FDA, Stakeholders Endorse 30 Percent Sustainable Management of Forest

FDA Managing Director, C. Mike Doryen

Senior officials of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), stakeholders and support partners in the forest sector Tuesday endorsed 30 percent sustainable management of the nation’s rich forest resources.

For the past several years, the FDA technicians and support partners have been engaged in consultations on how Liberia can manage the forest sector.

The consultations were held with communities and stakeholders to derive at a consensus on how the country will manage its forest reserves by closely monitoring commercial logging, conservation and protected areas from intruders.

Saah David, FDA National Project Coordinator of the REDD+ urged the forest stakeholders to manage the forests in a way that would be sustainable.

FDA Managing Director C. Mike Doryen wants concrete steps taken to manage the country’s forests and its rich biodiversity for future generations.

Nick Goll, an environmental safeguards specialist assigned with the  Environmental Protection Agency, urged partners and FDA officials to ensure the protection of the Liberian forest and its biodiversity.

FDA former Managing Director, John T. Woods, called on the partners to consider holding additional consultations with the management to preserve the sector.

The FDA management is expected to forward to its Board of Directors final documents of their deliberations with stakeholders shortly after the meeting ended.


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