FDA Honors Karnwea as ‘Forest Hero in Liberia’

Mr. Karnwea receives certificate of appreciation from the FDA Acting managing director

Mr. Harrison S. Karnwea, former managing director of Liberia’s Forestry Development Authority (FDA), and four other people were yesterday honored by the entity’s acting management team as “Forest Heroes in Liberia,” for which they were awarded certificates of appreciation.

Mr. Karnwea recently resigned his post as managing director of the FDA, which he served from September 1, 2012 to March 12, 2017.

He was subsequently picked by the opposition Liberty Party (LP) as vice standard bearer to Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, the party’s political leader.

Karnwea had earlier crossed over from the governing Unity Party to the LP.

His honor yesterday coincided with a program marking this year’s International Day of Forests (IDF), which brought together several stakeholders, among them representatives from the Chinese Embassy in Monrovia and the United Nations Development Program’s (UNDP) offices in Liberia, led by the energy and environmental program manager, Moses Massah.

Karnwea’s certificate of appreciation presented by the FDA’s acting managing director, Kederick Johnson, reads: “Having satisfactorily observed your enormous contributions in the past years to the enhancement of sustainable management of forests and forest resources through your leadership ability and ensuring the involvement of all forest sector stakeholders including Liberians and global communities in policy decision-making, we the members of the 2017 International Day of Forests (IDF) celebration committee, with the support from the FDA and partners, hereby recognize you as one of our ‘Forest Heroes in Liberia,’ and therefore award you this certificate of appreciation.”

The certificate was signed by the chairperson of the 2017 IDF celebration committee, and approved by Mr. Johnson.

Yesterday’s ceremony was held on the theme, “Forests and Energy,” with the national theme, “Forests: Nature’s Powerhouse.”

This year’s global IDF theme highlights wood energy from the forest as a major source of the world’s renewable energy. Wood fuel, according to UNFAO’s (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) research, provides 40 percent of today’s global renewable energy supply, as much as solar, hydroelectric and wind power combined.

Accordingly, about 50 percent of global wood production (around 1.86 billion cubic meters) is used as energy for cooking, heating, and the generation of electricity. For 2.4 billion people, wood fuel means a cooked and more nutritious meal, boiled water and a warm dwelling.


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