective counties. The legislators of Grand Kru know that their county needs a tremendous amount of help. But they don’t care! During EJS’s presidency, the legislators knew about the problems of Grand Kru. That’s precisely why I blamed them in an earlier post.

    Lastly Pete, you seem to be possessed with the thinking that I find it pleasurable to blame madam EJS always and not Weah. Well Sir, that’s not really true. Let me tell you the truth. While visiting Liberia last year, I found the city of Monrovia to be unclean. Not all of it, but certainly some parts of the city were gross. Trust me 100%. I had a meeting with the city Mayor, Mr. Kojee. The purpose of the meeting was to strategize on garbage collection. After the first round, I ran out of time. I was hoping to return to Liberia this year by His grace in order to pursue the issue of garage collection, but Covid-19 is causing problems. Every leader gets blamed. Some blamers are hateful, but I am not like that.


    • Who cares whether you criticize or vilify Ellen for what she did or did not do, that’s your “kpoi meni.” I was only setting the record straight with regards to the agenda-driven narrative you are peddling. And it seems that effort was fruitless, as you continue to propagate the same muckraking propaganda. What part of the monies were channeled through NGOs don’t you understand? As president or prime minister of “Hneyville,” would you have any say in what some NGO has identified as the object of its work in that province, and in spite of the fact it’s your fiefdom? Such was the situation in Liberia under the Ellen regime “Uncle Hney.” And don’t be pestering about this topic, sir. Thank you.

  17. Mr. Pete Gboyo,
    It’s not my style to chivvy anyone with an unwanted discussion or topic. I will not have a scrimmage with you on this topic. But remember this, in the court of public opinion, all men and women have a right to express themselves. That’s exactly what I did. I acknowledged that if I have to do that again, I will use the 16b-dollar figure that you supplied. Your assertion about the fact that I badger people with “this topic” is most unnecessary.


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